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13 Mar 2013

In Syria for the past two years the killing just keeps happening.  Both sides though are being financed by the America taxpayers.  Not something folks usually think about.  The government has no money.  Other than the borrowed monies and fake printed monies from the Federal Reserve it is the American taxpayer who funds the killings.  Some like the war[s].  They think it generates money and is “romantic”.

What’s really going on are that children are being shot, tortured and raped on a daily basis.  This is being done by both sides of this American backed war.  Children.  Those young, short humans who should be going to school and enjoying playing with their friends and then being with family at the end of the day.  Where is the outcry?  The news coverage?  The United Nations?  Any sense of decency?  There is no moral outcry.  Out of sight and out of mind.  I guess i really shouldn’t be surprised considering there is barely any mention of the children shot daily in Chicago.  Over 500 just last year.

War is for profit and not safety or security.  The MIC and global banks love war.  The most immoral and greedy are inflicting the most pain and trauma in today’s world.  The families fleeing Syria are lucky if they find refuge in a cave.  There is little where else to go.  The UN remains silent.  Leaders and rulers remain silent.  They are Godless heathens preying upon the most innocent and vulnerable.

I sense Karzai will be killed soon.  He is upsetting his handlers by announcing the the US and Taliban are in collusion.  Hello!  America funds the terrorist groups because America’s handlers tell them to do so.

Since 1899 the International Law of Warfare has outlawed hollow point bullets.  The Department of Motherland Security continues to buy more.  Heckler & Koch just received a $4.5 million contract to provide the DHS with firearms over the next 5 years.  Another no-bid contract was given to Sig Sauer for $4.5 million for 5 years for firearm parts.  Anybody taking notice?  $9 million in spite of that mean old bad sequester taking money away from Janet Napolitano.  She will punish American civilians with her treasonous terrorist attacks.

Eric Holder claims the global banks are just too big to prosecute.  So I guess he is saying they may continue to launder monies from drug operations in Mexico and Iran and Afghanistan.  How much goes into your pockets, Holder?

Democrat lobbyists are threatening Colorado sheriffs with no pay increases if they don’t submit to gun confiscation.  Hold your ground, OathKeepers.  Hold your ground.  You are in the right.  The gun confiscating traitors are in the wrong.

John Kerry likes being a member of Bilderberg.  That’s what got him the Secretary of State position.  Kerry is the hoodlum, not those who oppose Bilderberg.  Kerry likes the thought of an Iranian war.  He’s also talking about “boots on the ground” in Syria.  Give that traitor a peace prize!  If a global bankster is in Oslo, he will get one.  They make a lot of profit off wars.

General Electric, Apple, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Google, Merck,, John & Johnson and others put most of their profits in offshore accounts.  This allows them to pay little to no taxes.  So what if that money doesn’t go back in our economy?  We only have 47.8 million Americans on food stamps.

Whole Foods has graciously announced they will label their foods containing GMO’s by the year 2018.  Why not now?  Why wait?

Poor Mayor Bloomberg of NYC.  He lost in court trying to ban large sodas.  Makes me kind of sad, not.

Meanwhile, Diane Feinstein claims it is “legal to hunt humans”.  Quick!  Somebody please staple a “No Hesitation” target on her forehead.

Al Qaeda is now run 100% by the Pentagon.  The 9/11 hijackers trained in US military classes for a year before their final exam.  Most of the opium and heroin coming into the United States is from Afghanistan.  Our troops are there to protect the crops and then bring the goodies back here to military bases for distribution after the harvest.

How come our intelligence committees are not allowed to see those “white papers” regarding Martial Law?  Is something odious and illegal in there?

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