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24 Nov 2013

As I looked at what has been going on yesterday I felt anger and tears.  Disbelieve in how badly things have gotten in my country. How quickly things have disintegrated.  And I just couldn’t figure out why?  By this morning I had a clearer picture.

Mr Dick Tator tells the slaves in this country to not listen to talk radio shows or conspiracy theorists or any body else who dare to disagree with him.  He alone knows best for you.  So I come to the conclusion that a lot of folks hear and obey.  How conditioned people have gotten.  How docile and unquestioning.

If something has gone wrong and people were murdered, it’s a phony scandal.  If something goes wrong because of the regime, it’s just a glitch.  It something is said that is an out right lie spoken by dear leader or one of his minions, it was mis-spoken or taken out of context.  Can I get an Amen?

The left cheer-leading squad goes into a frenzy because their god has saved them again.  By obeying him they do not have to think. They just go back to feeling good about themselves for the team has scored another touchdown.  Go team go!

The media is handed their scripts and the world is safe once more.  Or is it?  How is America doing these days?  Jobs aplenty? Health insurance for every citizen?  Free health insurance?  Businesses booming?  No more poor, homeless and hungry?  Freedom and equality for all?  No unemployment for all have full time jobs except those only wanting part time?  Constitution intact?  Full Bill of Rights to enjoy?  Religious freedom?  Every body safe and secure in all matters?  Secure borders?  Fair and just laws?  No more debt?  Government spending under Control?

If you believe any of that nonsense then I have ocean-front acreage on the moon to sell you.  I watched several videos of what happened by Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, the other day.  JFK, MLK and Bobby Kennedy would not have approved.  It was saddening and sickening at the same time.  I have included the links because they speak for themselves.  I hope I never find myself in Dallas.  The fifth link down shows a lot.  So many others out there to view.  If you listen closely you will hear how the protesters had permission to be where they were but then got barricaded in and the DHS sent in their goons to push the people back.  Men, women and children of all ages.  If it doesn’t make you angry then check to see if you have a pulse.

It’s only taxpayer money squandered on more crooks.

I have a better idea.  Why don’t we all just stop taking photos of Dick Tator and stop publishing them or even looking at them.

I totally agree.

Really?  A field trip?  Bring it on and let the lawsuits begin. This could be done in the classroom.  It doesn’t even need to be done.

Land of the Free?  Peace Officers?  WTF.  Fascism is here.

We are so close to being Nazi Germany.

I thank GOD I have a working brain and did not vote for this mo-fo.

Oh look.  Things are getting even better for the DICK  Tator’s take over.  You reading all this, you rat bastards at NSA?  I think this might be a duplicate.  Oh well.

Sailors would cry if I spoke the words I want to speak.  Did you vote for this piece of shit?  Good.  Now just fall back in it and die.  You have destroyed MY country.  No longer your country as you betrayed her.

These people make me sick.

Once again a hardy Thank You [i.e. eat shit and die] to ALL who voted for the DICK Tator.

Only the innocent are to be rounded up and jailed because we are under a fascist regime.

It’s never about elections, right?  What difference does it make, right, Billary?  Dick?

The NDAA should not even exist.

Don’t you get it by now?  It’s because he loves killing people.  So good at killing innocent people.

Martin Luther King, Jr., you tried.  Thank you, Sir, you tried.

Drama Queen Billary just wants to put on her crown.

Why?  Because real Americans do NOT like fascism.

Thank you, sir.  May I have another?

Oops.  Mr Tator does not like it when the slaves get uppity.  He just might stomp his foot and send more drones.

Oh please stop complaining.  This was promised when dear leader fooled you into thinking the leaking nuclear power plants were good and the non-leaking coal power plants were evil.  So pay up and STFU.

I would say oh hell no but they have already done it.  When was the last time you had a free vacation any where?

All hail the mo-fo muslim in the White House.

I almost burst out laughing with this one.  Snow skiing already started this year.

Will everybody now please wet themselves.

Good for Moscow.  Capitol Hill needs to grow some balls.

Eh, it’s only a “glitch”.  So what if the children die.  Billary can send them Happy Mother’s Day cards.  Dick will just go golfing.

Wow.  Dear leader exposed this brave man.  Never lifted a finger to help him.  Dear leader announces he is really good at killing people and goes on golfing vacations.  Wow.

And yet another round of applause to all who wanted this freebie. Kudos to the brain-dead.

It’s called transference.  Always blame others.

Progressive reporter, classy as ever.

You get what you vote for at times.  I did not vote for this.


I like Allen West.  He speaks the truth.

Religious freedom?  Not in Nazi/Fascist America.

Here we are.  The week of Thanksgiving.  We do have so many blessings  for which to be thankful.  But we still have a long way to go before we are ever back to being a free people.  Would certainly help if all politicians and the media were on the side of the American citizens.  May their eyes be opened and they seek out the truth.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.

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