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10 Nov 2013

Ever people watch?  I mean really study people as you are out and about?  Not to do it while driving so you are distracted but look at the other drivers while at a red light.  Start counting the ones on the phone or texting as they go across the intersection.  The pedestrians are doing the same thing.  Folks inside and outside stores, walking on the sidewalks, riding their bikes, all the same.

So much for being aware of your surroundings.  Can’t make eye contact with others.  Can’t even acknowledge a cashier at the checkout.  They just keep on yakking away, swipe their card and go on their merry way.  Just plain rude for starters.

Perhaps they are part of a “Me” generation.  I don’t know.  I was at a fabric store years ago buying material.  A women a few people behind me announced she was a very important person and needed to go first so she could get back to her job.  I announced we were all important.  She shut up and waited her turn.  The others in line just smiled.  Don’t get me wrong.  I come across way more polite and considerate people than the me me me group.  I don’t mind waiting in lines.  I take the time to speak to the cashier and use my manners.

I wait for the day some one announces “don’t you know who I am?”.  I want to be able to ask clearly and a bit loudly if anyone is this person’s caretaker because they don’t know who they are.  They have forgotten and need help.  Self-serving pompous butt-heads. Quite a bit like our politicians these days.  Most of them anyway.

Things that truly matter to this country don’t get talked about or dealt with.  Trying to garner votes is at the top of the list.  Quite interesting is when the TSA mistakenly put out a document where they stated there is no terrorist threat for them to be doing those horrible things to citizens at the airports.  Of course that soon got redacted.  Too little too late.  Some already had grabbed it.  I would think that is a major bit of news.  But don’t hold your breath waiting to see it in the media.

When an incident takes place where a shooting is involved there will always be two stories.  The “official” story and that given by eye witnesses.  Look at the LAX shooting.  Eye witnesses were saying the shooter was a heavy-set man in a TSA uniform.  I believe they said hand guns.  “Official” story was a thin 23 year old in camo? with an AK-15.

Shot himself in the mouth? and now can’t talk.  Another one unable to speak.  If you have a handgun then you can shoot yourself in the mouth.  A bit harder to do with a rifle.  It’s similar to exiting a boat with no weapons and no blood on you and then suddenly being on the ground surrounded by cops getting a trach put in your throat.  And then you are shown on the stretcher covered in blood.  What are the odds for such a thing  to occur?  Slim to none unless it is once again a false flag.

A man on the subway pulls out a gun and points it directly at a passenger.  No screams, no panicking because all were on their cell phones and did not notice the danger.  The gunman left and went into another car where he shot and killed another person.  I guess she must have noticed.  Would make a good comedy sketch except it did involve a person dying.

All need to take those blinders off and notice everything.  The lies just from Mr Dick Tator’s mouth is a good place to start.  The sycophants accept each story even when they contradict each other.  Utter madness.  The total non transparency of dear leader and Billary.  Their adoring fans are too busy worshiping their idols to even notice, much less care.

Ah, but some are noticing.  They have noticed their paychecks got smaller due to more taxes that were promised not to be there.  Over 4 million citizens have gotten cancelled from the insurance policies they liked, doctors they liked.  Lifestyle they liked.

All is well.  Dear leader said he was sorry.  Sorry people can’t keep their insurance policy.  Sorry that people can’t keep their doctors.

Even though he stated over 30 times that you could keep that policy PERIOD and that doctor PERIOD, he said he did not say that. And that, bunnycakes, is called gaslighting.  He didn’t draw all those red lines in the sand, the world did.  You drew those lines.  Not him.  You saw nothing.  You heard nothing.  And he knows nothing.

Put down those phones.  Communicate with one another.  Discuss openly what’s truly going on.  You might find yourself becoming angry at such betrayal.  You might find yourself getting vocal and loud.  Nothing wrong with that.  You might even find yourself unwilling to comply with this regime.  Certainly nothing wrong with that.

I do wonder if the Hawaiian greeters will be all smiles as they place the leis on the Chinese troops that will be arriving in Hawaii on Tuesday.  Aloha.

Is this “grassroots” organization even legal?

Ah, the truth comes out.

Thank you.  May I have another?

