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28 Oct 2013

Another of our most honorable WWII veterans murdered.  There will be no outcry nor even a mention from the likes of Mr Dick Tator, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Wright or any others.  The murderers have no concept of respect, honor, value of life or worth of anything.  I thank you, Mr. Lawrence E. Shine Thornton, for your service to America.  You fought for the freedom of all American citizens, even those who murdered you.  May you rest in peace.  There will be no riots but only prayers for you and your family as it should be.

“Four teens have been charged with capital murder after an 87-year-old WWII veteran died from injuries sustained during a brutal mugging.

The Delta Democrat Times reports that Lawrence E. Shine Thornton of Greenville, Miss., died two days after the October 18th mugging, allegedly at the hands of Terrance Morgan, 19; Edward Johnson,19; Leslie Litt, 18; and Geblonski Murray, 18.

Thornton was attacked in his own driveway, according to CNS News. The teens allegedly pushed him down on the ground and stole his wallet.

CNS News’ Eric Scheiner described Thornton’s life as “a story of hard work, overcoming adversity, belief in God and finding some success in doing something you love.”

The Associated Press reports that the four individuals accused in Thornton’s death are being held without bond. Each of the four suspects is also charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.”

Are you ready for some “drills”?

Already saying this “drill” will fail miserably.  Are they planning to just keep the grid down?

FEMA has it’s 2 billion rounds of ammo.  Some of it hollow points. To use in war?  Illegal.  To use for target practice?  A waste of ammo.  To use on American citizens?  BINGO!

Seattle, Washington, is ever so special and intelligent.  They are trying to ban the word “citizen” because it is…..drum roll please….. offensive.  Really?  Offensive to precisely whom?  Certainly not to the citizens of The United States of America.  Must be talking about illegals who are here on American soil illegally.  Certainly not to those legal immigrants waiting to become American citizens.  Kudos to the government of Seattle for showing your ignorance and stupidity.

Forgive me for repeating things but I think they are well worth repeating so more can understand just how wrong things are going for America.

Remember that FEMA has its 2 billion rounds of ammo.  Power grid still set to go down in November.  “Experts” already saying it will fail.  EBT cards and SS check amounts reduced come Nov. 1st. igoogle [part of NSA] is going away Nov. 1st.

Arrested for legal open carry guns.

Oh please, please, please destroy it.

Imagine that.  Insurance companies are raking in the dough.

Here is some proof, my little chickadees.

It is not health care.  It is extortion.

Are they saying the city water is polluted?

Snicker, snear.  The plan is working accordingly as planned.

This guy is truly a numbnut.

Feds are going to party hardy.

I’m surprised they just didn’t shoot her dead.

Certainly couldn’t be because of incompetence, right?

Oopsy Daisy!

I don’t think this will end well.

Mr Dick Tator needs to be arrested now.

We have met the enemy and that enemy is not We The little People.  It is this regime.

Well then, stop creating these super bugs in the labs.

Can you say “extortion:?  I know you can.

So many bought into this folly.  It’s going to bite you in your butt.

Except you won’t be able to opt out in the end.!-Will-Halloween-ad-scare-Millennials-off-Obamacare-video <>

The best and the brightest?  Ain’t saying much.

Hero?  Yes.  Slain?  Yes.  But the whole crew was really nurdered by Mr Dick Tator’s orders.  You don’t use Chinooks to carry troops. They are for cargo and outdated.

igoogle ending 1st Nov.  EBT card amounts down 1st Nov.  Power grid going down in Nov.  1st?  13-14th?  here it is.

All those carbon taxes go into AL Gore’s pockets and other globalists and elites.

Hello!  It’s all been a scam.

Billary’s BFF, again.

Ego big enough yet?

For the truth, go here.  For all of Al Gore’s bullshit, also go here.

I most likely just got myself into trouble.  I sent an email to my state’s governor.  I wanted to know why he hasn’t told the citizens about the power grid going down in November.  The EBT cards and SS checks for November.  Why he has allowed UN Agenda 21 to invade our state.  Why he allowed FEMA concentration camps to be built here.

