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28 Feb 2013

It is really becoming quite amusing watching the faux panic with the dictator and politicians running around wringing their hands and blaming everybody else for doomsday to happen tomorrow.  The dictator wanted to use the threat of sequester to get what he wanted.  He signed the paper and now he plays the victim.  Some politicians are upset because they are up for re-election next year.  Lame stream medias try to pump as much hatred as they can telling the sheep which direction to cast their hate.

I don’t see the citizens panicking.  I see most simply ignoring another false flag being raised again and again as a way to increase spending.  Since drunken sailors stop drinking once they run out of money, I can only guess that the citizens haven’t run out of all their money just yet.

Nobody seems to be able to determine what exactly the amount of spending is to be cut.  From all the speculation I can say it is not near 10% for domestic and not 10% for military.

Oh, what’s a dictator to do?  Trot out the teachers, firemen, police.  Interesting as all are union and have scowls on their faces.  The elderly will DIE!  No promise that the Social Security or disability checks will go out.  The military won’t be paid.  The sky is falling.

Just like with all the other threats from all the other crises of the past the checks will go out.  People will be paid.  No one need have their jobs cut.  Just cut the waste and bloating in the budgets.  That’s all one needs to do.

That would be too simple.  Now the Department of the Motherland Security [without waiting] has released illegals from jail into the public.  No exact number of released criminals has been given.  The dictator denies any knowledge of this.  But hey, thanks for the laugh.  Really believe that one.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if the laws were enforced the illegals would have been deported as soon as they were caught being in the United States illegally.  Isn’t that how the law reads?  Must be nice to be paid a government salary without having to follow the laws of this land.  Maybe I should pick and choose which laws to obey and disregard the rest.  Yep.  Sounds good to me.

I can guarantee you all those checks have already been printed and are sitting in their envelopes waiting to be sent.  They will be delivered.

$2 million just for paper targets of white people for “no hesitation” training?  Over 2 billion bullets and the assault weapons to go with them [personal use of course].  Have you requested your solid gold toilet seats yet?  The circus is certainly in town.  I grow weary of the clowns.

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