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20 Feb 2013

I do not like the public education system in America.  There are too many bad teachers versus good.  Too many lazy teachers versus hard working.  Same goes for parents, administration and school boards.  The solution in Florida is to throw another $2700 at them.  Why not.  After all there were the countless ones having weekend get-togethers to correct the FCAT papers so the scores improved.

Texas is using a program called CSCOPE in 80% of the schools.  Is it legal?  The Senate Education Committee is investigating.  Come on, Texas.  You are better than this.

CSCOPE is modeled after the dictator’s Common Core Curriculum.  Common Core Curriculum is promoted by the education adviser to the dictator who just happens to be associated with Communist Bill Ayers and some Marxist guy.

Do the parents have access to view the CSCOPE lessons?  NO.

Do the students have math and science books?  No.

Everything is to be done on the internet.  That would be K through 12.  Of course we all know that all families across the entire country have computers and the internet.  They don’t?  Wow.  Well, then all students can read, comprehend and use their thinking process to find the necessary materials, right?  No again?  Parents who can read, comprehend, think and help?  Oh mercy.  We are so doomed as a nation.

Some of the information is incorrect, some plagiarized, some lessons show no respect to our American patriots.

In some of the high schools there are lessons in Social Studies, World History.  These include “The American Muslim Experience”, “Islam: Beliefs and Practices”, “Muhammad’s’ Example in Action” and “Women and Islam”.  That deserves a big WOW.  Can’t give a Bible to a student.  Students can’t wear any religious symbols but they are taught about Islamism.  I wonder what’s next.  Prayer rugs?

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