Yahoo.  Kerry is a complete maroon.

I hope he enjoys what he asked for.

Once again, who has the war on women?

Hey, you kinda, sorta claim you gave birth to him.  Deal with it.

It’s just part of eugenics.

Could it be that even the sheeple are waking up?

Oh look.  More truth comes to light.

How else can you justify Martial Law?

The door is wide open.  Please come get him and his cohorts.


Such a hypocrite.

Hello!  There is no privacy.

Dropped Israel like a hot potato.  Mr Dick Tator seems to have another BFF.

Thrown under that bus?  Yep.

I am proud to say I never wanted him and never voted for him.

This is so sad I may need a tissue.

Let me know when it hits zero.

This has to be a joke.

I have absolutely no sympathy.  Not even pity.  Only loathing.

Good.  Now lets get rid of the monster.

Just might be because the vaccines have the LIVE viruses in them.  Keep drinking that foolaid.

I heard they didn’t quite like Hitler either.

UN workers took cholera to Haiti.  Now from where do you suppose the polio came?  It’s called eugenics.  Bill Gates loves it.

I wish more of Hollywood would come out and admit this.

What the hell?

So glad I don’t go to the movies and barely watch TV.

This is just not right.

Send in the clown…he’s already here.

Were you aware that California has to check folks out for TB?  Tuberculosis was once wiped out of the USA.  However, when you allow open borders you get the fleas along with the dogs.

From Grassfire:  “The Barack Obama presidency has presented the most serious threat to your freedoms and your family that has arisen from the Oval Office in the history of our nation.

We didn’t transition from one president to another. We transferred to a movement with a mandate for “change” — a mandate that nearly six years later we are seeing firsthand … and it is frightening!

With Obama at the helm, the federal government has expanded into a power-hungry leviathan, aggressively seeking to increase its scope of influence while pursuing policies that trample our God-given constitutional rights.

And when those actions are questioned by the people, Obama throws up his hands and complains that he didn’t know anything about it:

  • “Fast and Furious”
  • The deadly Benghazi attacks
  • The IRS targeting of Tea Party Americans
  • The NSA security breaches
  • The truth about ObamaCare
After suggesting that he wasn’t briefed and didn’t know that tens of millions of Americans would lose their health insurance, our Liar King took to the airwaves — offering up a non-apology for another “change” that stands to negatively impact nearly every man, woman and child.”
Also from Grassfire:”I just got my ObamaCare cancellation letter.

A few days ago, the letter arrived from my insurance provider telling me that my plan did not include all of ObamaCare’s “mandated benefits” and that my current health insurance “will no longer be available as of Feb. 1, 2014.”

Everyone on our staff got a similar letter. Grassfire’s entire staff got cancelled by ObamaCare.

cancelClick here to see my cancellation letter.

Despite Obama’s blatant lie that less than “five percent” of Americans will receive cancellation letters, the reality is that tens of millions of Americans will get a letter just like mine.

According to a health care expert at Duke University, more than two-thirds of all people with private health insurance (some 129 million Americans) will receive a letter like mine notifying them that their health insurance has been cancelled by ObamaCare.

As a small company, we were told Grassfire would be exempt from ObamaCare. LIE

We were told that as long as we didn’t reduce our benefits, we would be “grandfathered.” LIE

We were told we could keep our plan. LIE

Now, we must scramble to get a new plan, and we know the costs are going to go up.

+ + We Can’t Tinker With ObamaCare

I’m fed up. And I’m done playing games when my family’s healthcare is at risk.

Obama knew prices would skyrocket. Obama knew millions of Americans would get cancellation letters. Even the failed website works into their overall plan to push more and more people into the exchange, so they can accomplish their ultimate goal — a single-payer, socialist health care system.

The fact is, ObamaCare cannot be modified or improved or amended … or even delayed. OBAMACARE MUST BE CANCELLED! That’s because ObamaCare is about fundamentally transforming our health care system and only a cancellation of ObamaCare can stop it.”

You can keep those blinders on.  You can continue to stay glued to your phone.  You can wake up to foreign troops pounding on your door.  Or you can start researching, learning the truth and communicating with others.  The choice is yours and yours alone. Do not blame others once the SHTF.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.



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