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22 Oct 2013

I would like to see a “I will not comply Day”.  Turn that into a week, a month or a year.  Longer if necessary.  By that I mean Americans refuse to comply to the bullying, extortion and demands of this regime until they come clean about all we need to know.

So many lies.  So much corruption.  Excuses for everything.  Pointing fingers at everyone else.  Transparency?  There was never meant to be such a critter.  Voters were fed only what they wanted to hear and lapped it up.  The sheeple and lemmings go happily off to slaughter and over the cliff because they know of nothing else to do.  Their blinders are on firmly.

For myself I feel such things are such as the truth about ovomitcare.  All of it.  Forget the rhetoric and the stuttering,.  Take away the teleprompters and spokespersons.  Honest, clear answers to all of our questions.

I want to hear how this healthcare for all is not free.  It was designed to make big insurance companies thrive while eliminating the smaller ones.  It was designed to force every one of us onto a government plan [it’s called monopolization and is against the law].  It was designed to bankrupt us all into submission.  It was designed with death panels.  Yes, having the bean counters decide if and what treatment you get strictly by the cost and your age are what death panels do best.

It was never about health care.  It has always been about making more money.  It should have been about insurance reform.  Stop the insurance companies from continuing to run amok and those wanting the insurance would be able to afford it.  Stop having insurance companies dictate to the doctors and patients what they can do or have.  That is the problem.  Always has been.

I will not comply.

I want to know why Mr Dick Tator is allowed to aid and abet America’s enemies.  I want to know why the American taxpayers are paying $85 billion each and every month for the derivatives dumped upon us by the big banks while being told it is out debt.

I want to know why only the interest on the $17 trillion [and rising] debt is being paid but nothing on the principle.  I want to know why the borrowing still continues.  I want to know where each and every penny goes.

I want the truth on UN Agenda 21, why our military is under the UN and NATO.  I want to know the truth about all the places our troops are stationed and why.  I want to know why the 7 countries in 5 years plan even exists.

Not only Agenda 21 but the New World Order.  I want the truth.

I will not comply.

I want the truth about climate change/global warming/whatever it’s called now.  I want the truth about how it is all a money scheme to fill the coffers of Al Gore, Warren Buffet and all the other elites and globalists who are trying to take over the planet.

I want to know the truth about the eugenics being committed all over the world.  It is not good for the Earth to depopulate. Humans are not destroying the planet like being reported.  Why should Americans pay for China and India’s pollution?

I want to know all about the scandals.  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, ACORN/ovomitcare navigators, all the false flags, Boston bombing, World Trade towers, Sandy Hook, Waco, OKC bombing, Navy Shipyard murders, Fort Hood murders, nuclear warhead taken from Dyess Air Force Base and exploded in the Atlantic off the coast of Charleston, SC.  Let’s throw in Columbine school shootings.  Include Dorner in LA and all the others.  Not a one is phony.

I want to know about all these “drills” occurring all over our nation.  Why?  How come somebody always has to die during one of these “drills”?  That unarmed woman in Washington, DC.

I want the truth on rendition and special rendition.  I want the truth on CIA operating on American soil.  I want the truth on whistleblower deaths sanctioned by the government [past and present regime included].

I want the truth on the excessive and obscenely lavish lifestyles of this government.  I am not impressed by people because they throw money around.  I am certainly not impressed when that money belongs to the American taxpayers.

I want to know why we are the only nation allowing illegals to cross our borders every day and then give them freebies meant for legal citizens of this nation.

The truth will jail almost every politician we have.  Might even lynch some.  But that truth will set America and Americans free!

I will simply not comply until the truth is told.  I will obey good and sane laws but not give in to extortion nor bullying.  There is so much more kept from us but I will stop for now.

Just how stupid are these folks?  Very.

The first minute and one half tells a lot about these “non-violent” people.

Morals?  Values?  Ethics?  Huh?

How much are we going to wind up paying just for the website?

And November is almost here.

Hey France.  Don’t hold your breath.

Take that, Diane Frankingfeinstien.

Time for her to fall down and hit her head.

If you like your doctor or insurance…tough crap.  You fell for that lie?  bwahaha.

Golly gee.  To all who voted for Mr Dick Tator – thanks a whole lot.

How convenient.  Good thing he didn’t make a video no body has seen.

Did they unique up on it?

“According to the White House, there have been more than 19 million unique visits to the website since its launch this month.”

We The little People get to pay extra for this.  So trendy and cool.

Thank you Sharpton, Dick Tator, Holder and all other racists.

Not a peep out of the Muslim in the Oval Office.  I wonder why.


How many lobbyists are employed by this Dick?

$634 million of taxpayer money down the drain.  Thanks Piglosi and the others who wanted Americans to have this but not themselves.

Bull Shit Alert!

If you like your doctor or plan you can keep it.  bwahhahaha.  And the sheeple loved it.  Until now.  Still want to comply to dear leader’s command?

Secret pact since 2011?  Really?  Oh the games little boys play. Such “transparency”.

But I thought the Taliban was no more.  I thought Al qaeda was our friend.  I thought Pakistan told Mr Dick Tator to stop droning the country.

Is there any nation not pissed off by the USA’s government?

Still waiting to hear on state-run media about November’s power grid shutdown “drill”.  Not a peep.  Why?

Until this regime has to comply by their own rules and laws, I simply will not comply.

Good morning, NSA.  How are you feeling?  Sleeping well at night?

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans,.  God help us all.



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