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19 Feb 2013

I put together an interesting timeline on Fast and Furious.

14 Dec 2010 – Brian Terry was killed.

22 Dec 20190 – Brian Terry’s funeral was held.    Before the funeral started the Terry family had a phone call from    the dictator while they were at the funeral home.  During one of  the eulogies for Brian Terry it was Janet Napolitano who talked and praised the dictator.  After the funeral the same Napolitano gave the Terry family a hand-written letter from the dictator.

Feb 2011 – Sharyl Atkisson of CBS broke the story on Fast and Furious.  She received two phone calls.  One was from the Justice Department who screamed and cussed at her.  The other phone call was from Eric  Shultz of the White House [at the time] who just yelled at her.

12 Jun 2012 – NBC finally talked briefly about Fast and Furious.

At some point in time Eric Holder sent an apology e-mail to a sister of Brian Terry.  Not a letter.  An e-mail.  Not to his parents or the whole family but a sister.

If you have ever watched any of the tapes during the Congressional hearing on this then you have seen quite a song and dance.  No answers are directly answered.

The dictator said he first heard of Fast and Furious from the news.  And yet he called the Terry family the day of the funeral and had sent a personal letter with the head of The Motherland Security.  Oops.  Quite a huge lie.

Eric Holder can’t quite remember his own name but he’s in charge.

A lot of the papers concerning Fast and Furious were redacted [blacked-out].  Thousands were requested by Congress.  Hundreds were given.  Eric Holder runs to daddy to hide behind his skirts through executive privilege.  I thought that only protected a president.  But then we have a dictator who takes us to wars because the UN and NATO tell him to do so.  When is Congress going to grow a pair and tell the dictator that they and not the dictator, the UN and NATO  have the authority to put us into war?  Bush II went to Congress for military action in Iraq and Congress voted overwhelmingly yes.  If I am not mistaken, the democrats held the majority then.  It is so hard to remember since both parties are the same.

I must write a little bit on a most disturbing thing I was told.  A couple I know who are very dear to me were told by their doctor that they are “expendable”.  I don’t know if he was mocking ovomitcare or truly buys into that crap.  No human being should ever be deemed as expendable by any person on this planet.  This is our future, folks.

I read the bill before it was signed.  I saw the death panels [bureaucrats who are nothing more than money crunchers], the micro-chips and many other horrors.  The day of the vote another 300 pages were added.  Anyone wanting to read these new pages were allowed to do so but they had to leave the floor in order to do it.  That meant they would miss the vote.  Since virtually nobody had read the just under 2,000 pages anyway, why read 300 more now?  I couldn’t believe it actually passed.  And the sheep cheered.  Free everything for all!  Such a victory.  “Must pass it to see what is in it”.  It is now at least 2700 pages long.

If you need a scooter because you can’t walk, you must rent it for a year.  Okay, that’s not quite free.  After age 65 there is no lasik eye surgery.  After a certain age there are no mammograms.  Premiums have doubled and are expected to quadruple in a few short years.  Bureaucrats, not doctors, will decide what and if you will receive as far as treatment and tests.  Selling your house?  That’s going to cost you another 3.something %.  Each doctor visit will cost another $1 to go into the pension funds of government workers.  Don’t buy enough insurance?  The IRS will be contacting you.  Don’t even but the insurance?  No doctor will see you.  No hospital will treat you.

This un-affordable monstrosity was never going to include all citizens.  I think it was around 20 million citizens.  I don’t ever recall seeing the reason.  But now the IRS is saying that 7 million are being priced out of affording this.  The over 20 million who are awaiting their welcome package by illegally immigrating will also be included in ovomitcare.  Round the number up to 50 million.  If The United States of America has just over 300 million people, let’s put heads of households at around 100 million.  Close to 50% of families are on food stamps. With more jobs being lost and more still being shipped overseas, I have to ask, who is going to pay for this and for how long until there is a total meltdown?  When the citizens are bankrupted there is no more money the government can take.  All will be forced onto the system and the take-over is complete.

And the sheep will go “baa”.  “Wait.  What do you mean I am expendable?  Our dear leader loves us.  See?  I have several free phones.  Where are you taking me?”  The ride to the FEMA camps will be taken in those luxurious cattle cars with the padded seats and shackles mounted on the floor for your feet.  Don’t worry; there are vents on the sides for air.  Thinking of resisting?  Hoping your neighbor who used to own his legal weapons is going to come to your rescue?  Think again.  He has been disarmed because you wanted him to not have a second amendment for protection against tyranny.  So go ahead and resist.  It will either be a shot to your head or a drone.  After all, Al Sharpton gleefully said they have drones on their side.

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