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14 Nov 2013.

I hope all is well with every body on this entire planet.  I truly do.  I wish we never had hardships and could live in peace and harmony.  Eh, it will never be.  I feel at times I am just kidding myself and should join the dark side for real like others and live in a woe- is- me world.

But a part of me has that will, desire and even passion to do what is good and help others.  Make a difference in someone’s life and I have done well.  I don’t have to save the world and I’m not sure I would want to.  I realize we must all fulfill our own destiny.  Good or bad.

Why do I still  have lights and water this morning?  I do not know but I give thanks to God,.  I thank God every day for I never want to take things for granted.  I have been very blessed.  I look around the world and see the hell in which others are forced to live. Their pain, physical and mental.  The true torture placed upon them by others.  Such abuse that I’m not sure I could deal with even half of it.

I went looking yesterday for something, anything to help me understand that or just prove to myself my research on the powergrid shutdown was true.  I found the following.

Gotta love that last one above.

And finally there is this one:

So, if a state here or there actually informs their citizens about the “drill[s]” and one of the main government players does the same, I have absolutely no explanation for my lights and water still on this morning.  I am just thankful.  My prayers have been answered.

What I do not like nor have ever liked is the tolerance and placation I have had placed upon me from time to time because there are those who feel they must do so for whatever reason.  I don’t like feeling that I’ve been played and I need to remove the knife or knives from my back.  I grow tired of it and the games people play.  The gossip, the lies for whatever reason just do not impress me. I choose my battles.  I am content in my life.  No matter the outcome I feel I have done what is right and necessary.

I look forward to this holiday season.  My finger gun is fully loaded so I can open fire upon my grand chillins as they will with me, each of us dodging those imaginary bullets while laughing ourselves silly.  And we will do crafts and hug each other.  We will tell each other of our love.  May we always have that unbroken bond between us and the freedom to be as silly as we want.

I saw these ads before.  Am glad they appeared in an article. Really ladies?  You are most concerned about free birth control? How shallow.  Too bad you have no self respect.

As long as it is “trendy”, right?  Certainly wouldn’t want others to think I’m not cool.

Geez, dude.  Then why are you all up in my business?

How about “must be an American citizen”.

I guess Who, What, When, Where and Why have been replaced with “here’s your script”.

These bought and paid for politicians have got to go.

What a wonderful woman.  Such a great letter she wrote.

How about we have prices cut?

Keep drinking that poison and soon you will not care.

If Mr Dick Tator won’t eat it and the workers st Monsanto won’t eat it, what does that tell you?  Do Not Eat It!

Go pro-gun citizens.
So what if over 2 million American CITIZENS has lost their insurance.  What difference does it make, right Billary?  These might be your new voters.  Old Tator doesn’t care.  Never did.

This is more like Mr Dick Tator’s legacy.

This headline is quite wrong.  It should have “illegal gun culture” in it.

Hey Dick!  Here’s more of your legacy.

Egads!  NY just invaded Canada.

Just more of the UN Agenda 21 crap.,0,5444176.story#axzz2kWJfel9u

Aspartame in milk is NOT a natural ingredient.  Stop screwing up our food.

I can live with this.  It’s a good plan while living under a fascist tyrant.

This really makes me smile.

Don’t look for that union label to remain in English.

Kerry needs to have a bunch of kindergarteners kick the shit out of him.  He thinks he’s such a big bad bully.

Cause, ya know, being an American veteran is so like, ya know, unAmerican.

I love this.

Serious question.  What happens when they cannot pay?

Good morning NSA.  How are you doing this beautiful morning?  I look forward to the day when all the agencies in the alphabet soup start turning on each other in hopes of trying to stay in the regime’s good? graces.  Evil graces is more like it.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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