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27 Nov 2013

The eve of Thanksgiving Day.  I hope those travelling at this time take all precautions to stay safe and arrive alive at their destination and then back home.  A day for giving thanks for our many blessings.  Yes, if you truly look hard enough we are blessed in so many ways.  Being an American holiday we can start just by being thankful we live in America.  Our country is still filled with great citizens even if we have an extremely corrupt regime in charge for now.  Striving to be united against the evil is still within our reach.

If there is food on the table, whether at home or at a shelter or mission, there is still food on the table.

This is not the time for getting drunk and telling others around you how great you are or how bad others are.  This is not the time to kill some one simply because you didn’t get the turkey leg.  It is a time to thank God or whomever or nobody [depending what you believe] because we could be living in another country, state, community that has nothing.  You have food?  Others do not.  You have shelter?  Many do not.  Be grateful for what you have.  The grass is always greener on the other side.  But you must remember that weeds are also green.

TOKYO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two unarmed U.S. B-52 bombers flew over disputed islands on a training mission in the East China Sea without informing Beijing while Japan’s main airlines ignored Chinese authorities when their planes passed through a new airspace defense zone on Wednesday.

The defiance from Japan and its ally the United States over China’s new identification rules raises the stakes in a territorial standoff between Beijing and Tokyo over the islands and challenges China to make the next move.

China published coordinates for an East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone over the weekend and warned it would take “defensive emergency measures” against aircraft that failed to identify themselves properly. The zone is about two thirds the size of Britain.

“If the United States conducts two or three more flights like this, China will be forced to respond. If China can only respond verbally it would be humiliating,” said Sun Zhe, a professor at the Center for U.S.-China Relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing.”

So the big, bad American regime is sticking it’s fat, bloated nose in other countries affairs again.  Big surprise.  I thought China was also an ally.  Is this another line being drawn into the sand?  Is it a “red” line?  Back to playing schoolyard bully.  Heads of regimes always puff out their chests and strut around while bullying.  But who gets to die?  The civilians and troops ordered into combat. The leaders do not care as they never enter into any actual physical battle.  Fancy that.

I am pretty sure I have figured out the lower level of this political system.  We all get elected representatives.  Like them or not. Agree with them or not.  You decide to write them a letter or send an email.  Some minion gets the wonderful task of reading these. Some sites immediately send an interim letter stating hey I got your letter and will respond later.  If you send a letter, you wait. You might get a response.  Chances are you won’t.

Now those emails go into two different piles.  One for favorable emails and one for unfavorable.  Those get divided further by topic. Put in more than one and the first topic is the pile chosen.  All of this being done by minions.  The “representative” is just flat out too busy elsewhere doing other things to read your letter or email.  The reply sent to you [if you get one] is just a form letter.  It contains blah, blah, blah, topic.  I voted for/against it because blah, blah, blah.  Thank you for contacting me.

I have a feeling that if you are a major donor that the rules are different.  I really won’t know because I don’t contribute.  I do not feel like buying a candidate on top of paying an outrageous salary which includes perks galore for a part time job.  Want my vote? Want that job?  Prove to me you are qualified.  My decision and mine alone for whom I vote.

You might find this interesting since so many voters wait for the media to make the decision for them.

Are there still folks who refuse to admit this is real?

Lame-stream media tells you what to believe.  Here’s some truth.

Just remember it is the French government and not the French citizens.

This child did not deserve this.

OMG.  I knew not to drink my coffee while watching this.

It’s such a trendy game, right, Oprah?

Put him in the corner for a time out.

Good article.

Oh please.  The truth will never come out.,0,3856152,full.story

Money, money and more money.  Eh, they are only children.  Who cares?

I want it all to come out.  It just might save our lives.

Business as usual.

Jesse for president.  No more DRAINO party.

Not the first nor last one.  Run right out and get your death shot today.

Take those blinders off!

Just ducky.  Thank God it wasn’t a leaking coal power plant.

Um, that’s always been part of the plan.

I would never comply to such nonsense.  I love our vets.

Please explain to me just exactly how are we out of Afghanistan if we are to be there until 2024?  Hollywood is full of too many retards.

I wonder what’s about to happen.

You can thank dear leader for this one.

Another false flag about to happen?

Yippee!  We are all losers.

You’re really not much of a person PERIOD.

I do wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day for all who celebrate it.  I for one will enjoy a nice quiet family day.  No thoughts of venturing out into the crowds and stores.  I am thankful my ancestors came to this continent for freedoms.  I thank God I was born in America.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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