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21 Nov 2013

I suppose I should give a warning about the words I chose to use before the links to the news items I found yesterday.  I do not apologize and if I could have used stronger language I would have.

What I am not understanding is why there seems to be no public outcry, no politicians standing up before all the news media and shouting about these atrocities being done that are clearly treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Being committed by Mr Dick Tator and his henchmen/women.  Why does the media not seize upon this, investigate and report?  Oops.  Forgot it is media run by the government for the government.

Perhaps, in all my many letters and emails to my elected reps, I have not made myself clear enough.  Might be better to emphasize I am a VOTER and a TAXPAYER instead of an American citizen.  I help pay their salary.  They “work” for me.  Must be nice to have that kind of salary with all those perks and benefits for a part-time job.  Next year they will have even less hours but no reduction in pay. Nice.  Very nice indeed.

It is election time again.  It is always an election time or campaigning time for the past too many years.  I should just identify myself as a VOTER.  Really doesn’t matter if I vote legally or not, once or not.  The word VOTER might grab their attention.  Meh. They are already in office.

The news is mindbogglingly obscene.  I am watching the American government deliberately destroying not only America but the rest of the world.  For what?  Power?  Control and dominance? Greed?  All of the above.

And the sheeple just do not care.  I seriously wonder if there is any hope for them.  They grab at all the shiny objects and do, act and say what their messiah demands.

There are many American citizens who not feel this way.  They believe in personal responsibility, high moral fiber, ethics. liberty and freedom.  They value life.  They love America and for which she stands.  I know these Americans exist because I meet them all the time.  They know I am approachable because I wear patriotic shirts and hats.  I have “Don’t Tread On Me” signs with me at all times.  We fly our flag.  Our vehicle has disabled veteran tags because my husband is an honorably discharged, disabled American veteran.  We don’t mind showing pride in our country.  We are not embarrassed to be American citizens.

Enough.  I hope citizens of other nations realize Americans are not the American government.  Those of us with the backbone and courage not to be politically correct do not like nor approve of the fascism that is taking over.  I hope most Americans also realize citizens of other nations are not their government.  We are only slaves to the regimes as long as we permit ourselves to be so.  We must speak out or be silenced forever.  I have made my decision.

I’m sure this politician has a nice paycheck to afford Armani items.  I’m sure he lives in a nice home in a guarded and gated community.  I’m sure he has never lacked for food, clothing or shelter.  He does seem to totally lack any humanity or empathy for those below his self-perceived social status.  Am I to presume that all living in Hawaii feel the same towards the “undesirables”?  If so, what a sad, pitiful state in which to live.

New World Order

We apparently have no domestic affairs.  Only foreign countries get apologies.

I am a chocoholic.  May I have some chocolate?  I want to be a shopaholic.  May I have some money?

Whoa,.  Perhaps the dad should have just said Seig Hiel!

Hey, Oprah.  Is this one of your BFF’s?

Seig Hiel! All bow before the messiah, the king of the Pacific, the Dick Tator.

Good bye, America if this ever happens.  The sheeple will love love love it.

Dear Congress.  It is called TREASON!

Seriously?  Is there at least one sane person still living in California?

Haha.  It’s not even finished being built.

I seriously doubt that Oprah’s BFF has a heart; much less a Christian heart.

I see Mr Dick Tator has another BFF.  He just won’t admit it yet.

My heart goes out to these folks.  Innocent people murdered because Mr Dick Tator is really good at murdering people.  These are war crimes. These are crimes against humanity.  May God protect and save us all from that piece of shit in the White House.  May the trials for Treason, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity start soon.  May the verdict by GUILTY and may the sentence of DEATH be carried out swiftly.  Why does Congress keep allowing this?  How could any American think this okay?  You stupid, retarded sheeple disgust me.

Bush said all troops out by end of 2014.  Shithead wanted to stay longer.  Afghanistan said no.  Now Shithead wants to stay forever and keep sending American taxpayers money to keep those drugs flowing back into America.  WTF is wrong with American citizens who drool over this most heinous piece of garbage?  Oprah – just die. You are the racist.  Your butt buddy is a racist.  I long for the day to read his autopsy report.  Your love of money shall never equal my love for God and what is right and decent in this world.

WTF!  There is no way this can be legal.

Private school or home school.  Get rid of this fascist pig.

Here it comes.  Brace yourself.

If you read my blog yesterday, here is Gates’ eugenics in action.

I can only shake my head for the sheeple have damned us all.

If we had secure borders then Mr Dick Tator’s buddies couldn’t get in.

Must. Eat. The. GMOs.  Must. Die.

Way too much sugary sap.  I’m going to hurl.

I want to be a criminal so I can invade, get free everything and be protected by this regime.

Feel safer now?

Who needs allies when we have Mr Dick and his enemy friends?

This regime has got to go.

No, you retard.  Your ovomitcare plan has always been a plot to make all American citizens slaves to your regime.  It was NEVER about health care.

May GOD, yes, GOD have mercy on your dark, evil soul.

OMG!  He deserves the Lifetime Pinocchio Award.

Such hypocrites.

This retard has NO legal authority to do this,  Is there anybody in Congress who actually took an oath?  Am I hearing crickets?

If NO Republican voted for this load of crap, how is it their fault?  What a retarded maroon.

Ah, there is hope after all.

It’s funnier the second time around.

I saved the best for last because we do need to laugh.

Dear God, please bless America, our troops and veterans.  Please give all true Americans the strength, grace and fortitude to do the right thing.  Please allow us to defeat the elites, globalists, big banks, big pharma and the New World Order that is looming at us and getting closer every day.

Hello NSA.  Are you scared yet?  I just prayed.  I have made it public that I am an American, a Christian, a Patriot, a Freedom and Liberty lover.  I am Pro-Life.  I love God.  I love Jesus.  Did you just wet yourself over all these atrocities?  You poor trolls.  Unlike you I can speak my mind because I bow down to no human.  I don’t look around before I speak.  I sleep well at night.



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