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10 Apr 2013

MSNBC says we need to “lean forward”.  Isn’t that the same as “bend over”?  MSNBC is just chock full of intelligent beings, not.  Our children do not belong to us?  Really?  They belong to the “collective”?  Seriously?  With so much money wasted on idiot teachers and administration in education that allows arrests/suspension/expulsion for students over hand, paper and Pop-Tart guns; the thought is that even more money is needed to fix stupidity.  And the sheep nod in agreement.  They bleat “oh, baa mama” while using their taxpayer paid and yet still considered free phones.  They prance about gloating how their dictator won and every body else lost.  Looking about for some one to blame for their woes they still chant that “it’s Bush’s fault”.  Please, sheep, do give your children over to the government.  Don’t let the little things like morality, ethics, personal responsibility and a sense of right from wrong stand in the way of turning innocent children over to the pedophiles, abusers and murderers.

On to something more pleasant.  Yippee!  More drone strikes and more children killed.  Warms the heart doesn’t it to know the dictator kills other countries children before starting on ours.  Not even a need for crocodile tears to be shed.  Those were evil children and families, right?  I mean, that had to be because you rejoice in their murders.  Don’t you?  Oh, baa mama,.  Well, either you do or you are hypocrites.  Blame Bush for crimes and praise the dictator for the same and worse.  Rats!  No photos of dead children to see as they have been blown to smithereens.

I keep reading how so many of the sheep want the USA to nuke the crap out of North Korea and the Middle East.  As one who has never been politically correct I must say those who truly believe in this are severely retarded.  After all in the vicinity are blasted to death, the fallout begins.  That means that the rest of the world will have some degree of radiation in a matter of days to weeks.  Pay no attention to the fact that children in Hawaii, California and other states are experiencing many thyroid problems thanks to the nuclear plant failures in Fukushima.  As long as they are not your children, right?  As long as you don’t have to see them, right?

To fully understand just how severely retarded the sheep are you must realize they are already celebrating just thinking about the witch Hillary as president.  Yep, the very same evil beastie that worked her butt off to sell us out to the UN.  The same who sat in the situation room watching in real time the murders of four Americans and others in Benghazi.  What does it matter, right?  The war-mongers needed the ambassador silenced since he didn’t want to run guns and weapons anymore.  Did they pop the bubbly after they were assured he was dead?  Since her husband is so well liked because he makes people laugh, let’s just call the beastie Billary.  Do remember that when Sharia Law comes to America it was Billary who said the Muslim Brotherhood are our friends.  Do remember how she and the dictator declared Islam and al-Qaeda good and Americans terrorists.

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