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22 Dec 2013

I am under extreme stress right now.  I hope to at least be able to provide links to important news each day.  Time will tell.

It is almost Christmas.  The birth of Jesus Christ.  For those who constantly harp on wrong day, month, time of year, etc., please note the Wold celebrates the tradition of Christmas on 25 Dec.  Please allow us our tradition and celebration.  Celebrate Christmas by your beliefs or choose not to do so.  I have no desire to ruin anybody’s traditions nor beliefs.  I request the same respect.

Schools are out and many are travelling.  Stay safe and enjoy this wonderful season.  Merry Christmas.

In America everybody is entitled to free speech.  That includes all with whom I disagree.  It is called FREEDOM of speech for a reason.

Secret contracts with “secret” money.  American taxpayers money should not be secretly spent.

Indeed it is hate speech against most of the world and all Americans.  What is so hard to understand?

How about no mandate PERIOD.

Why would an atheist celebrate Christmas?  Create your own holiday at another time if you must but Don’t Tread On Me and my beliefs.  I am an American Christian.  You live as you believe and I will live as I believe.  Very simple.

Such a joke.  The FCC is really going to charge those with ten free phones or the ones trading them for drugs?  I’d really like to see that.

HHS is full of slow learners.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Interesting.  There is a sister?

Wrong move Cracker Barrel.  We have freedom of speech in this country.

Our veterans put their lives on the line for America.  Let’s cut all politicians pensions now instead.

Total idiot.  Still lying to get out of lies.  Will not work, you retard.

Will somebody please impeach this retard?

WE THE PEOPLE need to be set free from this regime’s slavery.

That’s right.  Just keep on lying.

Why are folks still trying to comply to this boondoggle?

Go to Hawaii.  Don’t come back.

Really?  For standing up for his beliefs?

No, you retarded bitch.  Young people owe it to themselves to do what is right and not be sheeple.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans,.  God bless us all.

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