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29 Oct 2013

We now live in a perpetual state of campaigning.  It just doesn’t stop.  I guess some folks thrive on the drama.  I liken it to sports. Did your “team” win or lose?  Are they winning or losing now?  One “team” promises everything to all.  Hurrah!  They score a touchdown and win the game.  Weird because everybody loses.

No sooner had Mr Dick Tator been sworn in than Piglosi said impeachment was off the table.  First day or week on the job and she brings up impeachment?  Why the no vote of confidence for her own star quarterback?

But the campaigning wasn’t over.  Already the media began to talk about 2012.  Jobs was priority number one.  No, foreign affairs. No, budget.  No, the military.  No, back to jobs.  Really?  Just how many priorities being number one can there be?

One scandal after another.  One shiny object of distraction following each of those scandals.  The curtain gets pulled back to reveal the emperor with no clothes.  It’s not a pretty sight.  The fix-it-all to cure all?  More campaigning.  And golfing.  And vacationing. And golfing.

How many New Yorkers hurled their lunches when they saw Air Force One flying so low just for a photo op?  But look!  Several jobs were found by the unemployed.  Sorry, not a “shovel ready” job.  Not a full time job.  Just a few who were able to get a job on their own.  Oh crap, I forgot.  They didn’t do that on their own.  No one did anything on their own.

The Apology Tour.  Such a slap in the face to all Americans.  The skeet shooting photo.  As in singular photograph.  As in a load of bull.

The messiah.  The new Lincoln.  The great uniter.

Actually, we saw all the ships sink, more jobs sent overseas, more division among Americans, more poverty, more debt, more loss of respect and dignity.  But their “team” won and that is all that mattered and matters still.

The very ones lecturing American citizens about civility, manners and politeness are the very ones yelling and screaming trying to demonize all those who disagree with them.  Lie after lie after lie.

This is the United States of America.  Why do we have czars?  We were a sovereign nation but now belong to the UN.  We’ve lost too many American citizens but those involved, those in charge know nothing about any of it.  They get a free pass because they “won”.

All those “green” companies paid for by the American taxpayers are up and running with no problems.  Oops.  No, they have failed and quite a few were shipped overseas.

Everybody is driving their “green” cars to get to their jobs.  Nah, hardly any of those clunkers sold and what job?

All American citizens now have healthcare.  Woohoo!  Don’t think so.  American citizens now have less insurance but are  paying way more in premiums that still don’t get them free anything.

Don’t like it?  Say anything about it?  You are labeled a birther, racist, tin foil hat wearer, terrorist, traitor, patriot, prepper, enemy, anti-American, libertarian, conservative, right-winger, wingnut, extremist, constitutionalist, pro-gun, pro-lifer, Bible clinger, veteran, tea-bagger, etc.  You are put on the no-fly list, files generated on you by the FBI, TSA, NSA, IRS, DHS and FEMA.

Hitler is pleased.  Stalin and Mao are thrilled.  The globalists and elites are ecstatic.  As America goes up in flames, Mr Dick Tator and his sycophants keep adding more wood and gasoline on it in hopes of helping make things better.

Until we get rid of the DRAINO party things will never get better.  Democrats/Republicans Acting In Name Only.  DRAINO.  They keep flushing us down the toilet every day.

As you read this article linked below,  notice the times monies were “suddenly” discovered to keep on going.  Notice how the projects and things that affect We The little People were cut.  “Unspent money from earlier years”? Really?  What exactly is a “sequestration replacement”?  Um, Navy just happened to “scrounge” up nearly $1 billion in unspent money?

Wow.  Good for the Army.  Kudos and medals all around.  They stopped painting buildings and mowing the grass.  If we all just stopped doing both of these things then we will save gazillions of billions of dollars.  We are saved!

Accounting tricks?  Has this regime just confessed to criminal activity?

Oh, dear God!  They mentioned the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, KS.  For all who do not know what this is, please research Plum Island off the coast of NY.  This is the same facility.  It is now in the heart of cattle country.  Lyme disease [although named for the city of Lyme, CT] was produced, made, manufactured at Plum Island.  They study hoof and mouth disease. Study or produce a deadlier form?  Who knows.  Research how much land is quarantined off for the slaughter of all cattle infected and not infected. Research how top scientists have already said there will be viruses and things that will escape this level 4 facility.  Level 4 being super duper secure.  From where do you think the Montauk monsters came?  Research how the workers cannot own pets nor visit zoos.  So many other things going on at this secret facility.  The research is really experimentation.  Think it applies to animals and insects only?  Guess again.  Look for the report on the slightly mutated human body found on the shore.

Cell phone users might want to take heed.

Yummy,  I want some toxic Yellowfin tuna.

I just envisioned Sgt. Schultz.  “I know nothing!”.

This is why I like my older, perfectly fine vehicle.,0,6090226.story#axzz2ix2RncVc

This must be a shock to dear leader’s ego.

Time for Piglosi to fall down and bump her head a few times.

If Britain’s press lose their freedom, who will tell us the truth about America?  Certainly not our regime.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.  You knew about this 3 years ago.  Such a maroon.

Hey Billary.  I wonder the same and much more about you.

Are these folks just too cute or what!

Tell us something we don’t already know.

I think Cheney the kettle just called the pot[head] black.

I don’t want America feared.  I want America to be a sovereign nation with secure borders.  A country that stands for Freedom and Liberty.  I want the warmongers to go away.  I want our troops home to defend us.  I want the innocent citizens around the world and here on our own soil to not be under the threat of death by any agency or peoples or drones.  Let’s keep America for American citizens only for a while so we can get our act together.  Our noses out of others business.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.




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