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18 Dec 2013

Just news today.  If anybody reads this blog and is not just using it to spread span then I ask for prayers for my husband’s full healing.  Thank you.

If you need damage control telling you if you can answer any question then there is a problem.

I’m surprised he hasn’t already been suicided and was allowed to speak.

This is not the same Greenpeace that fought to save the whales. This is the government run one and the North Pole is NOT melting. Retards.

Stop treading on Americans religious/non-religious beliefs.

So sad sheeple are incapable of reading and comprehension.

Great job you’re doing Christie.  This is Detroit.2

Never intended to work.  Never about health care.  Always been for the big insurance corporations.

Jesus is the reason for the season.  Scrooges need not apply.

Bill Gates won’t eat the very foods he endorses and profits from. Go figure.

Recall?  How about impeachment and war trials.

Need a couple more jobs to pay for ovomitcare premiums.

This should never have happened.  Arm the citizens.  Disarm the retarded cops.

Goose-step right up and get your DHS swastika patches.  Seig Hiel!

All criminals are encouraged to apply.

I want to read his autopsy report too.

The Piglosi has spoken.  Perhaps we need to open up the pig to before we can see what’s in it.

Coming soon to our country.

Ve see.  Most interesting.  Ve have vays to make you talk.

Dear leader is so sad.

Of course it is.

Another screw us over job in the making.

You get what you vote for.

Ah ha ha.  May more follow suit.

Woo hoo!  Let it grow.  Let it grow,.  Let it grow.

These retards are severely retarded.

How can this be?  Oh wait.

Another broken promise.  What else is new.

Way to go dad!

Cutting the spending is a whole lot better.

All you are doing is giving away your money to the big insurance corporations.  They are very happy you are so stupid.

Never was about health care.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.



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