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20 Nov 2013

I see we are getting close to Thanksgiving, Christmas and another New Year.  For so long I had hoped the next year would be better.  I do not feel that way right now.  I guess too many years of watching things get worse for all around the country and world.

For right now I would like to see if I can create some critical thinking in folks.  Just on two topics.  Global warming nonsense and health insurance crap.

Global warming.  Climate change.  Dying polar bears.  Too many people.  Green energy.  Stop eating meat.  Eat insects for protein. It goes on and on.

Oops.  In the 7-9 sub regions where polar bears live, they are thriving.  A couple regions are over-populated with…..polar bears!

The polar ice caps recede in the Summer and they INCREASE during the Winter.

As for eating insects, what will happen to all the critters who rely on insects to live?  The food chain is there for a reason.  The eco-system exists for a reason.

Green energy is not so green when the wind turbines kill tons of birds and bats.  Solar panels are not so good when they fry birds extra crispy.

Green cars are made using petroleum.  Their batteries are toxic.  Electric cars use ELECTRICITY!

Just a short little note first.  Anybody remember Greenpeace?  Not the greenies of today but the ones who tried to stop the whaling ships years ago and deforestation of the jungles.  They no longer are the same people.  They were taken over by the likes of Al Gore, the Rothschild family, Buffett and others.

Al Gore spends his time jetting around the globe, talking about saving the planet all the while maintaining his mansions, jets, yachts, etc.  The Rothschild family own the central banks and control the money along with Dupont, and the others.

Here’s the plan.  In order to save planet Earth from humans destroying it, folks will pay a carbon tax.  Pay those taxes and the pollution levels drop, animals thrive, temperatures stop rising, etc.  Bwahahahaha, good one.

If there is a corporation that emits any kind of pollution/emission/whatever, all they have to do is buy “carbon credits” from Gore, Rothschild, Dupont or any of the others and they stay in business.  Because these corporations pay for the “carbon credits”, they must raise their prices so they can maintain their profits.

Non-developing, under-developed, non-industrialized and under-industrialized nations do not pay.  Taxes for citizens of all the other nations pay more in taxes for emissions.  Prime example in the USA is California.

Okay, we have corporations buying “carbon credits” to continue to pollute.  Countries that do not pay is because they are poor. Other countries paying taxes/buying “carbon credits” because Gore, Rothschild, Dupont, central banks and celebrities say so.

Global temperatures have not risen for about 16 years.  Evidence [not speeches] indicates we are entering a cooling off period. Anybody who paid attention in school before the government/political slant was fully implemented should recall that Earth goes through cycles of warmer and colder.  This has been going on for eons.

Where do we get our heat?  The sun.  Fancy that.  Some months we are closer and have Summer.  Other months we are further away and have Winter.  Some years we are closer to the sun and some years we are further away.  We have rainy seasons.  We have times of drought.  A year with snow and a year with none or very little.

A big expensive “scientific” report comes out but it was years later that we find deletions of the opposite side’s findings occurred.  A slanted, one-sided report does not tell the truth nor the whole story.

After all these years what have we seen?  Gore, the Rothschild family, etc., have grown their bank accounts by the billions in dollars.  Corporations buying their “carbon credits” have continued on with business as usual.  Smaller companies who could not afford to pay have gone out of business.  Taxes keep rising.  Prices keep rising.  Has the Earth been “saved”?  Of course not.  The Earth is not in danger from people.  The people of the Earth are in danger from the likes of Gore, Rothschild, etc.

The elites and globalists [which include the central banks] are in collusion with each other to get their long sought after New World Order.  A One World Government.  They wish to save Mother Earth from the people.  The Georgia Guide Stones show their plan. These are real stones in the state of Georgia.  The rules are in several languages and any body can go see them.  You can also read them on the internet.

The world population is around 7 billion.  The guide stones say the population must not go above 500 million.  If you know basic math, then you realize that means 6.5 billion have to go.  That’s an awful lot of folks.  But here’s the fun part.  This is where another globalist/elite plan comes in.  Bill Gates and his merry band of eugenicists.  A Rothschild family member started eugenics.  Sent it to Germany [Nazi’s extermination of humans] and then it came back to the USA in California via Margaret Sanger who developed birth control to get rid of the black weeds.  Sanger referred to black babies as “weeds”.  Bill Gates learned about eugenics from his father who was a major partner in Planned Parenthood.  Do you see how they are all connected?

Humans = bad.  Carbon credits/taxes paid to globalists/elites = good.  A New World Order/One World Government with absolute total control over 500 million peons = excellent.

New World Order is being accomplished through…..ta da…..The United Nation via the UN Agenda 21.

While Gates is off killing as many folks in third world nations as he can, UN Agenda 21 is busy telling people there are too many humans and we should not have things like private property, vehicles, families, electricity or dwellings other than micro-apartments.

“Green” cities are where people are cramped together in small apartments, walk, ride a bicycle or use public transportation only. The children belong to the collective, i.e. government.  The government will do all the education to have the children ready to enter their work force.  No private property or homes.  No individual states with sovereignty.  Totally open borders.  No country having any sovereignty.  All minerals, property, land, water, seas and oceans, air space, etc., is to be owned by the New World Order.  The leaders to be chosen.  No more elections.  You will have a job.  You will pay taxes as long as you live and you will eat the poisoned GMO food while the leaders have the only access to their private mansions, organic food, uncontaminated meat, water, jets, vehicles, etc.  The globalists and elites will not have to give up anything.

Mr Dick Tator promised $millions to African nations so they can have electricity.  I thought electricity was bad.  We cannot have non-leaking coal powered plants but Africa can?  We have leaking nuclear power plants and dear leader wants more?  Numbnuts also told them they cannot have homes and cars because that harms the planet.

