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2 Mar 2013

God bless all the peoples of the Earth from the most innocent to the most evil.  It would be great if the most evil would just stop trying to kill the most innocent.

Texas has introduced a bill to allow pregnant children to consent to vaccinations.  I’m sure every underage pregnant girl would consent to getting vaccines that will possibly kill their unborn child or themselves.  If they are lucky, perhaps the vaccines will just give their child autism or other harmful side effects to both mother and child.  I’m just positive that these very caring eugenics personnel will clearly inform little Susie of the risks.  After all, she has proven herself to be a responsible adult already, right?  No need to bother mommy or daddy with the pesky details.  Just get the shots.  Some of the caring eugenic types are even telling pregnant girls and women they need up to three Tetanus shots during their pregnancy.

A few things wrong with this.  Tetanus shots last ten years.  Why the need for three within nine months?  Most important is that no pregnant female should ever be given vaccinations of any type.  None what so ever.  Unborn children have no way to ward off things as their immunity system is not there.  The Tetanus vaccine has added Hcg hormones in them which tells the mother’s body to get rid of the Hcg that the baby needs to live.  Oops.  Now we have a dead child, possibly a dead mom or just a now sterile female.  Well, okay then.  Eugenics is a most wonderful thing.  Two less people in the world.  On to the next statistic, I mean patient.

California tried another no consent bill that wound up killing many girls and leaving more with adverse side effects.  Rats.  Somebody caught on.  The funerals might have been a dead giveaway.

The CDC wants all pregnant women in the USA to get three Tetanus shots during pregnancy.  So what if the mom dies or the baby dies or if the woman becomes sterile?  What does it matter, right, Hillary?  They are now dead.  Pop the bubbly.

Let’s also get busy giving out those H1N1 flu shots at the same time.  Does any body really care that over in Europe over 800 children developed narcolepsy?  Make sure to get the nasal type.  It has the live virus in it so you get the flu and pass it along to others.  Never mind this is all planned to kill people.

Bill Gates says he’s doing “God’s work”.  I don’t ever remember hearing about God saying “kill off the population”.

I bring up eugenics a lot because most people haven’t a clue as to what it means.  Nazi Germany did many experiments with eugenics.  I doubt they were the first.  America brought the Nazi scientists to America after the war to continue their experiments.  Margaret Sanger [patron saint of birth control] worked as hard as her little racist body could because she wanted blacks to die.  She referred to them as “weeds”.

Bayer Corporation had the patent to the H1N1 flu two years before the first outbreak.  The Earth is quite capable of supporting all life.  The world has around 7 billion people.  The globalists and elite want 99% killed.  I already know I am not a part of the globalists nor elite.  Neither is anyone I personally know..  Gates, Gore, Buffet, Rochefeller’s, Rothchild’s, royalty and a few others are.  The rest of us are “expendable”, “unsustainable” weeds.  Politicians want to think they are sustainable but they are far from it.    Look at the mass slaughters going on in Africa and other parts of the world.  Oh, wait a minute, the lame-stream media doesn’t report on that or any other real news.  They are too busy reporting on the shiny objects called “celebrities”.  People are too interested in reality shows, sports shows and trying to keep “their” side in office.

Just continue to get all the “smart” appliances, meters, electronic gadgets you can.  Disregard they make some people have seizures or that those mercury filled light bulbs lower IQ by as much as 30%.  Disregard that our military are given psychotropic drugs and then called terrorists.

Make sure to drink your milk and eat all the other dairy products with aspartame in them.  It’s only a leading cause of Type II Diabetes and not on the label.  Forget that the American Pediatrics Association wants Mercury put into children’s vaccines.  They also want newborns to have vaccinations.  Nazi’s put fluoride in the water to sedate prisoners.  It’s in most of the water along with so many drugs dumped down the drains.  Yep.  The government just loves us.  No one has to believe a word of this.  No one has to ever do a little thing called “research”.  That would be too easy.

Heaven forbid folks actually start to wake up and see the map of the United States the UN Agenda 21 has already planned and published.  Or look at the UN book on UN Agenda 21.  Or read the Re-education Camp Manuel.  Or look at the FEMA Camps already built. Or ask why guillotines are in many military bases in the US.  Just forget about the Council of Governors and the 10 sections of America for those governors to control once Agenda 21 is fully in place.  Most of all, forget about the year 2020.  It’s only the date The New World Order wants to be fully in charge.  All will be fine because there is a council for a One World Religion.  And the sheep will cheer.

Dare I?  Yes, I dare to mention a little research on the special bunkers that have been built in Colorado, Arkansas, White House and a few more.  All underground, fully operational little cities just for the “important” people.  Once the new attack happens [false flag] perpetrated by our own government, the kill switch will be used to turn off all internet, electronic devices and satellites.  The dictator will announce the evil terrorists [foreign of course or a solar flare] have struck but all is well if you will just do as the brown-shirters tell you.  Remember them?  That civilian army the dictator told you about that will be as big, as well-funded and as well-armed as our military.  They’ve already graduated the first class last year.  See?  Things are falling into place right on schedule.  And do not worry.  There will be a new government-controlled internet to replace the old one.  I wonder which city is going to be hit?  Needs to be a big one with lots of people to exterminate.  I’m sure it will be after the Bilderberg meeting.