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16 Nov 2013

We tend to forget most of the time that a government has no money.  Even our regime has no money.  This regime takes the money of its citizens in way of taxes and spends as they please.  Things would be better if that meant living within its means like most folks are forced to do.

That would be too easy, too simple.  There are bribes to be made and taken.  There are votes to be bought.  There are wars and wars and more wars.  There are notches to be added to Mr Dick Tator’s gun belt so he can pursue his passion for killing people because he is good at it.  There are covert schemes and plans that must be hatched and drawn up and covered up when exposed.

American citizen taxpayers’ money is not enough for the games and toys.  Enter the private bank known as the Federal Reserve. You would think those printing presses would burn up at the rate they go.  Printing out lots and lots of devalued dollars and worthless rag linen.  No one knows just how much nor where it goes.  This private bank is above all.  Can’t be audited.  Horrible Harry Reid sees to that.  And his minions will vote his way.  We The little People have no say.  Kudos to Ron Paul and Rand Paul for trying all these years. But crooks don’t like to be audited.  The Chicago mafia has too much power.  Such a shame.  We could actually be a far more peaceful country if things were reined in, monies spent wisely and for truly important things.

Kudos to the citizens of Iowa!  They grew greatly concerned about the Grid Ex power grid shutdown that could have thrown them back into the 1800’s.  Those wonderful people made their state government listen to them.  Iowa opted out of the “drill”.  Bravo Iowans for standing up for yourselves.  You are heroes.  You showed America that all you have to do is be united and stand up against the evils plaguing our country.  Who knows how many lives were saved because you made sure they had water, electricity, fuel, heat, running respirators, functioning hospitals, food, traffic signals, etc..  I applaud you.

Kudos also go to the Aussies of Australia.  You are standing united against the bogus global warming/climate change/carbon tax scam of Al Gore and his ilk.  You see this money stealing plan for what it is, theft of your money to line the pockets of the thieves. Good for you.  You are also heroes.

Are you watching and taking notes, America?  It can be done.  United and peaceful or the regime’s way with violence, death  and misery.

The blame game begins.

And the executive branch breaks the law again.

California stopping fraud 10 at a time.,0,2885876.story

By law not allowed to operate in the USA.  Eh, what else is new.

Secret forces.  Secret courts.  Secret government.  Too many secrets.  No transparency.

Oh silly Mr Tator.  By law you are not allowed to do this.  But then you are Mr Dick Tator.

Perhaps if you had taken the time to read this boondoggle we would not be in mess we find ourselves now.

Woo hoo!  More debt.  Further devaluation of the dollar.  What else could go wrong?

A young person using critical thinking.  How refreshing.

I simply will not comply and buy this pig in a poke.

We are being spied upon?  By our own loving government?  Really?  No joke Sherlock.

Oh my.  Some states opted out of the Grid Ex shutdown and still no media dare report.

Seattle, Seattle.  Why do you keep on lying to your citizens?

Time to shut those backdoors and brick them up.

The DHS needs to be jailed in FEMA concentration camps.

Billary is as believable as Mr Dick Tator.

Did you try a little super glue or a bandaid?

Major bullshit alert.

Hey Seattle.  First you spy on your citizens.  Then you say you stopped but really didn’t.  You say the word “citizen” is offensive.  And now all the dead shit is attracted to you.  Perhaps you are the offensive part.

Now hiring more liars to “fix” ovomitcare.

She’s got my vote for bimbo of the century.

No, Oprah.  It’s because he is a sociopath, pathological liar, unfit for any office, megalomaniac, fascist moron.  You are both “former” crackheads.

Bad enough those wind turbines kill thousands of birds and bats. Now we get crispy fried birds from solar panels.  So good for the Earth.  No birds means more insects, more diseases.  Go Green Go.

Go Aussies.  You rock.

Come on, Japan.  Don’t fall for the lies of the greenies.  They just want your money, land and for you to die.–business.html

I really have to ask.  Is this part of the job description?

Perhaps the clergy should enforce the reasoning of following the laws instead of breaking them.  Hmm?  You certainly won’t see them housing any illegals.

We need a lot more Hollywood conservatives to speak up for values.

Must be a shallow pool of applicants.

I guess this means no Oscar or Emmy.

I have empathy for the people of the Philippines.  If they would look at Haiti today all these years after the hurricane destroyed them.  All the monies collected but not spent on the populace.  All the Hollywood celebrities getting publicity and the UN giving them cholera.  Perhaps they would be better off rebuilding by themselves.  They need food, medical help and help in burying their dead.  If they accept UN and American “help” they will still be in the same place as today years from now.  There has to be a better way.  The anger some display because no magic wand has been used to put them back to where they were a week before the typhoon hit is not going to help,.  They need to unite and help themselves.  Others will come along with true help instead of photo ops.  Americans need to do the same to help fix our own messes.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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