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18 Nov 2013

History.  What a wonderful thing.  When written purely on fact one can learn, explore problems, debate the questions of why things happened and what were the results based on those decisions.

When history is based on views it becomes opinion.  When history is altered, changed or slanted it becomes fiction.  Debate it all you want.  It is still fiction.

History based on only the known facts at the time are subject to change as new facts come to light.  Still history but changed hopefully for the better.

Seems like politics have always been allowed to mix with the facts.  Great for giving one’s points of view and a good place for honest discussion.  Throw in some bullying or peer pressure [beer pressure for some] and you have the recipe for where we are today. Today is tomorrow’s history.  We should never distort or cover up the facts.  We do the future no justice.

Years ago were simpler times.  One could discuss the facts and their views at the same time.  Rarely was another killed.  I am talking about folks and not governments.  Big difference.  In the end there was always the option to agree to disagree.

Now?  Now we have the politically correct bullies.  And bullies they are.  Think only what we think or you are a [insert slur, criticism, insult].  Do only as we do or [insert same response].  Say, act or feel only as we do or…well, you know the rest.

In today’s world we have the truth, half-truths and lies.  We have the leaders, followers and just plain groupies who want to fit in. Groupies who want to be on the winning team.  Groupies who have no self respect, no self esteem and are incapable of critical thinking.  If the leader is good and truthful there will be mostly good and truthful followers.  If the leader is corrupt then you have followers willing to recruit more followers for the personal gain of the leader or followers.  Groupies will change sides as quickly as those changing lanes on the highway or grocery store check-outs because they think they will go faster or get someplace sooner.

I look at the world around us and I observe my fellow American citizens.  I see the bullies.  I see the peer pressure.  I see the groupies.

Used to be people were known by their character.  Quite a lot of folks already knew this and didn’t need Martin Luther King, Jr., to tell us that.  We knew it.  He knew it,  But a little bit of reinforcement never hurts.

There has always been and will always be those who must make themselves feel better or holier or smarter or trendier than others. Right or wrong, they exist.  I do not have to follow.  There will always be racists, bigots, haters, snobs, the jealous and the victims.  I simply do not have to follow.

Being politically correct is not the same as being right.  It is being a doormat to fit in with the “winning” side, to make one’s self feel better and definitely in hopes of no one criticizing or thinking poorly of them.  That adds a lot of pressure and worry that is totally unnecessary.

Not too long ago American citizens were very capable of having real feelings, real ethics and morals.  We lived in the land of the free.  But we are free no more.  We have to dress a certain way or a reality show will make fun of us.  We have to act a certain way even if it makes our skin crawl.  We have to think a certain way or we are demonized.  I simply cannot and will not comply.  I know right from wrong.  I choose the right and the truth for me.  I have free will.  I obey just laws and refuse to go along with unjust, unconstitutional laws because it is wrong to do so.

There were people true to themselves in our forefathers’ time.  During the Revolutionary War there were those who truly believed in the fight for freedom.  There were those who truly believed in their loyalty to the king.  Many were killed.  Many went back home.  Many stayed to fight for freedom.  Right or wrong both sides followed their hearts for what they truly believed.  The British monarchy backed off and America was born.  Patriots on both sides.  Both with the freedom to either stay or go back.  Both sides living by their beliefs.

Not so much today.  Nations all over this globe are fighting for their own freedoms.  That is how it should be.  So why do so many Americans worry about what other nations think?  Why the peer pressure?  Why the bullying allowed?

America gets a “first” black president.  Wonderful!  According to the rest of the world we are now no longer racist bigots.  Yippee! The rest of the world likes us.  Forget about the facts and the leader is of mixed heritage.  Semantics, I tells ya, all semantics.

America gets health insurance for all and the Earth explodes with cheers because America has now entered the 21st century.  And they now love love love us.  Why?

Now Americans are paying more in taxes than ever before for a “product” that has nothing to do with health care.  American citizens are finding their personal purchasing power is dropping, plunging into an abyss.  Forget that it was citizens of other nations warning us about this boondoggle.  The important thing is that we are loved and fit in with the “in crowd”.

