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9 Mar 2013

New York is a very controlling state.  Now they want all births to take place in a hospital.  Forget saving any money there.  Also all moms must breastfeed.  No choice.  If a mom is found incapable of breastfeeding, then formula will be provided.  Lots more expense.

I really have a problem with folks thinking Bill Gates is so wonderful.  Bull.  His father was a eugenicist and ran Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood was a dream come true for Margaret Sanger in California.  She was an eugenicist and promoted birth control.  Sounds sort of good until you realize she wanted to eradicate all blacks.  Weeds, she called them.  And where does Bill Gates and his wife do”God’s work”?  In Africa.  As many nations in Africa as they can go into with their evil syringes filled with poison.  Vaccines for all!  Pay no mind that they kill, sterilize and paralyze.  The world’s population is just over 7 billion people.  Bill Gates says it will SOON be 9 billion.  I’d like to know just how soon almost 2 billion people will be born.

Smallpox was declared eradicated in 1979.  There is no cure; only vaccines.  A few years ago the CDC announced that only 1,000 in 1 million who got the vaccines had severe adverse reactions.  That doesn’t sound so bad unless you realize that is 1 in every 1,000 people.  This vaccine has the live smallpox virus in it.  The injection site must be carefully chosen.  Afterward the site must be guarded to prevent the vaccine from entering the rest of the body.  What?  Well, it can kill the liver after all.  It takes about three weeks for the blood to clot, pus to drain and the scab fall off.  Ew!

Bill Gates wants every person to have a cell phone and be fingerprinted so the entire population of the world gets all the vaccines.  I think there are only 7 more to be developed.  Cause, ya know, like, it’s God’s work.  Now Gates wants fetuses vaccinated.  Gates is a psychopathic murderer.  Let’s give him a peace prize.

Now, Ted Turner wants the population cut by 95%.  He recently donated to the Gates Foundation.  Mayor Bloomberg of NYC also recently gave $1 billion to the UN.  Bloomberg also gave $1.1 billion to Johns Hopkins.  The Gates alone are worth $22 million.

San Diego recently had a FEMA zombie drill.  You can’t make this stuff up.  The next one will be in April in Idaho. The news of it was creating an uproar so now it’s quietly in the works.  Shh!  Mustn’t talk about it.

Africa now has genetically mutated mosquitoes.  They spread Malaria.  Gee, I wonder how that happened.  Africa is the experiment continent.  Let’s see how many people can be murdered before anyone catches on.  Florida now has genetically mutated mosquitoes.  Interesting.

Gardasil vaccines have killed around 20 girls as far as I can find.  Of course it also causes strokes, seizures, auto-immune disorders and more.  Scientists still don’t know if it causes sterility.

Another cruise ship has the noro-virus.  Interesting how not too long ago two women in a state also came down with the noro-virus.  Got to wonder who invented this lovely piece of garbage.  And, it’s air-borne in nature.  Lovely.

I’m glad some folks like the fact that more and more robots are being built to do the work of humans.  One day those same people just might realize that more robots means no need for most people.  The will be deemed unsustainable and expendable.  Time to vaccinate so they will go quietly into that good night.  The globalists and elite only want at the most 1 billion people for the entire planet to be alive.  That’s a lot of murdering to get done.  Not to worry though.  There will be no funerals since they would pollute the Earth.  Just cremate us all.

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