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15 Mar 2013

I had a wonderful night last night.  Met a lot of intelligent people of all backgrounds, races [which shouldn’t even need mentioning since I already said intelligent], like-minded people.  We were there for a common purpose.  To get our CWP.  I enjoy a shooting range.  I like watching those who are very proficient with their skills and safety measures.  I hit my target both times in the shoulder.  Not bad for not having fired anything in three years.  I did find the semi a little too heavy for my liking so I will need to research for just the right gun.

A woman in New Jersey was arrested for reciting the Constitution at a tax meeting.  Not right then and there.  It was the next day so they had time to trump up some charges against her.  Free speech.  First Amendment.  Ya know, silly stuff like that should always be trampled upon under a dictatorship.

Billboards have gone up in Austin,, TX, in Spanish at $15,,000 a pop to tell Hispanics to rise up.  Paid for by either taxpayers or private funds.  Wow.

Security cameras will be used against a little terrorist to find the owner of a water gun at a school.  And yet there is no footage of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut.  I wonder why?  All that expensive high-tech security equipment and no footage?  Will it only show the truth?

If it weren’t so serious it would be quite amusing how certain white people are spewing their hatred towards whites.  But it’s not really about whites now is it.  It’s any other political party or thought or persuasion.  The white al qaeda is the threat shouts Janet Napolitano.  Not really, you silly idiot.  You are the terrorist with your threats because of the sequester.  You are the traitor to the United States of America.  You are a bully and a lapdog to the dictator.

Go Kentucky!  You passed the Right To Carry bill.  Now let that sucker get signed into law as quickly as possible.

A Florida man is facing 5 years in prison for releasing balloons into the air to show love for his lady.  Are balloons now a weapon of mass destruction on the environment?  Who would have thought.

Democrats saying those who talk about DHS buying all those bullets are extremists.  They must really think those hollow points are only for target practice.  They must think the sky is falling every time it rains or snows.  Do they ever really think?  They must really miss Gibbs because he could lie so well, not.

I really enjoyed the videos produced by the group that filmed the ACORN scandal and showing how anti-gun hypocrites didn’t want the “gun free zone” signs in their front yard.  The latest one showed police actually telling them that citizens are on their own until the police arrive.  Get a dog.  Grab a bottle of bleach or ammonia.  Seriously?  And they laughed while saying all this.  Truly?  Stunning revelation there.  We seriously lack good sense.  We have too much of the common common sense.  But that’s what you get with collectivism and consensus.  People have forgotten how to think for themselves or realize there are consequences for every action.


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