Once a beacon of liberty the USA finds itself divided in the gun control battle.  Once again the citizens of other nation try to warn us not to relinquish our weapons.  Those living in those wonderful, magical “gun free zones” have the most crime.  A gun of any sort is not needed to kill, main or murder.  The citizens of the United States of America are told to “fire a shotgun from the porch” [highly illegal], wet ourselves, throw up and……grab a pair of scissors!  Men and women weep and faint for we are saved.  We now have the perfect means to protect ourselves, families and homes.  Oh my.  I actually just typed that with a straight face.

Statistics?  Who needs statistics?  The FBI puts out statistics proving that crimes are down by 49% where there are no “gun free zones”.  Obviously Chicago, Washington DC and NYC are not doing so well.  Their crime rates continue to go up because the legal law-abiding citizens are not allowed to own a gun.  England and Australia.  Wow.  Crime ridden, murders committed but look how wonderful it is to live in a “gin free” nation.  Murders by knives, hands, blunt objects, sharp objects, etc.  The criminals still murder with their guns because they are still criminals.  Go figure.

Today’s guidelines for being “trendy”, on the “winning team” and politically correct are:

1.  Do NOT think for yourself.

2.  Listen ONLY to state-run media.

3.  Demonize, criticize ALL others who do not follow dear leader’s thinking points.

4.  Totally disarm yourself to feel safe.

5.  Vote ONLY for a member of the DRAINO party [Democrats/Republicans Acting In Name Only]

6.  NEVER use critical thinking.

7.  Use the RACE CARD against all who disagree with you or the beloved leader.

8.  BELIEVE there are no conspiracies nor false flags now or have there ever been any such things.

9.  Believe with all your being ONLY whatever the regime tells you to believe.

Excuse me while I go throw up.  I just will not comply.

This professor is quite the idiot.  Mr Dick Tator has a standing army.  He has militarized the police.  His own army had it’s first class graduate last year.  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are involved. The Second Amendment is very much needed and relevant today.

I think this congressman knows more about things that the idiot professor.

James Madison stated it correctly that legislators and the elected/selected are NOT above the law.  That includes  Dick, Horrible Harry and Piglosi.

I much prefer tar and feathers over being taken to the wood shed and horsewhipped.

Not really listening to the people.  It’s election time again. Still better than nothing.

Piglosi is so funny.  Not!

If the dude is against guns then why would he have one at home?

If they drive me to drink, will they drive me back home later?

No, you stupid numbnuts.  It will force legal American taxpayers to pay even higher premiums for the illegals.  Are you a new kind of stupid?  [Thanks, Bill Cosby for that line.]

And even more doctors bite the dust.–finance.html

NJ must have some very polluted water to drink.

It’s highly toxic.  So is the Mercury in the vaccines.  And the fluoride, formaldehyde, etc.

Go home Seattle.  Your are retarded.  There are no zombies except for the ones you create.  Starving people are not zombies.

Usage of critical thinking would have let you know you can’t promise everything to everybody.  Just not possible.  You thought he cared about you over power and money just because you are black?  Didn’t you really vote for him just because he is part black?  Come on, tell the truth.

It’s a whole lot easier to have all your private data stolen if you just put it on a sign in your front yard.  Cheaper too.

Excuse me but have you never heard of “on-the-job-training”? Apprentice, Journeyman and Master?  Trade schools?  We have the legal American work force if they are just given the chance.  We do not need even more illegals entering our country against the law.

Let’s see now.  Nuclear plants are leaking.  Coal powered plants are not.  Solar panel are literally frying birds extra crispy.  Wind turbines are killing birds and bats by the hundreds and thousands. Electric cars are made using petroleum.  The electric cars have highly toxic batteries, are not selling well and the owners get to pay taxes because the gas tax revenues are way down.  Great job, Mr Dick Tator.

The state run media just do not like women at all.  Duh.


Terry Family – keep on fighting.  God bless you.

Why?  Because it was wrong to do so or you had to admit to it?

Good morning NSA.  I am a Freedom loving, Liberty lover citizen of the United States of America.  How about you?

That you God for all the blessings and rights you have bestowed upon me and my family simply because I am your child.  May I never take them for granted.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.  Long may our flag fly in FREEDOM!




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