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19 Dec 2013

Just links to news for now.

No longer are we a free nation.

All who disagree with our Bill of Rights should smile when they are hauled off to the gulag.

Looks like the American taxpayers get to fork over another $10 Billion thanks to Mr Dick Tator.

This is not new.  Been going on for quite some time.  Won’t see this on lamestream news.

Al Gore wallows in the sheeples money.  Deserves Fraud of the Century Award.

About freaking time.

So deserving of each and every percent of disapproval.

Soulless, non-empathetic morons.

You know this is not right.  These honorable and brave Americans gave more than any politician could even lie about.  Shabby treatment for sure.

Folks are getting just what they asked for.  Stop your bitching. You asked for this.  You got it.

And yet they adore old Tator who commits treason and is a traitor.

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