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22 Feb 2013

I see there is yet another idea floating around on how to get people to give up their private vehicles.  Florida wants all vehicles equipped with GPS tracking within 5 years to tax the drivers on the miles they travel.  Only on the most traveled, of course.  Right.

The reason given is because so many are now driving fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles.  I thought that was to be a good thing.  Oops.  Less revenue for the roads to be kept in decent condition.  It’s not that I’ve seen them get worse but I just haven’t seen them being repaired as when folks drove the gas guzzlers.  Where is all that money going if not for the roads?I suspect the road tax at the pump is going to stay and the new road tax through the GPS will be added.  It’s to make sure all residents “pay their fair share”.  Baloney.  Check out how well that works in Japan where it is already being used.  You get fined caught driving when your GPS is out of funds.  The GPS or transponders can be read by the signs on major roads and tells you how much is about to be stolen…err…taken out of your “account” as you go through.

Minnesota and Oregon are already in the testing stage and Nevada and Washington are looking into doing the same thing.  With Agenda 21 only the globalists and elite will keep their vehicles, jets, etc.  They are exempt from the very taxes and fines the slaves of the world have to pay.

If I choose to not have a GPS on my vehicle, will I be refused gas at the pumps?  If I take the back roads to my destination, how soon before even those are included in the taxes?  Remember, our elected representatives do our thinking and voting for us so we don’t have to think about anything that matters when it comes to our own money.  After all, they do think it is their money.

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