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23 Nov 2013

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President JFK.  With Dallas prohibiting all but those who claim to believe strictly the Warren Commission’s Report from entering Dealey Plaza, I think JFK would be most disappointed in this country.  He would be very upset with the loss of free speech, drama queens with their frantic gun control agenda, the shredded Constitution and ever dwindling Bill of Rights.

Kennedy would also not like the constant wars, lies to enter wars, secret agencies, secret courts, spying centers and the rest of the scandals plaguing this nation.  I can imagine watching him, Bobby and MLK standing together, shaking their heads and slowly walking away.  None were perfect but they did try to help America.  And that is why they were murdered.  They didn’t kiss ass and wanted all American citizens to be free.

They loved life and their families.  They would be highly opposed to the eugenics going on.  To the destruction of families.  Pro-gun, pro-liberty gentlemen.  Each shot by men controlled by or in the government.  The United States of America stumbled greatly in 1963 and again in 1968.  America was now on the path to the regime we find ourselves in today.  Other nations around the world suffer because of the American government.  American citizens suffer under the same government/regime.  The regimes [past and present] prop up leaders in other nations until the day it is decided those leaders are tyrants and must be eliminated.  American sons and daughters are sent into unjust wars, illegal wars to die.  True journalists who investigate and seek the truth are assassinated when they get too close.  Whistleblowers are demonized all the while being “protected”.  Come on out.  We won’t hurt you.  Trust us.  Your government would never blow you up while in your car, suicide you or make you disappear.  Your government would never spy on you, confiscate your papers, computers or correspondence.  We would never threaten you nor your family.  Trust us.  Come on.  Let’s go for a ride and “talk”.

We have the Communist playbook for education being thrust upon our children.  It’s name has always been Common Core.  The government wants full control over all children.  The “collective”.  The “village” that raises each child.  The collective that turns children into a mindless work force. A brown-shirted army. A Nazi “show us your papers” generation.

Certainly cannot trust parents to love, nurture, educate and raise their own children.  They just might teach them truth, honesty, freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, critical thinking, morals, ethics, etc.  No, no, no.  That is terrorism.  The government knows best.  I think it was Rahm Emanuel who talked about brainwashing until people believed their ideas.

Brainwashing works.  With the fluoride in the water and GMO foods to swallow, sheeple are produced.  They strive to have it all in material things while rejecting values and truth and those who stand for those things.  They are taught lying is good.  Murdering folks in the name of eugenics is saving the planet and therefore good.  They will agree to everything as long as you include the word “trendy” in the spiel.

I’ve included a link to a teacher who has to be the most retarded, dumbest imbecile to ever be allowed into a classroom.  She talks about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as being racist.  The reason?  Because some people from other nations might not eat sandwiches.  Then, because this is the level of our public schools, she goes on to speak of torta and pita.  Got news for you, genius. Torta is a flatBREAD and you can make sandwiches out of it.  Pita is pocketBREAD.  You slice it in two.  Open it up and put in whatever fillings you want.  You then eat the sandwich.

I couldn’t even get into the second page.  She speaks of “white privilege”.  Take your own personal twisted guilt elsewhere.  I had no white privilege.  There were no special boxes to check anywhere on anything to get me a job or an education or any thing else.  Do you flog yourself at night because you feel guilty?  And what is with the “black and brown boys”?  Girls don’t count?   What about taupe people?  Ecru folks?  Eggshell, off-white, cream and beige people?  Shouldn’t you be teaching your unfortunate students that Americans are considered equal under the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  Or don’t you believe in them?  Perhaps you are just a race-baiter.

Here’s one for you, great professor of knowledge.  I took a brown bag lunch to school every day.  Did you just grab your scissors and hide under the desk?  Poor thing.  I’ll leave you alone.  Too many pathetic people these days.

Dear NSA.  I stand with Rand Paul.  I want my freedoms back.  I want my country back.

The DRAINO party is killing us.
Democrats/Republicans Acting In Name Only = DRAINO.

