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25 Oct 2013

I must admit it.  Folks still surprise me.  Last I checked, human beings need water and food in order to live.  If the Blackberry goes down for just a day, all who own one seem to go into the fetal position and can’t function.  They are crippled for the duration of the shutdown.  If a sports channel gets removed from cable services, fans protest and hold their breath until it is returned.  Lots of electronic gadget owners and sports fans.

Have a nuclear warhead that wasn’t to be in existence get transported to Charleston and then go “missing”.  Not a peep.  Something of national importance and no one bats an eye.  Ah, not true.  The EUTimes reported on it.  Others across the great pond knew of it. But here?  Pfft.  Perhaps the citizens of Charleston said something but it certainly wasn’t loud enough to be heard or reported upon.

Let the EBT cards go unavailable for a few hours and the riots break out with some holders.  Theft by some holders and simple resignation by a few holders willing to wait the shutdown out.  When the news comes out that the shutdown on EBT cards was ordered for 17 states, there is a sudden surge in…..nothing.  No riots reported.  No questions asked.  No press conferences and certainly no apologies or reasons given.  There was one twit that said if it happened again there would be Rodney King style riots.

As we approach November next week we do hear that the EBT card amounts and Social Security amounts are dropping.  I do know that some letters to individuals were sent out.  Were all participants notified?  Who knows.  Haven’t seen any interviews, complaints or protests.  Perhaps some folks cannot read or understand what the notification read.  Perhaps too many cards are in the hands of others than the applicants.  Perhaps granny died and her card is in the wrong hand.  Might even be those card holders are too busy on Craig’s List trying to sell them to be bothered.  I truly do not know.

So, what will happen on November 1st?  Or November 2nd?  Or a day or three later?  Let’s see.  We have some EBT card holders that went on a massive shopping spree because the card had “unlimited” funds when they really didn’t.  Will they be  able to feed their families in November?  Will they cry foul?  Those who rioted before are guaranteed to riot and loot and more.  Will there still be others who just accept and remain silent?

If I were such a person who needed that EBT card to feed myself or family until I could back on my feet I would most certainly have been asking questions.  A lot of questions.  Why?  Who ordered this?  Where?  All 50 states?  When?  W e know that.  November 1st. Is it because of the sequester?  The faux government shutdown?  Something more sinister?  And yet there are no questions. Nobody seems upset.  Nobody cares?  Not a peep out of any politician?  No voice for the little people?

Ah, but something is going on and hardly noticed or reported.  Might be connected.  Might not be connected.  Several major cities are spending oodles of taxpayer dollars on security forces in case of civil unrest.  To protect the government buildings.  Not citizens but themselves.  Why?  Why the need?  Why now?

I have a feeling that the press is getting ready to report on that civil unrest about to happen.  They need the ratings.  They need scoops to exploit whether there are facts or not.  If you wish to party hardy with the mayors and upper echelon this holiday season, you had better keep your trap shut and follow orders.  Those who love flying aboard Air Force One know the routine and are  very good at following orders.  Hush!  Keep our secrets and you get to tag along.  I think those simpletons are referred to as “groupies”?

With no EBT cards this month [or very little in funds for some] there will not be much of a Thanksgiving Day this month. Thanksgiving Day.  When we come together as family and friends to be grateful for our blessings.  There are not enough soup kitchens and not enough food and supplies to ensure that all in those long lines will be fed.  In America.  In 2013.  In this day and age.  This is where we are now.  Ungrateful, selfish, greedy and with no empathy for others.  Too many refuse to question the wrongs going on openly on a daily basis.  Too many refuse to believe we have a corrupt government diligently working against We The little People.  Anger and division among the peons.  The plot not only sickens but is working according to plan.

I sense the timing is right for Martial Law.  The “buck never stops here” Oval Office will richly enjoy the plethora of parties, gatherings, fundraisers, hoopla, feasts, etc. this Thanksgiving.  A widdle turkey will get a pardon while some citizens will receive the death sentence.  The elected/selected will go off for their feasts and parties right on schedule.  Some will have had the advance warning to go to safe places.  Others…hmm…others might just have to face riots, protests and well, I really don’t wish lynchings but a good old tar and feather session might be nice and justified.  Of course that would only ensure innocent civilians getting murdered by those uber trigger happy security forces.  I would much prefer for a peaceful revolution to occur.  Throw out all the bums.  Incarcerate them.  What a grand and glorious Thanksgiving Day we could have knowing that impeachment proceedings could start.  That the trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity are scheduled.  Drones could be put away or even destroyed.

Who benefits from all the destruction when rioting happens?  Not the neighborhoods.  Not the business owners.  Not the innocent. Never the innocent.  The ones behind the plots and plans and schemes.  They benefit greatly when an uninformed, dumbed down, lazy and apathetic citizenry stops thinking.  When they stop asking questions.  When they rely on mommy and daddy government for all their needs.  Once they have to do without, they rebel like spoiled brats.  Oops.  Possibly too late for that rebellion has already been carefully prepared for.  Are those about to rebel protected?  Prepared?  Ready to act without raw emotion to riot? Nah.

I want this regime exposed now before any more people are killed.  I want the truth heard before Mr Dick Tator takes it all just to give our country and citizens to his masters.  I want a united American citizenry to stand up to the tyranny so many deny.  I want all the sheeple to open their eyes and remove those blinders.  Our military should not be forced to fire upon fellow Americans. Those Russian troops and Chinese troops and all other foreign troops do not and should not need to be here.  It is illegal and against our Constitution for all of this to be happening and yet the majority remain silent.  It is sad.  So very sad.

Will the power grid shutdown still occur during November?  Will we have any freedoms left by the end of the month of November? Only if the truth is told.  Only if the truth comes out.

Since most of America’s allies are angry about all the NSA spying on themselves who will defend the American citizens?  No one. And America will implode upon itself.  Not like we haven’t been warned.  Not like it hasn’t been talked about at length before.  All hidden in plain sight.  Ain’t that a kicker.

I went to school with home-made lunches.  My children had the same nutritious food.  Mu grandchildren are not allowed.

While I agree and still want this to be totally scrapped, how come Mr Dick and not Congress keeps changing the law?

It’s so true.

Is Mr Dick Tator losing a BFF?

I am smiling as more is revealed.

Effective?  Of course.  Legal?  I don’t think so.

Stay safe, Mr. Greenwald.  I want you to release it all.

Gee.  This sounds an awful lot like us.

Oh, Angela, Angela, Angela.  Of course your phone was bugged.

We will have more uninsured citizens than before.

Oh Billary.  Just go away.

Give me a break.  This is such a crock.

Are the tents air conditioned?  How about we just stop all the wars.

From the MRC Action Team:  “The radical leftist Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson sent a fundraising email to his brainwashed left-wing base in which he explicitly charged the Tea Party with being just like the KKK!”

A little bit of history for Grayson.  The KKK was started by the Democrats and the NRA was started by Republicans after the Civil War to help the freed slaves arm and defend themselves.  Lincoln only wanted the Southern slaves freed.  He wanted the Northern slaves to remain slaves.  He wanted to punish his enemies, the South.  Wow.  That reminds me of a certain cretin in the White House.

God help us all.  We are in so much danger from this regime, the puppet and his handlers.

I thank all our honorable veterans for their service to our great country.  As the saying goes, “All gave some; some gave all”.

I want every citizen of The United States of America to have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day.

God bless America.



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