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12 Mar 2013

I never got around to posting yesterday or the day before.  Spent so much time writing 2 congressmen and 3 senators.  Three and a half pages long, single-typed.  Not bad for typing with my non-dominant hand.  Now that those letters have been sent I will await for a response.  I wanted to send actual letters instead of email because I want each of my concerns addressed and not to receive just an interim email or form email.  I demand real answers.  This can be so frustrating.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has announced in a letter to the dictator that he needs to be braced for right wing terror attacks.  Really?  This center really believes that Oathkeepers are terrorists?  The Oathkeepers are the sheriffs who have vowed to uphold their oaths to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Conservatives, Libertarians, pro-life people, Ron Paul supporters, Christians and so many others are terrorists?  I would think the Southern Poverty Law Center and those like them are the real terrorists.  Such a nasty little hate group.  They want the peaceful, law-abiding folks killed.  You don’t have a pro-life center shot up with a worker killed while trying to kill the top employers of the pro-life center and say you are the good guys.

I’m sure there will be another false flag.  Another “terror attack”.  But is will be minions of the dictator carrying it out.  Innocent people will die.  Martial Law imposed.  And the sheep will bleat for the dictator to save them.  So sad.

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