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29 Nov 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says Americans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  American citizens do have many blessings.

In a holiday edition of his weekend radio and Internet address, Obama gives thanks for the country’s founders, the generations who followed, and members of the military, and their families, for the sacrifices they make.  Seriously?  The same Founding Fathers who would not be welcomed in today’s military?  The same Founding Fathers bashed routinely in military training?

He expresses gratitude for the freedoms service members defend, including speech, religion and the right to choose America’s leaders.  Freedom of Speech?  You mean those who are declared his “enemies” for daring to speak out against wrong policies, unconstitutional laws and everything else?  Those who are belittled, disgraced and called racists and birthers and teabaggers because we do want a choice in whom we elect?

He also has kind words for those who work to make America a more compassionate place.

“That big-hearted generosity is a central part of our American character,” Obama said. “We believe in lending a hand to folks who need it. We believe in pitching in to solve problems even if they aren’t our problems. And that’s not a one-day-a-year belief. It’s part of the fabric of our nation.”  Charity for those in need is one thing.  Forced redistribution of wealth is a whole other thing.  Invading other countries to force them to be like slaves to this regime is not pitching in to help.  Murdering innocent citizens does not solve other nations’ problems.

Obama says Americans are greater together than they are alone. He says togetherness is what every day, including Thanksgiving, should be about.  This is true.  If the citizens of the USA stand together we can defeat this regime.  We can survive and throw the garbage out to the curb.  That includes all the politicians, spy agencies, unconstitutional “laws” and alphabet soup that expired years ago.  This country, our country, my country could get back to being a sovereign nation.  A nation that takes care of its own first.  A free nation that keeps its nose and money out of the business of the rest of the world.

I hope all who were travelling have reached their destinations safely.  I hope all had a blessed and wonderful Happy Thanksgiving Day.  Life goes on whether we have a great time or not. Now more madness begins as the rush to buy buy buy and buy more stuff before anyone else can get “our” stuff.  The fights over parking spaces, shopping carts, the last of whatever simply because it is the last or on sale.

The thieves will be out on full force.  They make just going out a hazard.  Why earn something or work to buy anything when you can just steal, right?  The true meaning of Christmas is lost on a lot of people.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  If you do not believe in Jesus, then why do you celebrate Christmas or take off for the day or even exchange gifts?  It does not make sense.  It is Christmas.  It is not winter holidays.  It is a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree.  And the complainers continue to bash Christians with this started out as pagan and that was based on paganism, yada yada yada.

We who believe in Jesus and God are still free here in America to choose to either celebrate Christmas or not and in our own fashion. No body has the right to tread on our rights to our own beliefs.  I do not bash others or rain on their parade so do not even begin to think about doing it to me.  Stand down or you know what?  I just might pray for you.  What will you do then?  What will you do.

I guess there will always be folks who just don’t get it.  Free will for you means free will for me.  Freedom of choice for me means freedom of choice for you.  See?  It is that simple  If I choose to don my gay [happy] apparel, then I shall don my gay apparel.  I shall smile.  I shall wish a Merry Christmas to all with peace on Earth and good will towards all mankind.  Who could ask for more?

It’s called UN Agenda 21.  She’s not telling the truth about how it will destroy our lives and eugenicas is part od the plan.  Benghazi Billary is unsustainable.

Look up and listen to Rosa Koire.  She is an intelligent American.  She explains Agenda 21 in plain English and tells just what is in store for all American citizens.  Lord Christopher Monckton can tell you how Agenda 21 is and will affect the rest of the world.

If SNAP gets a lot of money from the Farm Bill and around 70% of small farms receive nothing, then exactly how does the Farm Bill help farmers put food on the American families’ tables?

New York is ever so trendy.  Ack, ack.

Bwahahaha.  Sheeple will feel even safer now.

Is the letter true?  A gay Dick Tator calling his “enemies” tea baggers?    The kettle just called himself the pot.

Electronics listening in?  Well, duh.

That web might just be starting to untangle.

Australia has gone back to being a penal colony.

This is most likely very true.

Just add the vaccines that have live cancer cells in them, all the radiation from mammograms and the lovely TSA screening.

My head just goes thunk upon the desk.

CIA controls Al Q.  Al Q fights in Syria.  Mr Dick Tator uses American taxpayer money to fund both sides in Syria.  Iran threatens Tator to back off Syria.  Tator must invade Syria in order to invade Iran to accomplish the 7 countries in 5 years plan.  Got it yet? Going to need more shiny objects to keep sheeple occupied.

Scotland!  You ancestors gave their lives so you could be a free country.  Why are you even considering joining the EU which will put you under the New World Order?  Do Not Do This.

Hezbollah and Al Q are both known terrorists groups.  CIA runs American taxpayer funded Al Q gleefully under Mr Dick Tator. Hezbollah and Tator join together to fight Al Q.  Did I get this right?  WTF.  What difference does it make, right Benghazi Billary?

So sad.  Too bad.  Folks want truth, not lies.

Is the USA the only country on this entire planet to not enforce their own immigration laws?  And now more “secret” waivers?  Enough is enough.  Just deport them all.

Don’t you dare get upset about this.  If you do then Oprah will call you a racist and demand that you just die.

Seig Hiel!  Soon we won’t be able to afford the coal power plants because they do not leak but we will also not be able to afford the nuclear power plants that do leak.  Water on your property?  Not yours any longer.  ALL belongs to the state.

Really, dear leader?  Because Republicans think SNAP should be taken out of the Dept. of Ag and put into the Dept of Health and Human Services?  Wow.  You really are a retard.

Zero here we come!

Not just you, Richard.  They reject all true Americans.  You are successful.  They are not.  You did build your business.  They did not.

As wonderful as taxpayers paying for a soccer stadium only the mayors want.

Once again, Congress alone can change laws.  How much more American taxpayers?  You will now pay even higher premiums because of all these waivers.  I will not comply.

Karzai, Karzai, Karzai.  Will you never learn?  You cannot trust this fascist regime.  Al Q and the Taliban are friends to no one. Taliban and Al Q are enemies of the American people.  But yes, they are BFFs to Mr Dick Tator, Benghazi Billary and others in this regime.  Watch your back.  Here come the knives.

Hmm.  Morrissey, you are British.  Thanksgiving is an American holiday.  So sad you have nothing to feel thankful for in your life that you feel you must criticize others.  Not everybody eats poultry in America.  So what?  Big deal.  Do you live in England or were you also kicked out like Morgan?  Silly twit.

Uh oh.  I sense “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, again.

Grab your ankles and kiss your butt goodbye.  Here comes another round of pain.

Joke of the month.    Only two days now.

What an idiot.

Could you imagine if the NSA worked for the citizens of the United States of America and truly let us in on the facts?

God bless America.  God bless our troops.  God bless us all.

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