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28 Nov 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all American citizens.  This is our holiday to give thanks for our many blessings.  We can thank God.  We can thank our ancestors.  We can thank whomever that America is our home.  We all have choices.  We can be a sourpuss and make everybody around us miserable or we can put on a smile and enjoy that we have survived this life so far.  We can choose to thank God for our blessings.  We can choose not to believe in God.  We should all be thankful we do not belong to a One World Government which includes a One World Religion where we all must bow down and praise a deity or person.  I  have freedom of religion because of my country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.  That means not only my choice to believe or not but that no person can tell me I must believe or what I must believe.  This is what freedom is about.  My choice.  God bless America.

SPOT has been bad.  SPOT needs to be neutered.  The sooner the better.   Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques.  Started in 2007 and run by the TSA.  It has cost American taxpayers $1 Billion.

SPOT spawned VIPR.   Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams.  Their budget is over $100 Million.  They are in the airports, train stations and highway weigh stations.  Totally useless groups that do not keep us safe from “terrorists”.  Thugs and bullies.  That’s all they are.  Abusing people everywhere.  A few speak out but the sheeple remain silent because they claim to feel safe and have nothing to hide.  If you have nothing to hide then you should also have your freedom to move about the country.  But you don’t.  You are guilty until you can prove your innocence at each stop.  Papers, please.  Only without the word “please”.  Safe but not free.  Safe from whom?  Free to comply?  That is not freedom.

Good morning TSA.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Sucks to work on holidays.  Been there.  Done that.

Well, if they weren’t listening in then how did they know somebody was cussing?  Oops!

Seriously?  This guy is such a twit.

Is he afraid there will be movies about his drones murdering innocent people?

In other words reward the lazy and take away from those with personal responsibility.  Okay then.  Let’s start with the Vatican’s wealth first.

Dallas police allowed them in.  DHS militarized goons then started shoving, pushing and even hitting the peaceful protestors in the Land of the once-upon-a-time Free.

Is MSNBC Oprah’s favorite station?  American tax payer dollars fund it.

I suppose we pay for this too?

Not to worry.  Just another scam to get more money out of folks.

Seig Hiel!

It’s every so “smart” and “trendy”.

Feel safer?  Me neither.

There are Americans who still do not know that building 7 collapsed on 11 Sep 2001?  Still?

How can any sane person ever take Benghazi Billary seriously?

Just another way to control us?

“You can check in any time you like.  But you can NEVER leave.”

Because it’s what tyrants do best.

Can we just deport the entire group along with the illegals?

Offensive?  I think this is spot on while still being funny.

Just do not comply.

Hollywood is calling and dems get thrown under the bus, again.

Shame.  Shame.  Shame.

It’s because it is NOT fixable despite Oprah screaming racism.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.

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