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24 Feb 2013

We live in a society of stupidity, greed and lust for power.  I see women who can’t think for themselves.  Any “movement” and they jump right on it.  The same goes for men.  Facts don’t matter.  Research is rarely part of the equation.  History continues to repeat itself because so many fail to learn it.

No sooner had the last election taken place that the headlines were screaming how it’s never too soon to think about 2016.  Nothing good came out of the previous 4 years but there sure was a lot of campaigning going on.

The two parties of evil are not only evil but they are the same.  Americans need to get out of the trance they are in simply because they have a need for “their side” to win.  Doesn’t matter who wins.  We all still lose.

So now we have the popularity contest moving right along.  A lot of voters want Hillary Clinton as president.  Please pass the barf bag.  Why?  Because she is a woman?  Because she is a democrat?  Because she is a democrat and a woman?  Is that the best people can come up with?  We have already had every first that needs to be.  Yes, even a woman as president.

Edith Bolling Gait Wilson, second wife of Woodrow Wilson became the “secret” president of the United States from 1915 – 1921.  Everything went through her to her husband after he suffered a stroke.  She did it for love of her husband and love of her country.  Don’t make the mistake of taking this lightly.  We haven’t had a decent leader of our country in many, many years.  We need an American who will put America and American citizens first.  One who will not ever sell us as slaves to the UN and the New World Order.  One who will tell the truth whether good or bad.

Which brings us to a traitor to America, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She has worked hard over the years to make sure the United Nations has control over America.  She has worked hard and openly for Agenda 21 to be implemented here is the states.  Many speeches on youtube verifies this.  But let’s just keep covering that bit of facts up like Benghazi.  After all, what does it matter.  It matters because the Ambassador wanted out of the gun running going on.  The same weapons that disappeared and then reappeared later.  Sounds like Fast and Furious.  It matters because cries for help went unheeded.  It matters because 4 Americans were tortured and then slaughtered because you did not care, Hillary.  You needed to cover up, again, the wrong you were causing.

While on the subject of the UN and Agenda 21, let’s throw in another traitor to the United States.  Susan Rice.  She is a twin to Hillary.

Speaking of traitors, there is another one just as dangerous as the others.  Janet Napolitano.  How dare she or any other twit declare our veterans as terrorists?  How dare she not enforce current laws when it comes to illegals and the security of our borders?  Not every veteran comes home on psychotropic drugs even though the military shrinks try their best to make it so.  You, Janet Napolitano, and your ilk are the real terrorists right here in America.  The Patriot Act was to make Americans the targets for the likes of you.  You just can’t wait to fill up those FEMA camps with legal, law-abiding American citizens.  You think you are a globalist or an elite?  Think again.  Benedict Arnold thought he was special too.  You’ve purchased enough bullets to shoot every American 5-6 times.  You ordered paper targets, No Hesitation targets, of elderly white men and women, pregnant white women, teenage white girls., white boys and girls.  Why is that?  Why $2 billion to the business from whom you bought those targets?  How come you don’t tell folks you were at Brian Terry’s funeral, gave a eulogy praising the dictator and gave the Terry family a personal letter from the dictator right after the funeral?  How much were you paid extra to keep your mouth shut?  You disgust me.  You should be arrested and brought up on charges of treason and murder just for starters.  You along with Clinton, Rice, Holder, the dictator and so many more.

May God bless our troops.  They have been sent into hell all over the world.  Their thanks?  Total abuse from this very corrupt administration.

The United States of America is on the verge of failing.  We are the last bastion of freedom and liberty.  We either stand up for America and Americans or we let her fall.  I prefer to stand up for America and my fellow citizens.

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