Yes, you will have a job except for the ones where the robots do the work.  Time to cull the herd.

Japan claims full compliance by 2020.  They will rely on “body heat” for warmth in the Winter.  Oookay.  Germany also wishes to be ready by 2020 and will rely on wind turbines for air.  Well, alrighty then.  They are all set for compliance.  Fools.

So, we see where money must be given to a select few who put it into their bottomless pockets so corporations can continue business as usual.  The evil, polluting people need to live in green communities without electricity, private anything, must work and have zero emissions.  Yes, zero emissions is the plan.  Impossible?  Yep.  But so what?  It’s for the planet Earth to be saved!  I guess that means no pets allowed.  They eat, emit gas, don’t work and pollute.  Buh-bye Fluffy.  Buh-bye Fido.

Want to know the real kicker?  The sheeple love this.  They agree with everything because they do not see the death machine coming up behind them.  Take away their cell phone for a day and they drop into the fetal position.

But wait.  There’s more.  We must talk about how to cull the herd.  Get ready for the real celebration.

Forced sterilization has been going on all over the world for years and years.  Thanks to the lamestream media we hear no evil, see no evil and dare not speak of evil.  Vaccines, endorsed by Gates, are full of mercury, formaldehyde, live cancer cells, live viruses and other wonderful goodies.  Vaccines that sterilize, give cancer and just plain kill.  Psychotropic drugs to keep all sedated that cause murder, suicides and even more illnesses.  Fluoridated water that sedates [thanks to Nazi Germany] that is toxic waste sold to states to put into their water supplies.  Poisoned GMO food products void of any nutrition that when the insects eat the veggies they die.

Now enters universal healthcare, affordable healthcare, ovomitcare.  So many other nations that have this system have tried to warn Americans to NOT do this.  Stay away from it.

But no.  The trendies want to be liked.  They want to join the popular kids in the class and be just like them.  They want to strut around and feel good about themselves and superior to all others.

Stupid mo-fos should have read the bill.  Should have used critical thinking.  I read the bill.  I saw the death panels.  I saw the extra taxes on any thing  remotely connected to medical use.  Sell your house?  Pay an extra tax.  Just how is selling your house even a possible part of healthcare?  Need a mobility scooter to get around?  You must rent one for a year before even being considered for a prescription.  Over 65?  Bean counters will decide what and if you get any surgeries, treatments, drugs, etc.  After all, Bill Gates says the choice between extending a life or hiring 10 new teachers is a no-brainer.  So just die and we get 10 new teachers.  Buh-bye grandmom.  Buh-bye granddad.  So long handicapped, disabled, non-functioning, non-productive people.  So sorry but you must die so more teachers can be hired and the Earth is saved.  Free birth control.  Free abortions.  One child policy [being considered]. Abortions don’t require a medical doctor anymore.  Two deaths for the price of one.  Genius!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Healthcare was NEVER about health care.  We have/had good health care.  It has always been about insurance.  Insurance corporations and big Pharma that have continually had their profits rising.  They are literally in hog heaven right now because of ovomitcare.  There has always been charity care.  That ends with ovomitcare.  Buh-bye clinics.  Don’t have insurance?  Just plain buh-bye.

I’m sorry.  You don’t like that?  Off to the re-education camps, the FEMA family centers [concentration camps].  After all, they all have incinerators.  Hint:  Nazi Germany anyone?

I saw where the lamestream media was saying the New World Order was a conspiracy theory.  Funny.  Especially since it has been in the works since the late 1800’s.  Funny since Hitler spoke of it in his speeches.  Absolutely hilarious since Bush I brought it back from the Rio conference of 1992.  A conspiracy?  Yep.  A theory?  NO!

Everything I have written today is easily re-searchable.  Everything.  Others can probably explain it better than myself.  Charlotte Iserbyte, Rosa Koire, Lord Christopher Monckton.

So go ahead, give up your guns.  Give up your rights of freedom, life and liberty.  Keep those blinders on.  Never question dear leader.  Never seek out the truth.  Who needs the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  You have no rights anymore.

Speak up or shut up when you and your children are dragged off into the night.  I, for one, will not comply!

How soon before we all are expected/forced to wear these?

Bwahahaha.  The scheme is working according to plan.

Are you planning on camping out all night in front of the store just to get yours?

Oops.  Yes, we did see that one coming.  So sad.  Too bad.

I think he’s serious.  He should do stand up comedy.

I really like Mark Steyn.

Wow. Just wow.

Must be another one on crack.

Got no words for this one.

This can’t be true.  Not just before an election.

Just love living under a regime.  Don’t you?

Remember, going further into debt does not make you go further into debt.

Kudos to the judge.

Will tjhey soon be hooked up to the gas lines?  Seig Hiel!

How curious.  If there is no indictment then let him be a free man.

All makes sense now.,0,2929974.story#axzz2l20Vwgy6

Don’t you just love the open borders and invading illegals?  Sure you do.  Don’t you want to be a trendie?

Can we deport this jackass?  Please?  Along with so many others just like him?

How fast will he plummet down to zero?

This phucktard and those who voted  for him are almost through killing America.  There will be no freedoms left.  Thanks.  Thanks ever so much.

If she truly feels that way, why not have her perform the murder of a human baby live on stage for the world to see?  Then they can all laugh as they write their checks.

So sad.  Too bad.  Let it bite the dust.

Wow.  I thought it was impossible for a black person to be a racist.  Take note, Oprah.

Yeah, he’s ever so worried about deadlines.

God bless America and our veterans.  Fly that flag proudly.

Let Freedom reign.

God bless America forever.

Good morning NSA.  How ya doing?  Got your insurance?  Family all safe, sound and secure?  Ya sure?  How much longer before your usefulness expires?

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.

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