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27 Feb 2013

The dictator orders and signs the sequester.    Now that the time is up he whines like a spoiled brat and blames others.  You would think he’d be happy.  He gets to play “victim” again and he is exempt from it anyway.  He’ll feel better once he kills more innocent people with drones.

The dictator told of the things he would do in the never-ending campaigning of around 6 years now?  He said he would shut down coal plants [cleanest in the world] and that power prices would skyrocket.  And the sheep cheered.  He said war was bad and continued to send troops to more wars.  And the sheep cheered.  He promised FREE healthcare for all that turned out not to be free nor for every American.  And the sheep cheered.  He took Bill Clinton’s free phones, put his name on them and guess what?  The sheep cheered.  He got a peace prize for not being Bush and in case he did something.  The sheep cheered.

He allowed union GM workers to keep their jobs, the non-union workers lost everything including their pensions and a lot of those jobs moved overseas.  And still the sheep cheered.  SEALS killed a CIA agent posing as bin Laden and once again the sheep cheered for the dictator.

Silly sheep.  Shearing time will be soon and those not of the collective will be gathered up and done away with.  More than likely those sheep will still cheer.

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