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19 Nov 2013

No Pledge of Allegiance.  Reason given?  It takes up too much time during school.  8-10 seconds is too much time?  I recited it twice without hurrying.  8-10 seconds.  Wow.

Students are too fat.  Solution?  Cut out recess.

Somebody might get hurt.  Translation:  somebody might SUE the school!  Solution?  No more ball playing at all.  No more running. No more activity at all.

No more learning cursive hand writing.  Please sign your name on the dotted line.  Huh?  What’s that?

No more phonics.  Can’t even begin to sound out a word unless you know phonics.

Mexican flag flown over an upside down United States of America flag.  Principal says nothing because he is pc person, i.e. a doormat.

No more failing grades because the self esteem of those not learning might be affected.  Yippee!  Everybody is a winner!

No more bake sales with home made goodies.  No more car washes for fundraising.  Why bother when there are lots of cheap Chinese junk to make students sell.

Common Core Curriculum.  Developed by Communists for making good little obedient robots.  And somebody actually thought that was great?

Textbook companies rewriting History slanted to the left.  No need for facts much less debates or critical thinking.

No praying of any sort.  There are no atheists in fox holes nor the classrooms before a major test.

No more school libraries.  Everybody, uh huh, everybody has all the electronics.

Winter Holiday break.  Happy Holiday trees.  Spring Break.  Don we now our happy apparel.

No touching, hugging, holding hands.

No school nurses.  Get sick on your own time.  Keep that illegal aspirin at home.

Zero tolerance of bullying.  Really?  Some of the most racist bullies are:  bus drivers, teachers, principals and administrative staff. Shh!  They are somehow exempt as the students are too afraid to report it.

No brown bag lunches prepared by anyone.  All must eat industrialized food loaded with salt, sugar, preservatives, etc.  Don’t have the money?  Starve.  No one cares.

Hello?  Any parent out there?  Any one who gives a damn?  What has happened here in America?  When did so many adults just stop caring about their own children and the children of others?  When did so many stop caring about our own country?

I suppose we will start being like France and ban the words “parents” “mother” “father”.  We could be like Seattle and ban the word “citizen”.

That just doesn’t sound right to me.  I know this will “offend” many folks but I am a CITIZEN of the United States of America.  I was raised by my PARENTS, both a MOTHER and FATHER in a nuclear family.  I PRAYED and recited THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE every day at school.  I was taught PHONICS, CURSIVE writing, MANNERS AND RESPECT for all others.  The flag of the United States of America was proudly raised in the morning and then taken down at the end of the day with respect each and every day of school.  We celebrated CHRISTMAS and EASTER.  Classmates’ birthdays were celebrated with homemade cupcakes.  We had Christmas parties.  We exchanged valentines.  We had RECESS and P.E.  We played tag, Red Rover, kickball.  We ran and played and laughed. In the classroom we learned.  We either passed or failed.  Our teachers and principal were involved.  Our parents were involved. For most of us our parents dropped us off at school and picked us up from school.  There were days we walked.  We went to school in our own district.  We were not bused hours away from home.

We learned to debate with respect.  Our teachers maintained control with respect.  Our teachers were at school before the students and stayed well after the students left.  There were no teacher assistants.  Field trips and end of school parties were always local. We held bake sales and car washes for things needed.  We brought in canned good to help feed the poorer families during the holidays.  Taught “There but for the grace of God go I”.  We learned empathy.  We had classes of around 36 students each.

Homework?  Oh yes, we had homework.  Lots and lots of homework.  We used the library when necessary.  We also had art, music and assemblies in the cafeteria to watch movies at times.  OMG.  We had a school nurse who was actually a nurse.

There were quiet times where we laid our heads down on the desk and listened to classical music.  Other times we helped grade papers with our teachers.  All of this, all these things took place within regular school hours.  There were no early out Wednesdays. Our teachers had their staff meetings once a month after school.

At the end of the first semester and end of school we scrubbed the tops of our desks clean, packed up our book and cleaned the classrooms.  And you know what?  We had fun because we were friends and worked together as a family of friends.

We need to go back to our roots and traditions.  Really want to know why?  Because they worked.  It wasn’t a broken way of life like today.  We weren’t selfish or “trendy”  We just did what was right and decent and good.  Time to get the government out of our schools and families.

And the non-thinking only saw the word “free”.  Gee, retards, thanks a whole lot.

Truly a socio-psycopath.  She needs to be medicated and locked up.

This is what Congress does.  Make, change and delete laws.  This is not part of the job description for Mr Dick Tator.

I suppose it is high time we all thanked Monsanto for Agent Orange.

If we close the borders we are racists.  Fine!  Close those borders.  Sure beats getting beheaded.

Hey Oprah, ever say a racial slur?  You know, like tell the truth.  Are you related to, you know,, racists?  Do you hang around, you know, other racists?  Well the, you know, perhaps you and your retarded ilk should take, you know, your own advice.

Wow.  Really, cops?  Without just blocking her in and realizing there are children inside you just open fire?  Bravo, you win the imbecile award for the day.  Great job accessing the situation. 

Truth, like reality, is a great concept.

Bill Gates and his ilk along with Monsanto need to be charged with crimes against humanity.

So when do we all get our refunds?

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to join the military.

Aren’t you ever so proud of Mr Dick Tator, America and Britain’s government for being so uber good at killing people?

I guess We The little People had to wait for you guys to say the very same thing before it is taken as truth.

It is greatly possible.  Just do it.

Here’s another refund we will never see.

Another egomaniac.  Almost too funny.

Is this what is meant by chickens coming home to roost?  Not a bad thing.

Fight!  Fight!  Fight!

What does any one expect from a poser celebrity?

Yeah. You just stay classy as ever, Cher, while living in your glass house.

I went for the article but stayed for the cartoon.

Go home, Piglosi.  You are a retarded drunk.  Folks really just don’t like you.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.




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