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25 Nov 2013

I have a bit of empathy for newly elected politicians.  Only a little and only for some.  Voters vote for a person based on many things. Party line, race, gender, political stance, views on policy and even what the candidate stands for overall.  And promises.

Financial backers  use their money for gain, power or a special interest.

Party endorsers [those already elected] support and promote the candidate for the hopes of getting or maintaining the party’s majority or hopes of a majority.

Even the candidate has their own agenda.  Some truly do want what is best for Americans.  Others want that lifetime pension and the perks.  Some do it just because it is expected of them.  Political families generate more money for the family along with prestige and other faux lofty notions.

I would like to think that all politicians started out truly wanting the best for America and her citizens.  I do want to think that but while I may be crazy I am not stupid.

I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils,.  It’s still voting for evil.  I am tired of only DRAINO party candidates from which to chose. [Democrats/Republicans Acting In Name Only].

Our elections have come down to beauty pageants, who can spend the most money, who media tells us to vote for and “celebrity” or trendy people.

Give me a real American.  An American citizen who believes in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, has morals and ethics.  Doesn’t promise everything to everybody.  Is owned by no one or no thing.  One who speaks about what they themselves want to accomplish or promote.  One who does not just speak about how bad their opponent is during each and every speech or debate. One who doesn’t run on the platforms of which race they claim to belong to, what religion they claim to be or what special boxes they got to check for college or jobs.

I do not care to keep electing lawyers or Ivy League graduates.  I do not care if they ever went to college.  Give me someone who speaks from their heart, tells the truth and is willing to stand up for what is right.

So let’s say such a person actually makes it through the demonization that the media and politicians rake them through.  Now what? Considered to be “freshmen”, they have no say on hot topics.  They are handed the least of important tasks to do.  They are divided into groups for these menial tasks.  If they start to speak up and make waves, they are put into their place or labeled trouble makers by the party.  If politicians are divided by classes or levels instead of all being equal, then America will continue to stay divided by class, income, race, etc.

Politicians are elected to a job.  A job.  They are servants to We The People.  They were never meant to be officials for We The little People.  The voters are the employers.  Politicians are the employees.  And… is a part time job.  Next year they will have even less days to work.  But they still decide if they get a raise.  The voters do not.  The voters do not get to enjoy the private insurance, the private transportation, the private junkets, parties, gym, celebrations, etc..  They make laws they do not have to live under.

Since it is always election time [or so it seems] the true jobs of politicians are not done.  Campaigning is everlasting and when the executive branch commits treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity and bypasses both houses of Congress, the “officials” are too cowardly to stand up and stop it.  Yes, they have the power to stop it all but are either being blackmailed, politically correct, wanting to keep their cushy jobs or all of the above.

I want real Americans running my country for me.  I don’t think that is too much for which to ask.

When did America die?  Or is she barely clinging to life?

Chick a boom.  Chick a boom.  Don’t you just love it.

If you missed it, look at this and tell me we are not Nazi/Fascist America.

Seriously?  When did tiny tots start buying guns and packing?


US Intel says new terror threat is Al-Q in Lebanon.  But US taxpayer monies fund Al-Q.  Oookay.

La la la.  These next three go hand in hand.

I really loathe this regime.

This must please dear leader in White House greatly.

I agree with Karzai.  These are crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Why yes.  Yes it is. Not to worry. There.  Feel better?

What was yout first clue?  The knife in the back?

Eugenicists are going to love this.

Dear leader loves it.  Second video really has the info.

Is there anybody really listening?

Yes We Can!.  Yes We Must!  Yes We Shall!

Seig Hiel!

Another patsy?

Praise your god, sheeple.

Are you on the list?

Believe it or don’t.  Still your choice for now.

Actually plans for these type of cars existed back in the early 1900’s.  Sold to car corporations and locked away forever in the vaults.

I’d really like to know why too many parents do not rise up against the abuses happening in the public school system.  If they can’t speak up for their own children then I hope they don’t expect anybody, much less their own children, to speak up for them.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.

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