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21 Dec 2013

If any one is reading this and has prayed for my husband, I thank you.  He is showing a bit of improvement.  So still only links to news.  Real news and not the fluff lamestream media spews out.

Definitely true.

We are in a police state.  A Fascist regime.  I hope enough Americans care.

All designed and put into action by the elites and globalists.

Then why is it still allowed to continue?

This is an all too common outrage.  And yet allowed to continue.

What a load of steaming bullshit.  Why don’t they tell the real story?

Another one with something to hide?

Could it be that folks just want and need freedom?

Too bad those that voted for this never read it before voting and all the garbage still added to it after the vote.

Take your Christmas threat and leave my country.  Please never return.

Seriously?  How low can this regime sink?

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.



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