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22 Mar 2013

Not too sure what to say.  I caught a cold from somewhere and I feel miserable.  Wish people would stay home and away from others when they are filled with cooties.

Such timing with Eric Holder.  First we are told that big banks are too big to prosecute.  Then the big banks hit Cyprus.  I think Holder forgot to tell the citizens of Cyprus about how they were to bend over and take it with a smile and a thank you sir; may I have another.  The IMF [International Monetary Fund] loves to force countries into rioting.  This way their total takeover is so easy while the police are busy with the rioters.  No one notices the IMF just takes over all the banks.  Poof!  Now all the money is gone.  Well, the citizens’ money.  Holder doesn’t want anyone taking notice of Icelanders winning their battle with the too big to fail bankers.

I have to wonder what America’s initial reaction will be.  I can actually visualize more than one.  Those who say they like the dictator’s “spreading the wealth” will just be tickled pink until they realize their money has also been taken.  They really think the dictator wants them to become as wealthy as himself.  Very funny.  There are those of us who realize the dictator is out for everybody’s money.  We believe in keeping what you earn.  We believe in personal responsibility.

Unless stopped, cash will cease to be.  Louisiana has already made it illegal to use cash to purchase second hand goods.  With everything electronic, you will be monitored 24/7.  Step out of line and your assets are frozen.  Oops, did you buy beer?  Let’s raise your ovomitcare premium, again.

Pension funds are being used to prop up these too big to fail banks.  Looks like retirement is out of the equation.  Pensions and retirements are unsustainable.  We are all expendable according the the globalists and elites.

Those making the rules of banking have made themselves exempt from the taxes.  Almost makes one giggle with glee.

The sequester has claimed more victims.  The Easter Egg Hunt/Roll at the White House is off; it’s on; it’s off; it’s on.  But $49 million is being spent for a new GITMO prison.  And the senators still get their free hair care services at $350,000/year.  House republicans privatized theirs in 1995.

The dictator wants babies to have the anthrax vaccine.  I have a better idea.  Let’s start at the top.  Dictator and his entire family get all the vaccines that Bill Gates says we all “need”.  And those vaccines must be the same as used in Africa, Mexico and other places.  Not those clean vaccines they use for photo ops.  Then Biden and his family.  Then all the rest.  You want to see mass hysteria among the politicians?

Chase Bank on the west coast had a “glitch”.  Customers showed a zero balance.  Not a “glitch”.  Chase was just trying to see how much they could get away with.  And so it has started here in America.

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