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28 Sep 2013

I find it simply amazing all that is going on in full sight of the world with basically no outcry from the masses.  Crowds with torches and pitchforks should be marching upon Washington, D C.  Groups with tar and feathers should be in front of local government buildings to meet with the groups bringing the railroad ties.

John Kerry went and signed the UN Small Arms Treaty.  Um, John, that is not your decision.  It should be up the United States of America Senate to decide that.  Not you.  I’m quite sure your boss, Mr Dick Tator, will sign it into law.  Another act of treason.  You, Tator and Billary sure have dealt us a dirty deal.

Thanks to you and others we are now slaves to the UN.  Our military belongs to the UN and NATO.  I still see people spewing about Bush.  Try living in the present.  Yes, Bush I and II, Clinton, Carter, LBJ all had a part but unless we sever the head of the snake in power now we will continue to plummet deeper into hell.  Let’s stop all this madness now and take care of the others later.

So much to cover.  But first a burning question of utmost importance in “celebrity” news.  Is Billary breaking up with Huma?  I just, like, ya know, can’t function unless I know.  Meh!


DETROIT — A bailout still isn’t on the books for Detroit, but top Obama administration officials met with regional leaders Friday before announcing an aid package that will total at least $300 million.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan joined local and regional leaders in a closed-door meeting Friday morning at Wayne State University in Detroit. Members of Michigan’s congressional delegation, local faith leaders, philanthropic advocates, business executives and union representatives were also invited.

The $300 million package, which was announced at a press conference following the meeting, includes $25 million for Detroit’s firefighters and enough money to hire 10 new police officers; money to demolish more of the city’s 70,000 abandoned and dangerous buildings (including commercial buildings, for whose demolishing no funding stream previously existed); $24 million to repair the city’s battered bus fleet and install security cameras on board; and $65 million in Community Development Block Grant funds. Several million dollars will be spent to stimulate regional transportation and aid construction of the city’s M-1 rail project.  How much money goes to politician salaries?  How many homes that could be easily renovated will be demolished?  Folks will keep leaving because there are no jobs and places to live.  According with UN Agenda 21 those homes will not be rebuilt.

Besides the federal grants, these funds are also coming from businesses and charitable foundations.

In addition, Sperling said that Todd Park, chief technology officer for the Obama administration, would bring tech experts to Detroit in October to help modernize some of the city’s antiquated bureaucratic functions.  Just what does this mean?  How much will the tech experts get paid?

Harold Schaitberger, general president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, represents Detroit’s firefighters and attended Friday’s meeting. He stressed in an interview with The Huffington Post that the aid announcement was not a bailout and that the money pledged won’t go toward the city’s estimated $18 billion in debt.  And it won’t be paid back either.

“The administration made it clear that there just was no real opportunity for any new stimulus money,” Schaitberger said, recalling a meeting he had with Obama aides two weeks ago. “There’s not going to be a stimulus, and the Congress would never pass it if there was such a suggestion.”

Some of the $300 million is money that should have already been in Detroit’s coffers — previously awarded grant funds that, for one reason or another, never made it to the city. The funds are “being expedited, repurposed, reprogrammed and unlocked,” Sperling said at the press conference.  Should have already been in the coffers?  Never made it to the city?  Where is that missing money?

Sperling told the Detroit Free Press on Thursday that the $25 million to hire as many as 140 new firefighters had “been accumulating for years” but could not be accessed until now. Federal agencies also withheld $33 million in Community Development Block Grant funding from Detroit last year because the city hadn’t met required obligations.  Then let’s remove the $58 million from the $300 million if the city already has it.

The Free Press also reported that the Obama administration has named Don Graves, a deputy assistant Treasury secretary and executive director of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, to assume Sperling’s current role in directing the White House’s response to Detroit’s bankruptcy filing.

HUD Secretary Donovan, whose agency was instrumental in gathering almost $150 million to battle the city’s self-proclaimed “blight emergency,” told reporters that his first priority was making sure the money “hit the streets” with all deliberate speed.

“We all believe that this will be one of the great comeback stories of American cities,” he said.  Now that is funny.

While the White House plans to be a “key partner” for the city as it goes through bankruptcy proceedings this fall, Sperling said it wasn’t the White House’s job to take the lead.  Another funny.

“We do not think of it as our job to devise the priorities for Detroit or the strategies of Detroit. Our job is to listen to all sectors of Detroit,” he said.

Schaitberger said he gave the Obama administration high marks.  Money always gets high marks.

“They did what they said they intended to do in pretty short order,” he said. “That doesn’t take care of everything — but they certainly followed through with what we talked about weeks ago, about what the administration could do to help the city.”

