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12 Nov 2013

Here we are.  Are we to continue as usual tomorrow or will we plunge into a third or forth world in an instant?  I pray mightily that God spares us from what this regime has planned.  I don’t want this power grid shutdown.  I don’t want the chaos that will ensue. The rioting, looting and deaths that will occur.  The possibility of not knowing if family or friends are okay.

And I grow angry.  Angry at each and every person who voted for Dick Tator.  “America is a great nation.  Help me fundamentally change her”.  Redistribute the wealth.  Free healthcare for all.  Bring our troops home.  Transparency.  The list of LIES goes on ad infinitum.  Ad nauseam.  I am angry at these greedy, self-centered, our party at all costs, low moral, no ethics, mental midget retards.

Centuries ago in America and elsewhere if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat.  The young, elderly and handicapped were provided for. The shiftless, lazy able-bodied to ousted to fend for themselves.  But look at us now.  Those who work hard, pay their taxes and strive to do right are punished by taking what they earned and given to those who just want to sponge off others.

Communism’s first rule:  destroy the family.  Check.  Second rule:  dumb down the population.  Check.  Get all dependent on the government.  Just about there.

Forget character, morals, ethics, qualifications.  The fools of the United States of America voted for themselves a black guy.  Woo hoo!  See how great we are?  We have entered the 21st century at last and now the world loves, loves, loves us.

Except the world doesn’t love us.  We have more enemies now than ever before.  We have more wars than ever before.  We have lost so many allies.  Why?  Because of a dumbed down populace that refuses to use critical thinking.  The imbeciles who believe that the distribution of wealth will make them richer.  The government has made themselves richer and turned the citizens into slaves and all are vastly poorer for it.

We have state-run media.  Militarized police.  Secret courts.  More intrusive and abusive agencies in the alphabet soup and czars. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Nero, Bonaparte, and others are greatly pleased.  This once most industrious, powerful and prosperous country is about to crumble.  Please, dear God, don’t let it come to pass.

I feel no sympathy towards those who willingly are allowing this.  If you want to be destroyed that is your business.  But why did you have to destroy the rest of us?  Those of us who do no harm.  Those of us willing to earn our keep, raise our families and live in peace.

What will tomorrow bring?  I hope for the best but have watched the citizens of this country tested.  Each time there is rioting and looting the regime wins.  Innocent folks all over the world murdered and slaughtered by this regime.  Too many stay silent.  Ask the questions but receive no answers.  Vilified for asking and some murdered for finding the truth.

So many false flags that end in murders that aren’t allowed to be questioned.  Our military is being destroyed.  It’s not even ours anymore.  So many acts of high treason have been committed but you dare not speak up because others will claim you are racist. Too many spineless wimps in office.  Too much bribery and blackmail going on.

Let’s say all electronics and power grids are fried to a crisp tomorrow for the citizens.  Did you know that those transformers that connect the power grid are not made in the USA?  Were you aware they could take months to years to be produced and get here? Of course not.  America doesn’t even grow enough food to feed her citizens anymore.  Mr Dick Tator has closed so many coal power plants that many will go without heat this Winter.  Too many of the nuclear power plants are leaking.  The Keystone pipeline could have already been built except for old Tator.  The central banks dumped their debt onto most of the nations of the world.  We pay out $85 billion a month towards that debt that is not even ours.

Our borders are not secured.  Illegals are allowed to remain.  They get everything that so many legal citizens do without even though they worked most of their lives and paid into the system.  All for votes.  Illegal votes.

Rest assured that the government will not be part of those who will doing without.  They will eat.  They will drive and fly.  They will have heat in their homes or bunkers.  They will party.  They will know what is going on while we slaves go hungry.  While our elderly, ill and handicapped die.  They are not just the elderly, ill and handicapped.  They are our family members, our friends and our neighbors.  They are our veterans who fought for our freedoms.  It is called eugenics and this regime fully knows what will happen.

There finally is nothing left to do but pray.  This regime has finally taken over.  Only a miracle can save America now.  I do believe in miracles.  Perhaps there will be a “glitch” in those diabolical plans.  Perhaps there will be enough Americans to take out this regime and its cohorts such as DHS/FEMA, IRS, both houses of Congress and the NSA so that all others waiting in line to do harm will stop and rethink their actions.

Do we have any allies left that can help us?  Canada is to undergo the same “drill” at the same time.  I don’t think of Mexico as an ally.  They get the same “drill” but won’t help us either.  Other nations have their own controllers and problems.  No help there. Most of our military are thousands of miles away.  The Russian and Chinese troops are not here to help us.  Well played, New World Order.  Well played.

For all who have and are still going along with this regime, just what do you think you will get once your usefulness is over?  No one has any use for traitors and cowards.

Good morning NSA.  You are a bunch of traitors and cowards.  You could have stopped this.  Accept your fate.

You know it won’t just stop with the guns.

Everything he has done has cost more money, ruined our nation more and just plain failed to work.  He won’t be satisfied until we no longer exist.

I am so shocked.  Shocked!  I tell you.

Nah.  Will be this regime that orders his death.

You do not let a child go hungry because you are on a power kick you fucktards,.

Every weekend?  Away from family.  Such a “family” guy.  NOT.

I do not want this.  Send him back to Kenya.  The village needs its idiot back.

Will they send flowers?  Go into mourning for a day off from work?

Salon is so silly.

Oh, please.  Any food from China should not be eaten.

Those who want the illegals should have to be the ones who pay for them.  The rest of us want those borders sealed.

Because we all need to laugh.

Okay, enough of the laughter.

Getting a bit expensive?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Seig Hiel! to fascism.

Not like we haven’t been warned so many times.

Let the beheadings begin.

To all the RETARDED MO-FO’s out there that voted for that piece of shit Dick Tator – YOU voted for this.  YOU caused this.  YOU own it.

Let the trials begin.  Let death be the sentence for the entire regime.

How I loathe this regime.  I want it out of MY country.

Sit back and do nothing or stand up and be heard.  It’s only going to get worse.

This is a most worthy video.

Just because we need to laugh in between crying.

Last one for today.  I just couldn’t face any more for right now.

I will still research and seek out more news and truth.  I will still plan to write this blog tomorrow.  I will continue to pray and believe in miracles.  I ask for God’s blessings and protection for all of us.  Please stay safe.  Watch over your family.  Do what is right.  May we all live long enough to see this regime fall and America restored.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.

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