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29 Sep 2013

I am suspicious.  I see Mr Dick Tator and the new president of Iran getting chummy and all smiles.  Then the song “Smiling Faces” pops into my head.  I feel old Tator is playing nice to earn brownie points.  With whom remains to be seen.

Ah, two more days until 1 Oct 2013.  Two more days for the deadline of all those supplies of food, water, ammo, weapons, vehicles and foreign troops’ training to be completed.  Why?  Just what do you think might happen?  Region III, I pray for you and the rest of us.

Found this amazing site.  Click on Electronic Harassment.  After that, click on Added up at the top.  So much information in this site.  So much scary stuff just in time for Halloween.  Sad part it is real.

Mr Dick Tator called for a “transformation” of our nation’s gun laws. On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry signed the so-called U.N.”Small Arms Treaty” in New York City.  By putting American citizens under UN control Mr Dick Tator washes his hands once again of the bloodshed that could result in the UN takeover.  He absolved himself of all responsibility.  Now there is a bit of good news.  The Senate has to ratify this treaty for it to become effective.  So far it looks good but you never know.  Don’t you just love all the things done quietly?  If reported on, it never is explained to the public.

A little light reading:   Not the first bank that decides how you spend your own money.   Stolen or given?  Benghazi was a gun running operation.   How can you “stop resisting” when you get zapped with each movement?  This is cruel and inhumane.   What job will anybody be able to get once every thing is done by robots?  NBC – bought and paid for by the regime.  Ah the Hollywood values showcased.   Hey, Piglosi, cut back on the haircuts, gym, banquets, parties and expense accounts paid for by the American taxpayers and the salaries for starters.  Give up your jet and body guards.  Please put a “gun free zone” sign on your houses, cars and offices.  Why?  Why?   Kerry.  Such a warmongering joker.  Or is that jester.   Got himself a peace prize.  More like a piece of the prize.  Try assimilating and just be Americans.

This is a listing of nations purchasing power.  Will be interesting to see this chart after ovomitcare bankrupts us all. <>

Next time you head to the gas pumps, think about this:


Price per gallon of gasoline: $0.81
Rank by most expensive gas: 58
Rank by pain at the pump: 59

Saudi Arabia

Price per gallon of gasoline: $0.45
Rank by most expensive gas: 59
Rank by pain at the pump: 58


Price per gallon of gasoline: $0.06
Rank by most expensive gas: 60
Rank by pain at the pump: 60

These countries sell to their citizens first before letting the oil/gas go onto the open market.  America has oil.  It is sold on the open market first and then we get to buy it back at the higher prices.  Europe and the British Isles pay over twice [at least] what we pay.

I love this one.  Glad somebody else thought it was suspicious.  So pathetic the lengths this idiot goes to appear legit.

Definitely something to think about and smile.

Bad news.

Codex Alimentarius – this is something that’s been around for a long time.

This is a good site whether you are a vet or not.

I don’t know what next month holds for Americans nor the rest of the world.  I feel for Region III.  I am finding that virtually no one I know has heard about any of this.  I’m trying my best to help folks understand.  This is not a game.  It will not be a “drill”. Every time in recent years during these so called drills people are killed.  More and more the police state is pushed upon us and each time it is not only worse but the sheeple are fine with it.

I am not fine with any of this.  “Missing” nuclear warhead no longer talked about.  Russian troops [15,000] to be ready by 1 Oct 2013.  Folks, it ain”t for sporting event security.  So much for FEMA and DHS going on with the deadline in just 2 days.  Now I see why all the Russian weapons and ammo was bought.  FEMA and DHS don’t use it but the Russian troops do.  Isn’t that just special?  I miss Church Lady from SNL.

IF October becomes a disaster it just might prevent November’s attack on us.  Keep your powder dry and watch your six.  May we all survive this and bring justice to those committing treason, acts of terrorism, and being traitors to the United States of America.

Good morning NSA.  You had your chance to stop all of this.  Cowards.

God bless America.

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