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21 Feb 2013

I really don’t feel much empathy for the women who fell for the republican “War on Women” propagandized by the democrats, liberals and others.  Perhaps they feel their right to having no personal responsibility and having others pay for it is God-given.  Can’t be that considering at the democrat national convention God was denied three times.  I seem to remember a man named Peter denied Christ three times a very long time ago.

I wish women and men would glance the entire world over to see the real war on women.  Women far more than men are targeted by vaccines.  Vaccines for Malaria for women in the third world helped with the $10 million Bill Gates donated to the Copenhagen university.  Only women and only those of fertile age.  Men don’t get Malaria?

There are campaigns for testing of HIV only for pregnant women.  Men don’t get HIV?

Some states in America have mandatory HPV vaccines for young girls just entering puberty.  HPV might cause cervical cancer.  It also might not.  This vaccine is not proven to not cause sterility.  Time will tell.  I guess we shouldn’t dwell on the fact that males are the carrier of the HP virus.  To the parents of these girls who force their young daughters to have this vaccine – I hope you really didn’t have your hearts set on being grandparents.  It might not happen.  I hope you tell your daughters why they are infertile. No need for any explanation for the girls who have died from the vaccine.  After all, Bill Gates likes vaccines and says that is the way to depopulation.  He’s such a silly globalist.  So do not grieve.  Just take comfort that you have helped advance Agenda 21’s program.

Back in the 1950’s in policy papers of the Rockefeller family came the population movement.  Around the same time as women’s lib, in 1974 Henry Kissinger had a National Security Study Memorandum about “the consequences of the global population growth for the US security and overseas interests”.  It called for urgent measures to be taken to reduce fertility.  This memo recommended zero growth rate in developed countries by 1985 and zero growth rate in lesser developed countries by 2000.  It also called for abortions, birth control, day care and other things.  Does not matter if you are a responsible person with a mate who is willing to share parenting with you.  Not your choice anymore.  Day care.  No need to stay home and raise your children.  The government will do that [and more] so you can get back to work.

In the 1950’s John D Rockefeller said all vaccines should have mercury in them.  Not the planet and not the car but the poisonous, highly-toxic waste product.  Mercury impedes in fertility and than there is the case of more mercury = more autism.  More mercury = more diabetes.

Despite the fact that around 70% of all Tetanus cases occurred in men, the WHO [World Health Organization] went into the third world nations and vaccinated only women.  Women between the ages of 14 to 44 years of age. The vaccines were mixed with hCG [growth hormone found during pregnancy].  This causes the body to produce antibodies to both the Tetanus and hCG.  No hCG?  No more fetus.  These vaccination campaigns were performed in Nicaragua, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Philippines on millions of women.  Millions.

Here in the States we have the free free free ovomitcare.  We give thanks and praise to the dictator.  In Oregon children at age 15 can get free sterilization without their parents’ permission.  A vasectomy can be performed in a doctor’s office.  A tubal ligation is performed in a hospital because it is considered major surgery.  Fear not, parents.  It’s FREE!  I’m sure each and every 15 year old fully understands all that the paperwork says.  They are all so competent, knowledgeable and mature.   Still can’t speak English?  A translator will be provided.

The grand and glorious Kathleen Sebelius  has stated, “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception”.

Perhaps I should mention that the pregnant women in Mexico who were given the Tetanus vaccine were not told it would kill their babies.  Let us rejoice and be glad for the vaccine has been patented as a “birth control vaccine”.  Same thing happened in 2004 with the UNICEF-sponsored polio vaccine in Nigeria.

So to all who fell for the phony war on women, party on.  The real War on Women has been underway for many years and will continue.

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