How soon before more of us get arrested for no reason?  A “new” city ordinance?  How convenient.  Stand up for your rights or willingly go off to slaughter.  JFK would cry over this obscene power show put on by Dallas and cops.

Why would anybody comply or even try to comply?

Distribution of your money works out really well for the lazy.

WTF!  If you stand for this then I guess you will stand for anything.

It only resulted in Americans being murdered.  So what!  You could be next.  So what!

Take back the peace prize and start the war crimes trials and crimes against humanity trials.

Don’t you just your “freedom”?  About to get even better.

Nothing to hide?  Something will be made up then.

Freedom?  What freedom?

All these fraudsters should be jailed and their assets taken.  Start with Gore.

The real “hope” and “change” dear leader wants.

Gotta love the self-proclaimed experts.  Well, maybe not.

Oh My God!  Is she really that freaking retarded?  Torta is a flatBREAD and pita is pocketBREAD!  This is what you get from public school education.  White Privilege?  Black and brown boys?

Please impeach this retard.

About time this started happening.

This does not sound good.

Why does the regime lie to us?

Of course they are hypocrites.

You expected something different from a muslim?

Wow, NJ.  Why not just murder them all and put in your reports that they scared you?

Bwahahahaha.  See how wonderful this all is?

Does it include a golf course?

This is just too funny.  Any proof?  The retarded Dick knows better than us?  Joke of the year.

From Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

Let me lay it out for you. I continue to be under attack by Barack Obama’s federal government.

Two years ago, the Obama Justice Department sued me for so-called “civil rights” violations which turned out to be purely politically motivated, based on the timing of their lawsuit. Filed just months before the election, it was a blatant attempt on their part to influence my re-election as Sheriff.

Then, just two months after I was re-elected after being targeted by the media and millions of dollars in outside special interest groups, a recall campaign was launched against me.

Then, in the middle of the recall effort a federal judge claimed that my office engaged in racial profiling while we were enforcing illegal immigration laws. My office was following the guidelines that were laid out to us by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Yet, I’m the one they pin the “racial profiling” label on.

That same judge has now ordered a “federal monitor” to oversee the actions of my office. This is an egregious attempt by the federal government to take over my office and keep me from doing the job I was elected to do.

Shortly after that judge’s ruling, another federal judge ruled that we can no longer detain illegal immigrants that pay a coyote, or professional smuggler, to sneak them across our borders! You see, Arizona passed a law years ago that made human smuggling a crime. Yet, in every other instance, paying someone to break the law for you means that you too are guilty of a crime. But now, a federal judge is saying local law enforcement has no power to detain these criminals.

Do you see a pattern here? The federal government is going out of their way to tie the hands of my office and my deputies to enforce the law – and take over the office of a constitutionally elected Sheriff! This is unacceptable and it is why we are appealing these rulings. We’ll go all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. This aggression will not stand.

But you know how pervasive and aggressive the federal government can be, especially under Barack Obama’s Justice Department.

Maricopa County in Arizonahas been the gateway into the United States for illegal immigrants, human smuggling, drug-trafficking and illegal weapons for years now. But I’m the bad guy for trying to stop it? 

From the Liberty Institute:

“The Pilgrims were men and women who refused to let the flame of religious freedom be snuffed out.
They rejected the temptation to dodge the fight and “get on with life.”

Instead, they risked much to come to a wilderness America to worship God in freedom.

They said, in essence,
“Either liberty or death.”
The first winter, 45 of 102 of them  children, women, men  got death. Some died from starvation. Some froze. Some died from slow disease. Some watched their spouses or children suffer and breathe their last. All sacrificed so that you and I might enjoy the blessings of religious liberty today.”

Impeach Mr Dick Tator.  It’s way past time.

Please remember we do celebrate Thanksgiving Day long before Christmas.  We do still have much for which to be thankful.

God bless America.  Got bless our troops and veterans.  God has blessed us all.


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