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23 Mar 2013

Ah, the dictator wants young Israelis to see life through the Palestinians eyes.  The Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East do not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  Is the dictator telling the Israelis to commit suicide?  Israel gets bombed every day.  They have a right to self-defense.  When Israel fires back, the dictator’s sheep cry foul and charge Israel as the aggressor.  How can the followers of something so evil be so stupid?

In April, FEMA will hold yet another Zombie UFO Crash Apocalypse where the sheep will believe anything as long as they can show their undying love and support for the fuhrer.  Will some of the new 2700 tanks be used?  IF they were for al-Qaeda, they would be in desert colors.  Notice how all the weapons and artillery are for American citizens.

In Texas, Big Pharma has been granted immunity from prosecution for forced vaccines on children and child care workers.

The sickness that encompasses the people in this world is amazing.  I know there are good and decent people but those who are plain evil stick out and the sheep are drawn to them.  So many of us just want to live out our lives in peace.  May God have mercy upon us all.

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