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11 Nov 2013

Happy Veterans Day.  God bless all our honorable veterans both past and present.  I thank you for your service to our country.

I was told yesterday that one of the lamestream media actually had a sentence or two on the power grid shutdown.  I must confess I was a bit shocked.  The report had where it was for National Security, to be in various places for anywhere from one to four hours. Sorry for any inconvenience.  No mention of DHS/FEMA.  No mention of Russian and Polish troops.  No mention of Chinese troops arriving in Hawaii tomorrow.  No mention of Canada and Mexico.  No mention of  ATM’s not working or gas pumps not working.  Dare I mention the EBT cards not working again?

At least they can say it was “announced”.  But it wasn’t announced ahead of time enough for folks to ask questions and even to prepare. It most certainly was not announced there would be no service for internet or phones or water.  All which need electricity. Businesses, traffic lights, filtered running water, etc..  They all need electricity.

I am as ready as I can be.  I hope everybody is also ready.  When all is said and done I hope there is an outrage and uprising against this regime.  I feel that this is just a push to incite rioting and panic along with looting so dear leader can install Martial Law and suspend our Constitution.  Mr Dick Tator will of course announce he was forced to do all this for our own safety.  Will Bush be blamed? Most likely.  GOP?  Yes.  TEA Party?  Of course.  The story will change a half-dozen times until the leaks start to appear. Might be too late by then for any accountability to happen.  Rest assured that those most responsible will not be anywhere near the area[s] targeted for the “drill” or a place that might turn into a war zone.

Bats eat tons of mosquitoes a year.  Their guano is one of the best fertilizers.  We need them along with the birds.,0,212913.story

Perhaps we will hear what Ereich von Holder really thinks.

You won’t see this on lamestream media.

Prepare for Hurling Day.

How about we all just do not comply.

For those who never had a chance to watch.

Number is going to be a lot higher.

But Ereich von Holder does not want this.

Mr Dick Tator’s new BFF.

Maybe if the problem was taken care of years ago while there was money there wouldn’t be this today.

Give me a doctor that takes cash over insurance any day.

Thank a veteran today.  Hug a veteran today.  Feed a veteran today.  Pray for veterans today.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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