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17 Mar 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

History can be interesting.  We are supposed to learn from history.  If we don’t then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes that we see before us now.

Twenty-five years ago yesterday [16 Mar 1988] was Bloody Friday.  In Halabja, Southern Kurdistan, between 3,200 to 5,000 Kurds were killed.  Between 3,000 to 10,000 were injured.  Thousands more died over the next few years from complications, diseases and birth defects.  Why?  Because of several poisons.  Mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, VX and Hydrogen Cyanide.

This mass murder is not to be confused with the Anfal genocide that killed the Kurds under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.  This took place from February to September, 1988.  Hussein [of Iraq] blamed Iran.  The USA also blamed Iran.

The Kurds and Iraqi people lived side by side in Iraq.  Most likely as peacefully as they could.  But Saddam Hussein set about dividing the people against each other.  Sound familiar?  Reminds me of what is happening in America right now with all the race division, gender division, religion division,, sexual orientation division, political party division and even age division.  Let’s add in all the hype of returning veterans are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, white people are terrorists.  Christians, libertarians, Republicans, pro-life people are terrorists.  Supporters of Ron Paul and those believing in conspiracy theories are also terrorists.  That sure is a lot of terrorists.

The dictator and his flock of sheep are good.  al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are good.  Monsanto is good.  Union thugs are good.  Criminals are good.  Globalists and elites are good.  The nanny state is good.  Big brother is good.  Bill Gates and others who practice eugenics are good.  For a bunch of thugs, liars, murderers and just plain evil people, we are to believe they are good.  But let’s continue with history.

Saddam Hussein is tried for crimes against humanity along with his brother Chemical Ali.  They both get executed.  Twin Towers are imploded in 2001.  Iraq is invaded in 2003.  Saddam Hussein is executed in 2006.

Both houses of Congress give permission to Bush to attack.  Democrats agreed as much as Republicans that this was the way to proceed.  Information believed by all was that there were weapons of mass destruction in them there hills.

I haven’t been able to figure out the time line for when the weapons were moved or removed but I know where they went.  Sixty-three thousand [63,000] metric tons of Phosgene gas wound up at Fort Little Rock in Arkansas from Iraq.  It was stored at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also in Arkansas.  That is 138,889.8 pounds of gas that virtually explodes the lungs and causes blood clots quickly.  By quickly I mean a flock of red-wing black birds flying in the air could just start dropping from out the sky and hit the ground dead.  Fish in lakes could just go belly-up in mass numbers.  Sound familiar?  I can thing of Arkansas on New Year’s Eve two and three years ago and Tennessee last New Year’s Eve.

Russia did not like that America had not destroyed the gas as promised.  So, the military injected all [or almost] all that poisonous gas deep into the earth in Arkansas.  This caused over 500 minor earthquakes.  As long as the gas was destroyed or hidden who cares?  It’s no big deal and what does it matter.  Right Hillary?

All this time John Parsons Wheeler, III, retired Vietnam veteran, West Point graduate, Harvard graduate, etc., is working for the Air Force.  He had been involved with the military for many years.  He finds that an aircraft is headed over to Afghanistan full of Phosgene gas.  The mission was aborted when something went wrong with the sprayer and the craft had to return to base.  Oops.  Around that same time all those birdies and fishies “mysteriously” died.

John Wheeler had had enough.  He decided to go to Washington and tell the story.  He did make it to Washington, DC,, but good luck finding with whom he talked.  Security cameras had him on tape trying to find his car to drive back home.  His battered and beaten body was found in a dump in Wilmington, DE, on 31 Dec 2010.  It is suspected his body was dumped from a refuse truck from NJ.  One of the last people known to talk with John Wheeler asked him for his parking ticket.  She was told it was in his briefcase.  When asked where was his briefcase, Wheeler said it was stolen.  Nobody ever found the missing briefcase.

Did the military search the Wheeler home?  Did they remove things [for national security]?  Will we ever find out the truth?  Perhaps.  Come to your own conclusions.  I believe another whistle-blower bit the dust.

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