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23 Oct 2013

I love a good joke.  Don’t you?  Jokes can make us laugh, ease tense situations and help us deal with life.  I do not, however, like being the butt of the joke.  A joke that is not funny and has means to harm.  More like a ruse, plot or scheme.  I am talking about ovomitcare. I read the bill before it became law.  I saw many disturbing things in it.  Yes, it did and still does include death panels.  They just aren’t called that.

I read where you had to rent a scooter for a year before being allowed a prescription for it.  I wanted to know what was in those extra 300 pages put in on the day of the voting.  Those wishing to read it had to leave the floor to do so and therefore miss voting. Had to pass it to find out what was in it.  Now that was one of the most idiotic things I had ever heard.  And yet, our elected representatives fell for it.  They are so easily controlled.  They are so stupid.  They are so incredibly retarded.  I want Piglosi to sign a piece of paper without reading it for the same reason.  That way, after signing it, she can read how she signed her own death warrant and gets taken outside and shot.  But that won’t happen.  Sigh.  Too bad.

After all the many lies and hoopla over a piece of crap designed to implode on itself and bankrupt American citizens, the bill became a law.  Retard after retarded sheeple crying tears of joy because they now have free gas, free homes, free food, free education and now…ta da…free healthcare.  All hail the great and powerful messiah.  Our hero Mr Dick Tator.  The second coming. Look how the tides rose and all ships were risen.  Peace broke out over the entire planet.  We no longer have poor or homeless or hungry.  Let us drop to our knees and praise his highness.

Oops!  Just a few? problems.  “Glitches” if you will.  The gas isn’t free.  The housing isn’t free.  The food isn’t free.  The education isn’t free and that healthcare most certainly isn’t free.

Jobs have been lost by the hundreds of thousands.  Hours have been cut by the millions.  Taxes on every single working person have risen.  Taxes upon taxes with still more to come.  The ships have sunk.  There is war throughout the entire planet.  The poor are poorer.  There are now more homeless and hungry.  What the hell happened?

Ovomitcare happened.  Doctors are leaving in droves.  Hospitals and clinics are closing.  Patients are being denied treatment and some just flat out turned away.  Premiums are still rising.  Some are doubling if not more.  Deductibles are unaffordable as much as those premiums.

Still mandated.  Buy something you don’t want and it’s called a tax.  Don’t buy it and pay fines in the thousands.  Really?  If you pay that fine you still have to pay/buy the tax.  So bogus.  Such a farce.  Say no and you are called a racist.  Say no again and you are called a birther.  Say no yet again and you are called a racist birther who hates America.  If that makes sense to you, you are retarded.

Millions spent on software and that even Canadians deemed a total failure.  And yet, messiah spent American tax dollars for it.  Now proven to be a total failure, millions upon millions more of American tax dollars are going to be spent to “fix” it.  Can’t be fixed.  It was all a hoax.

We are not being told exactly how many citizens are actually enrolled.  But I have news for some of you.  If you were fooled into going into that website and gave all your private and personal information just to find out your password was changed [identity theft by the regime] and that you still aren’t enrolled?  Well, you just gave all that information to the IRS.  The IRS now knows you are uninsured and you are now on the special list.  The list that makes you eligible for a visit by the IRS.  Seig Hiel.  Papers, please.

American citizens are still paying their premiums.  They are still being denied policies.  They are still finding it harder to just see a doctor.  How does it feel to be the butt of this most heinous joke?  The horror stories I am hearing are heart wrenching.  I have yet to hear from a single living person that they are happy with this.  Not a one.  Have you?

The best and brightest are going to “fix” this website?  How much more gets spent until some one actually has the backbone to say it can’t be fixed?  Has all this money come before, during or after the sequester and shutdown farces?

I will not comply.

Good morning NSA.  Parlez-vous francais?  Espanol?  Deutsch?  tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’e’?  You must feel all warm and so fuzzy all over knowing you have pissed so many folks off all over the planet.

Want to know the truth about  It is designed to take ALL your personal, private information so it can be shared with the government alphabet soup.  You get squat out of it except for the paying money part.  bwahahahaha.

Gee, I really feel sorry for these folks.  Not.

Well, duh.  It was designed this way.  Wake up, people.  Just more of our tax money sent down the drain.

DHS – the domestic enemy.  Okay, one of many in this regime.

I warned you November is not going to be a good month.  Blame the regime and not your neighbors.

All hail the mighty Dick Tator and his minions.

OMG!  He does nothing and yet gets the applause for it.  Give him another peace prize.

A most curious video.

Seig Heil!  Another plan coming to fruition.

Most disturbing.

It would be a start.

So sad.  Too bad.

Bit by bit more comes to light.

Never allow the vampire to enter in the first place.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I refuse to comply.

It’s called a scam!

Delay it?  Let’s defund and scrap this boondoggle.

Any one care?  I do.

This idiot is such a douchbag.

Still waiting for her to fall down and bump her head.

Yes, Virginia.  There are death panels.  Oh just suck it up.  Dear leader knows best.

I. Am. So. Shocked!

Their parents must be super proud.

To protect and serve?

I want everything to come out.

How many more will he buy?


Only 5?

Somebody just woke up.

I sense desperation. I simply will not comply to this mandated fiasco.  Please do not fall for this BS.

WASHINGTON — WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States on Tuesday defended drone strikes targeting al-Qaida operatives and others it deems enemies, rejecting reports by two human-rights groups questioning the legality of strikes they asserted have killed or wounded scores of civilians in Yemen and Pakistan.

Human Rights Watch alleged that 82 people, at least 57 of them civilians, were killed by the unmanned aircraft and other aerial strikes in Yemen between September 2012 and June 2013 and called such strikes unlawful or indiscriminate. Amnesty International called on the U.S. to investigate reports in Pakistan of civilian casualties, among them a 68-year-old grandmother hit while farming with her grandchildren.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch said such strikes are unlawful or indiscriminate. Amnesty, based in London, said it is concerned that the attacks outlined in the report and others may have resulted in unlawful killings that constitute extrajudicial executions or war crimes.

President Barack Obama’s chief spokesman, Jay Carney, said the U.S. “would strongly disagree” with any claims that the U.S. had acted improperly, arguing that American actions follow all applicable law.

Repeating Obama’s defense of the drone policy earlier in the year, Carney said there must be “near-certainty” of no civilian casualties before the U.S. proceeds with a drone strike. He said they’re not used when targets can instead be captured.

“U.S. counterterrorism operations are precise, they are lawful and they are effective,” Carney said.
Full story:

I have to say this snow job put out by Carney and old Tator is a load of crap.  All one need do is to see and listen to is the video leaked by Pvt. Manning.  The one where the guy [in a safe place] is begging to fire upon the unarmed journalist and those near him.  And then gleefully begging again to murder the others who sought safety.  It is so disgusting.  Precise?  Lawful?  Effective?  Only if you mean murdering innocent people is the objective.  These drone murders are war crimes and crimes against humanity.  All is well.  You get a free ovomit phone if you sign up for ovomitcare in California.  Yippee!

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.


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