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18 Feb 2013

Just for a little fun copy/paste the following.  It is an audio/visual of Lord Bertrand Russell’s book “The Impact of Science on Society”, written 1952.  Looks like a blueprint for today.  No wonder college graduates have the same level of knowledge as they did in high school.


This next one is”An Introduction to Agenda 21″ with Lord Monckton.


I need to pay closer attention to the start of next year’s flu season.  Does it really start when the flu shots are given? I wish folks would realize that the nasal spray one has the live virus in it and is sent directly into the mucus membrane.  My first and only flu shot made me ill.  Never again.  Why would I ever want a shot for a flu that was patented by Bayer two years before it ever showed up?

Oh, North Carolina, what have you done?  Why are the police training with military drones?  Why are the police who are participating in these drills taking steroids?  Why is this to be not held at checkpoints to take the arms of citizens but at the homes of gun owners to confiscate everything?

Why is your governor one of the tyrant’s chosen for the Council of Governors?  For those who are unaware, the United States under Martial Law is to be divided into 10 sections each with its own governor.  The map is easily found on the internet.  So much for the sovereignty of our 50 states.  Military drones to be used on American citizens on American soil.  Without warrants.  The crime?  For possessing legal firearms provided us by the Second Amendment in The Bill of Rights under The Constitution.

I wonder what false flag will be used?  Will it be the economy crashing?  Perhaps another Waco or OK City bombing or even another 9/11.  Whatever gets the people to panic.  But, Congress makes the laws.  But, the police serve and protect us.  But nothing my little chickadee.  The tyrant can declare martial law any time he wishes.  He is but a mere puppet willing to do his masters bidding.  Have you forgotten about the Patriot Act?   NDAA?  How about that cute little bit about if you don’t agree with the tyrant you are the “enemy”.  Must remember how INTERPOL not only has immunity here in America but has authority over our police.

Sometimes I think the tyrant does fit the description of the anti-Christ.  But lately I am reminded more of Pontius Pilate.  Must wash the blood from your hands and let others do the dirty work.  Which brings me to rendition and torture.  When asked about rendition and torture, Hillary Clinton said “We don’t use those words anymore”.  Of course not but that doesn’t mean it has stopped.  GITMO was closed.  Right?  Oh, wait.  No, it wasn’t.  No more torture.  Right?  Hard to tell since everything is so “top secret” and “classified”.  It’s the extraordinary rendition you need to watch out for.  That’s when the bag goes over your head, you are tossed into a plane.  You arrive in Mogadishu, Somalia or Afghanistan.  These are where the torture camps are.  Their military and the CIA are in charge.  Please never get on any plane.  Get in the plane if you must.  It’s safer that way.

One last thing for this morning.  Why is Australia spraying illegal poisons on the wetlands?  Wouldn’t it be safer to either burn the poisonous weeds or gather them up wearing protective clothing and gloves?  At least that would be less expensive and legal.

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