But Schaitberger was displeased that there was no discussion Friday about the future of Detroit’s retired and active employees, whose pensions and health care benefitscould be cut or even eliminated in bankruptcy court. He said he had hoped that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) or Kevyn Orr, the city’s emergency manager, would have raised that topic during Friday’s meeting.

Schaitberger argued that Orr has overstated the size of the shortfall facing the city pension funds. The city’s pension fund managers and Orr disagree over how the funds have been valued. Orr puts the projected shortfall at a minimum of $3.5 billion, more than five times the previous estimates, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“We can’t be talking about destroying retirement plans or throwing retirees off of health care or freezing their benefits if we don’t even know what is the real true debt and status of those plans,” Schaitberger said.  Detroit will still go through bankruptcy and the citizens can kiss those pension funds good bye.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Harry Reid.

         Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had a blunt message for House Republicans on Friday.

The Reid-led Senate passed a bill that would institute a short-term measure to keep the government funded, while stripping the House’s provision to defund Obamacare. With a 54-44 party-line vote in hand, Reid said the House needed to “accept what we just passed,” while adding some choice words on Obamacare being untouchable.

“Here’s a president, who less than a year ago, won the election by five million votes, five million votes,” Reid said. “Obamacare has been the law for four years. Why don’t they get a life and talk about something else? People deserve better.”

Hours after Reid spoke, President Barack Obama echoed his sentiments, accusing Republicans of “political grandstanding.” He also vowed that a repeal of the Affordable Care Act is “not gonna happen.”

“Any Republican in Congress who’s currently watching, I’d encourage you to think about who you’re hurting,” Obama said.

Reid has been animated in recent days over Republicans’ efforts to defund Obamacare. On Monday, he accused the party of being laden with “fanatics” acting like “Thelma and Louise.” After Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke for 21 hours against the law on the Senate floor, Reid called those antics “a big waste of time.”

Hey Reid, you and the Senate haven’t passed a budget in 5 years.  Ovomitcare has been designed to bankrupt American citizens.  It has death panels in it.  All it takes is reading the damn thing to see that.  Take all your talking points and movie references and shove them.  You are the poster child for term limits.

May I be perfectly clear here?  I really don’t want to be Frank.  The Congress house is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  The Senate house is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  Stop telling the world that the Senate is Democrat and the Congress is Republican.  Both of these houses make up the US Congress.  They make up the Legislative branch of our government.  Three branches needed to keep the government balanced.  We The People are supposed to be in charge but you keep telling people you are in charge and could save the world if it weren’t for those fanatics, enemies, whatever.  Both houses are corrupt.  All three branches are corrupt.  We The People are so tired of being screwed over by all of you.

Oh, and Mr Dick Tator, it’s going, not gonna.  Whomever paid for your “college” education needs to demand their money back.

I can say “you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of the girl”; but I cannot say “you can take the boy out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of the boy”.  Actually I can and just did because I am neither racist nor politically correct.   Never have been.  Never will be.  I refuse to be a doormat for any one.

It’s business as usual with these articles.  Never covered by lamestream media.  Sure wish we had real journalists today instead of state-run media.

“Recently, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer let it slip that when it comes to the NSA, “If you don’t comply, it’s treason.” ”  Does that mean I can spy on the NSA and it’s okay?  We pay their salaries, too.  Right?  Good for the goose must be good for the gander.

Ah, but there’s more.

A young boy playing in his own back yard with a toy gun that shoots foam bullets got suspended from school for 9 months because a neighbor felt “uncomfortable”.

Many Californians sign a bogus petition to put sterilizing agents in the tap water.  I just shale my head.

Why is $6 TRILLION missing from the Federal Reserve?  How is that possible???

Any body else noticing that it seems the rest of the world governments want American citizens disarmed?  Kerry signs the UN Small Arms Treaty.  15,000 Russian troops here to help with civil unrest.  China offering to help finish disarming American citizens once Mr Dick Tator has his way.  That missing nuclear warhead is still missing, right Lindsey Graham?  Still going to attack Syria and then it’s on to Iran.

No answers still about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, IRS targeting non-Tator sycophants.

Gee, I truly, sincerely, with all my heart hope that Billary and Huma can make up and stay the loving perfect couple that they appear to be.

So very sweet of Mr Dick Tator to steal American citizens money to fund our known enemies Al qaeda.  So peaceful about all the mass killings and wars in Africa.  So thankful American troops are there and there and over there and there instead of being able to be in America to defend Americans.  Isn’t it just peachy keen how America has illegal foreign troops to help the illegal domestic Tator’s army for when we savages get all uppity and such?

Going to be such fun for Region III in October with their “drills” and the entire North American continent in November when the power grid is turned off.  Please do not worry about dear leader.  He will be in China during October and most likely elsewhere in November.  He’s too delicate and fragile to witness the violence that is likely to occur through his orders.  Let the Great Culling begin!

God bless America.  I mourn for her.

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