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14 Mar 2013

Why can’t Bill Gates just go away?  Far, far away.  I see he recently bought almost 25% of a water treatment plant in MN.  Why would a private person buy part of a public entity?

Does he plan on injecting his vaccines and other poisons into the water system to kill off more elderly so more crappy teachers can be hired?  Not enough of the poison fluoride in the water for you, Bill?  People aren’t dumbed down enough for you yet?  You take the first swig.

Looks like sometime last year the EPA experimented on college students at North Carolina University.  Seems they wanted to prove diesel fumes were dangerous and set up a chamber to fill with the fumes and air for the students to breathe.  The International Nuremberg Code was set up after the Nazi experiments.  Glad to see the EPA is being sued.  I could have told you diesel fumes were dangerous without endangering those students.  We are human beings, not test animals.

Dallas Co., TX, cops searched through a man’s home and possessions without a warrant.  It’s only illegal.  But hey, what’s new.

California is confiscating guns, even from those convicted of misdemeanors.  Feinstein and Pilosi need anger management classes every year and kept away from weapons of all types.

al-Awlaki has been tried and found guilty of his crimes by the NY Times in order to vindicate the dictator’s use of drones on civilians.  Kill first.  Trial by newspaper later.  It’s historic.  It’s sweeping.  It’s the communist way.

Florida gets to try out the new and improved genetically mutated/modified mosquitoes this summer.  20% bigger and more powerful than before.  Who in their right mind would ever even consider doing this?  Ah, I answered my own question.

Children can’t wear t-shirts with the flag of the United States on them.  Children can’t eat the lunches their parents make for them.  They can’t play or have an imagination.  Toys, paper, pop tarts and fingers will get them suspended or expelled as terrorists.

Billboards in TX are in Spanish telling the Hispanics to rise up.  Paid for by the American taxpayers.

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