No sooner had I sent my letter when I immediately got the interim letter.  I wonder if he knows he is not one of the governors on the Council of Governors.  I wonder if he cares?  Might be too busy campaigning for re-election.  Might be too busy packing to go far, far away to a safe place.  Dare I say the rats always abandon the ship first?  Yes, I dare.  Of course I did have to also ask why he didn’t deport all the illegals as promised.  One of the reasons I voted for him in the first place.  I had sent a letter some time ago asking the same things.  Never did get a reply.  Does anybody ever get a real reply from an elected?  I do not include form letters on a single topic as a true reply.  Anyway, the ball is in his court and I am not holding my breath.

We need a bit of laughter about now.  I do like SNL.  I hope you enjoy this.

The NY Times reported on the Feds wanting to raise inflation.

“The Fed has worked for decades to suppress inflation, but economists, including Janet Yellen, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Fed starting next year, have long argued that a little inflation is particularly valuable when the economy is weak. Rising prices help companies increase profits; rising wages help borrowers repay debts. Inflation also encourages people and businesses to borrow money and spend it more quickly.”

Really?  Seriously?  That will fix the economy?  Balderdash.  If that were true we could just double everything.  All prices on every item and all wages.  Companies and people now have twice the profit and people twice the wages.  Uh oh, I see more problems.  Those who were making just barely enough to meet their bills are still going to barely meet their obligations.  Nothing available for emergencies.  Those who borrow are now further in debt.

But the wonderful news is those who were getting the profits in the first place now get even more.  Could this be the real reason behind the lust for inflation?  Hmm, Yellen?

What if we just capped those profits and bonuses to shareholders, CEO’s and the like.  Prices could drop for once and people could live within their means.  Wouldn’t that build the economy?  Folks would still borrow but it wouldn’t cost an arm plus another leg to repay.

Cap the expenses of the entire government and drop those taxes.  Send the ovomitcare to hell and watch full time jobs reappear, cost of health care plummet.  Pay for doctors in cash.  Medicare/medicaid for legal citizens [esp. those who have worked and paid for it already].  Let us buy our meds from Canada [like the VA] and force competitive prices back here in the states.

Get rid of NAFTA and watch our American companies come back to life.  There are lots of solutions to help American citizens.  But then, the Fed really isn’t interested in that now are they?

Oh wow.  Sheldon Adelson, billionaire  Being well-monied makes him such an expert in these things. And the Foundation for Defense of Democracies sounds more like an oxymoron.  They want to nuke Iran into submission.  Are you that sure that bit of desert you want to bomb is unoccupied?  Or are you just yet another warmonger?  Fire just one nuclear weapon at another country and you invite all nuclear weapons to be launched at America.  The citizens of America deserve better just like the citizens of all other nations. Obviously an imbecile, Adelson apparently has never seen nor looked into the affects of a nuclear bomb.  Ask the survivors of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.  Adelson needs to go live on Bikini Island.–fdd-want-to-nuke_b_4159584.html

Last week of October.  Getting close to a most uncertain part of our lives.  Will the truth come out about the plans this regime has in store for us?  Will enough citizens speak out and bring it to light?  That would at least be an effort to stop some of this madness.

I wish I knew which state but there is at least one governor who is planning on taking his family and getting out of the country.  He won’t even say what he knows.  Doesn’t he realize that if he speaks out loudly and clearly to all he can reach that he can just possibly save this country?  Amazing.  Seems to me a lot of folks higher up on the food chain know the truth but would rather run away and leave us to fend for ourselves.

Spend some time on youtube and listen to all the military personnel and ex-military speaking out.  They are trying  to help us. There are many citizens who are aware of what is truly going on.  I come across them all the time.  They approach me quietly because they see the hat or shirt I am wearing.  I am not afraid for myself but rather for my family, friends and country.

For those who always have to ask, WWJD?  I’m afraid you are already on the wrong path if you don’t know to do just what is right.

May we all stay safe.  May our powder remain dry and we watch our six.  I am here today because I am an American.  If I am here tomorrow, it is because I am still an American.  Born free and will remain free until the day I die.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and Veterans.  Rest in peace, Mr. Thornton.  God help us all.

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