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30 Nov 2013

It’s the end of November.  You know what that means.  The ovomitcare website is up and running!  Our super hero donned his cape and fixed the entire thing.  Now kazillions of everybody has free and affordable health care.  Yippee!  Let’s all pop that bubbly.

But wait.  Is the website fixed?  Haven’t heard or seen.  Kazillions?  Nah.  Half a million?  Nah.  Only just over 100,000 have potentially enrolled.  Are they truly enrolled?  Have they actually paid?  Are they about to get their cancellation of insurance notices?  Free?  And affordable?  Oh, my.  That is the joke of the year on the voters.

Don’t you worry.  The major insurance corporations are doing just fine.  Their stocks and profits are soaring.  There.  Feel better? Their Christmas bonuses will be extra nice this year.  That is what truly matters.

We always had health care.  We have unaffordable insurance premiums.  We have always had charity care.  We have unaffordable insurance premiums.  Health care vs insurance.  Two separate entities.

But we had to enter the 21st century.  We had to join the rest of the world so they will like us and approve of us.  We just had to give up our higher purchasing power so we could become poor just like the rest of the world.  Get it now?  Anybody?  Under ovomitcare there is NO charity care.  You must purchase a product/tax from insurance corporations that dictate to you your coverage at the prices they set.  Or pay a fine.  You can always buy the government’s product/tax at the prices they set for you along with dictated coverage.  Or pay a fine.

For those trendies who gave all your personal data to the website.  You really just gave it to the IRS, DHS, NSA, TSA, police and others.  You told them all you have no insurance.  You are now on the “Get Them First” list.  And, of course, the identity thieves and other fraudsters have that private data too.  You must feel so special and trendy.  How I envy you.  NOT!

You know what’s really super duper?  As you get older your life is in the hands of accountants focused on the bottom line.  When they decide you can just die then Al Gore says we can hire ten more teachers!  Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr Dick Tator!  The planet is now saved.  The tides have turned.  All ships have risen.  All wars have ended.  Gitmo no longer exists.  There are no more homeless.  There is no more hunger.  Everybody has a job.  Best of all.  The entire planet cries tears of joy because they like you.  They love you.  Your legacy is complete.  You are a god!

And the sheeple agree.  The stupid, retarded sheeple agree even as they are being led to slaughter.

Shh!  Let me tell you something.  If you get rid of ovomitcare, the full time jobs will come back.  If you have medicaid/medicare for catastrophic care and use cash for doctor visits, you have decent health care.  Prices will plunge.  Medical bills become affordable. The insurance corporations can just go eff themselves.  Doctors will stay.  Hospitals will stay open.  Folks can live free and not in fear of death squads.

But let’s not stop there.  Deport ALL illegals.  Jobs become available.  Spaces open up in schools and colleges.

Let’s open up those factories and get American products for Americans to buy so they can feed their American families and the American workers can also feed their American families.

Let’s kick out the communist common core politically slanted education and teach our children facts and truth instead of lies.  Let’s hire real and qualified educators and teachers who care about children and not their union pensions.

Let’s stop electing the DRAINO party.  Those spineless, pieces of crap who do nothing but get American taxpayer money, abet this regime while hoping they can escape the slavery of being like We The little People.

I could go on all day.  I choose to not be a spineless, gullible, retarded sheeple.  I am a FREE American citizen.  I am for America.  The rest of the world can do for themselves or figure it out for themselves.  This regime, the elites, the globalists, the UN, the New World Order can all go to hell and stay there.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The men and women who spied on Germany and Japan for the U.S. during World War II parachuted behind enemy lines, led guerrilla raids, invented special equipment such as scuba gear and established a counterintelligence network that endured into the Cold War.

Nearly 70 years after its agents played a key role in defeating the Axis powers, the spy organization that later became the Central Intelligence Agency is being proposed to receive the highest civilian honor bestowed by Congress, the Congressional Gold Medal. Legislation introduced last week by Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., and Rep. Robert E. Latta, R-Ohio, would collectively award the medal to the members of the Office of Strategic Services, known as the OSS.

Do we all need medals now?  Since this is the CIA, will this include those operating illegally on American soil?  How about those involved in killing innocent people, journalists and others like whistleblowers.  Will it include those who carried out rendition, extraordinary rendition, killing those listed as suicided or disappeared?  This must be ever so much more important than jobs, economy, ending wars, ovomitcare or anything else.  Why the need for more photo ops?  Is this a new shiny object to dangle during all this election bull?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has visited the activists who are fasting to protest House inaction on immigration legislation.

On the day after Thanksgiving Obama stopped by a white tent on the National Mall where some activists have shunned all food except water for the past 18 days. A top labor organizer is among them.

Forget about the tornado victims [American citizens] who are doing without everything involuntarily.  They are not criminals.  They are legal citizens.  They are American taxpayers.

Did these illegals provide their own tent?  Are they supplying their own water?  Do they have a permit to be squatters on the National Mall?  These are not American citizens.  They are foreigners who have broken American laws by entering illegally and are committing a crime every day they remain.

Why does it seem like The United States of America is the only country in the world to not enforce their own immigration laws?  Why does Mr Dick Tator insist on aiding and abetting them?  Could be birds of a feather stick together but more than likely it is to get a larger voter base of Democrats.

Another photo op.  I know what.  Let’s give them all medals!  Screw the American citizens.  Screw those legally going through the system to become lawfully legal naturalized citizens.  Screw the American taxpayers.  Must  Cater  To  Illegals.  Well, screw You, Tator.  How about that?

Fa la la la la.  There is no honor among thieves.

Let it grow.  Let it grow.  Let it grow.  So what if it’s unconstitutional?

Don’t tase me, Mr Bot.

Why not in July instead of May?  We could then call it fireworks.

I’m a bit surprised no one has called Thanksgiving Day racist.  That will come next.

I shall die when it is my time and not when the regime says I cost them too much money to live.

Japan just fixed Fukushima’s nuclear power plant problems.  Good job, you numbnuts.

We have nothing to fear but what this regime tells us to fear.  Why are folks still afraid?  Enough is enough.

If only the sheeple could comprehend what they hear or have read to them.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to join the military.

I like Judge Napolitano.

This just isn’t right but the board and the stockholders must have their dividends and bonuses first and foremost.

You wanted it?  Well, you got it.  Those of us with working brain cells knew better.

God bless our troops.

Thank you ever so much, Mexico.  Such a good neighbor.

If you have researched then you understand this is Agenda 21.  Seig hiel!

But I like it.  Racist!  But it’s healthier.  Racist!  But I have that choice.  Racist!  Racist!  Racist!  I want a sandwich from the leftovers.  You must die!

God bless our troops.

And our government sits by and does nothing.  Business as usual.

This is just so pathetic.

I guess Karzai didn’t receive the memo that Dick Tator is really good at killing people.,0,3006450.story

OMG!  OMG!  The killer ISON has gone missing.  Quick.  Put out an Amber Alert!  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  Give me an effing break.  The sky didn’t fall once again.  Fear mongering regime goons lose another round.,0,2196132.story\

Good morning NSA.  Feeling good this morning?  Got all your duckies in order?  Have you thought about what is going to happen to you and your family once your usefulness is over?  Please do smile.  You had a chance to stop all the treason stemming from the Oval Office.  You have the intel.  You just lack the courage a real American has.  So sad.  Too bad.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless Americans and stop this most corrupt regime.

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