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26 Nov 2013

Kudos to all who spam.  I get rid of around a thousand pieces a day.  There might actually be a real comment out of the whole bunch within a week’s time.  Wow.  The whole world is in some serious deep shit but hey, spam away.

So, how’s that uber super duper fantastic public school education working out for your children these days?  Ever take your kids to school?  Ever talk with your children’s teachers?  Ever talk to your children?

I was blessed enough and am very grateful that I never attended public school.  I did attend vocational school twice.  Even worked for a public school board for a few years.  Quite the eye opener.

Zero tolerance on bullying.  Let’s see.  From bus drivers to teachers to administration and above there is a lot of bullying.

Zero tolerance of weapons.  Eat a pop tart into the shape of a mountain and a teacher wets herself and screams “GUN!” while diving under a table.  Play with Nerf guns in your own backyard and get suspended from school.  Wear any type of patriotic t-shirt – get suspended.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance takes too much time [10 seconds].  Mentioning God or Jesus practically puts you on death row.

However, pushing, shoving, hitting and pulling hair even in front of teachers is A-okay.  Hugging or holding hands is not.

Boys in the bathrooms masturbating in front of girls in the boy’s bathroom in middle school is A-okay.  Being reported is not for the tattle-teller.  Must not interfere with little children being “trendy”, “sexy” or sexually active.  Silly me.  I thought children went to school to get an education; not to hook up with others or teachers.

There is absolutely no reason for any public school in America to be an “F” school.  All should be “A” or “B” at the very least with the same morals, respect and levels of teaching.  Our tax dollars pay for it and too many settle for crap.  Schools with the grade of “F” have students who don’t learn because parents do not care.  Teachers spend all day moaning about their own pathetic lives and do not teach.  Because they do not care.

There might be 10% of teachers who do care.  Wow.  I   am   so   impressed.  But I do give kudos to that 10%.  At least they try.

Amazing how it costs less to teach a student in a private school than a public one.  I know.  Let’s throw more money into the public schools and see what happens.  You can’t buy respect.  You can’t buy class.  You can’t buy morals.

Thanks to Mr Dick Tator and his ilk, the best and brightest [i.e. illegals/criminals] are to be allowed in to save the day.  They can go to college for less than American citizens and take away the non-existent jobs from Americans.  Get on your knees, you dumb pfucks, and praise your leader.  He knows what is best for you.  All children belong to the collective.  Just agree and be sure to smile while nodding your heads.

IF public schools were good enough for the candidate’s children, they why are they attending an exclusive, expensive private and heavily armed school?  IF a dog from the pound is good enough for the candidate’s children, then why a pure-breed from the Kennedy’s for dear leader’s children with it’s own care taker?  The retarded should not be allowed to vote.  Don’t like it?  Bite me.  I am sick of this regime.  I care about MY country.

To take any government at their word is folly.  Look at this regime and all the lies Mr Dick Tator continues to spew.  One question that never seems to get asked is if Iran acknowledges Israel’s right to exist.  Well?  Do they?

“• In June of 2011, he anointed his own underage daughters as “senior staff members” so that their vacation to Africa would be paid for with taxpayer money.”  Just one of many things all folks should know about and remember.

Why do we keep electing lawyers?  Don’t we have enough cement?

Almost spewed my coffee.

I concur with Ben Stein.

Yes, my little Chickadees.  This is common core and our children are being taught this pile of bull.

Wow.  Talk about slanted.  Must be more common core crap.

Breaking American laws is NOT a civil right.  What an imbecile.  We have talented American citizens.  They get squat while the illegals get all they want.

No honor among thieves?

Hey, it’s all okay because the victims are white.  What say you, Oprah?

No health care for Americans but insurance corporations are sure raking in the profits.

More American taxpayer money to be stolen.

So I guess Americans will pay more now in these traitor taxes.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.

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