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16 Mar 2013

This country is so incredibly doomed if citizens don’t get a grasp on reality and open their eyes as to what is going on around them.

The dictator, in addition to being very narcissistic, is also very paranoid.  He couldn’t eat with the Republicans at lunch because his taste tester wasn’t there?  Since he was the inviter you would think he would know lunch means food will be served.

The dictator demanded the sequester.  He signed it into law.  He got what he wanted.  An email from this administration was sent to at least one department stating to make the sequester as “painful as possible”.  Is he about 5 years old mentally?  If you don’t agree with him, you are the “enemy”.  There was to be “revenge in voting”.  WTF.

“The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction wants white VISTA volunteers to wear white bracelets who work with low income, racially diverse public schools to examine the “privilege” their Caucasian race confers on them.”  What privilege?  To learn English, work hard, take personal responsibility or is it something else?  I was taught to do my best, treat all with respect and be responsible when I did something wrong.  Exactly what privilege was I given?  We were poor while I was growing up.  I still got a good education.  There were no special boxes for me to check to get into college or get a job.  I wasn’t given my grades.  I earned them.  I didn’t go to college but have gone to vocational school twice in my life.  I got my jobs on my own.  I had to do the work of Affirmative Action employees because they didn’t know what they were doing.  I had to keep it a secret so no one got offended.  Did I receive extra pay for this?  No.  So somebody please tell me just what that privilege is or was.

The Beyond Diversity Resource Center out of New Jersey even has a flow chart named Addressing Racial Privilege:  A Mental Model for White Anti-Racists.  What a bunch of baloney.

Bill Gates has stated there are days he wishes our government was more like England’s so the dictator had more power.  Do not worry Gates, the dictator is working as fast as he can to destroy America.

The Monsanto Protection Act.  How could anyone vote for this?  Monsanto is poisoning our foods, putting American farmers out of work and now they just want full immunity from all laws that benefit Americans?  If this goes through, the government will be helpless to stop Monsanto from killing more people all over the world.  Bill Gates loves Monsanto so much he has at least 500,000 shares of stock in the company.  This pure evil is trying to take over the world and the sheep just go baa.

Planned Parenthood wants webcam-abortions now.  A pregnant female “chats” with a doctor through the webcam.  If he is “satisfied” with the chat then he can push a button and a drawer will open at the Planned Parenthood center where the pregnant female can get her baby-killing drugs.  But Planned Parenthood is about women’s health and not abortions.  They are all about mammograms and such.  And yet not a single Planned Parenthood center has the equipment or know how to perform a mammogram.  How interesting.

Those horrible, vile and evil Republicans, whites, libertarians, conservatives, Christians and all others wanting a free America are at it again.  The LA Times reports they are the terrorists and will attack.  Run and hide.  The sky is falling.

So curious that the dictator and Biden plan on being out of the country at the same time.  Must be time for another false flag come March 22.  Are these trips part of “plausible deniability”?  Plan on blowing up the Hoover Dam or another place to blame on whitie?  Ooh.  Then you can declare martial law and become the official dictator of the last and soon to be formerly free country in the world.  Roll out those drones.  Open up the FEMA camps.  Kill what’s left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.



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