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26 Feb 2013

I realize most people don’t see or feel UN Agenda 21 around them but it is there.  Total control doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes its sweet but damaging time to invade.  Ovomitcare is part.  Already the premiums are doubling and are expected to quadruple.  Jobs are being lost because it’s cheaper to pay the fine than insure employees.  Can’t fault the employers as they are in the business of making money and not the business of insurance.  Don’t forget it was insurance companies that wrote ovomitcare.

Let’s look at Virginia.  The personal property taxes have just risen 23%.  A new wholesale gas tax has gone into place that will lead to higher gas prices at the fuel pumps.  The state sales tax has gone up.  New car title taxes are up 43%.  Vending machine taxes, heavy equipment taxes, commercial taxes, hotel taxes, hybrid vehicle taxes and diesel fuel taxes have also risen.

Payroll taxes raised on those making as little as $22,000/year.  Good thing the dictator promised taxes wouldn’t be going up.  oops.

DHS is releasing illegals instead of deporting them as required by laws already on the books.  Divers licenses for illegals are being given out.  They have a pink strip on them.  Will they be required to buy vehicle insurance?  No one has said.  That would be called racist.  Must not upset the poor little victims.  Poor little criminals.

Orange County, Florida has a wireless house.  Woo hoo!  Now single mommy can watch over her children and the house while she is away.  I wonder who else is watching besides the CIA, DHS, FBI and all others with the know-how.  If those tiny drones aren’t for surveillance of citizens then for just what are those expensive toys being used?

We fail to take in the rest of the world.  We are so busy with our own lives on a daily basis that we forget about other people.  India has children as young as 5 years old working in the coal mines.  State officials claim they have no child labor problems.  They have laws against child labor but they have no problem not enforcing them.

Children along with any surviving parents are living in caves to escape the killings and drones in Syria.  They cannot cross the borders.  Our dictator just loves all the children of the world.  He can just keep washing the blood of innocents off his hands and authorize more drone attacks at his weekly kill meetings.  He rarely goes to the daily national security meetings but you can bet he is at the kill meetings.  It’s called eugenics.  I prefer to call it by its real name – murder.

Agenda 21 also involves our food.  Starve the people and then shoot them when they revolt.  Worked out really well for the French, right Marie Antoinette?  Places in Florida are trying to get rid of home gardens.  Monsanto has taken over 400 American farmers to court claiming their genetically mutated seeds drifted over onto the farms from the wind.  Those are the seeds where the crops can’t reproduce because the new seeds are sterile.  Those are the seeds that cause insects that feed on the plants to die.  Monsanto is involved with so many brand name foods.  Besides the listeria and hormones in poultry, there is also arsenic in the chicken feed.  Yummy.

The levels of ethanol in gas is going to rise even though mechanics have been saying for years that it damages the vehicles engines.  Must get rid of all vehicles except the gas guzzling, armored vehicles and jets for the dictator, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Al Gore and other globalists and elites.

China has ordered the dictator to disarm American citizens.  Makes it easier for their take-over.  People aren’t being allowed to rebuild after hurricanes or huge storms.  Only businesses and wealthy.  Can’t rebuild Detroit for people to live in single-family homes.  Must save the planet!  Sure.  Right.  Okay.

So you see, UN Agenda 21 is all around us.  Alabama said NO!  It is outlawed from their state.  I say NO!.  Will others?  Will others before it is too late?  I hope so.

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