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31 Mar 2013

Happy Easter.  I hope all who truly believe keep some joy in their hearts for a little while longer.  Christmas spirit doesn’t seem to stay very long.  Why should Easter joy?  Might be because too many live under the umbrella of guilt.  Guilt put upon them by society, government, religious and other control freaks in order to gain money, votes, power and who knows what else.

I read the comments under some articles or opinion pieces.  Quite an eye opener.  There are those who feel personally responsible for all the ills of the world, or the fact there used to be slavery legal in America.  They feel personally responsible for this group or that group of people persecuted in a particular area or time and yet had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  What would any group of guilty be without a group of victims to complement themselves?  As long as there are “victims” and the guilt-ridden, things will not change.

People are so dumbed down I can see why the struggle for a free America is a long, uphill battle.  The solution is actually quite simple but it is that very simplicity that befuddles the sheep of this country.

Look at everything happening around us.  Ammo being bought up by the government.  Government denies the purchase orders.  Guns, tanks, etc., bought up by the government.  Government denies it all.  Stories change.  Government keeps getting caught up in lies.  Lame stream media are jelly fish when it comes to actually reporting.  They wouldn’t know the truth if it stood in front of them blazing in glory.

Religious leaders actually being trained to tell their followers to obey the government.  Don’t obey God.  Don’t follow your conscious.  Do what the beloved dictator commands you.  And the sheep just nod their head.

Central banks have dumped their debts onto the USA and other countries.  These banks tell the countries this is now their debt.  Now the central banks are looting the bank accounts of citizens to pay themselves.  Makes the head spin, doesn’t it.  The solution?  “No more!”.  Stand up and declare NO MORE!  No more theft.  No more lies.  That goes for UN control,  NATO control.  Monsanto control.  New World Order control.  Dictator control.  Globalists and elites control.  NO MORE!

I will not wear a white bracelet nor explain to others about white privilege when I worked for all I got.  I will not be labeled a terrorist simply because I believe in Jesus, freedom, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights.  Right now there are many standing up.  Those who refuse to do so will one day find themselves alone and regretting they didn’t speak out and think for themselves when there was still time.

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