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26 Sep 2013

So much garbage about ovomitcare.  So many lies spewed out by Mr Dick Tator and yet he needs, no he actually relies on Billy boy Clinton to sell it to Americans as something good.  Mr Dick Tator cannot explain his law.  Senators, Congressmen/women and lawyers cannot explain this law.  No one can fully explain this piece of crap.

Lamestream media “reports” on refunds folks are getting and how inexpensive this will be.  Sheeple parrot those reports back as the truth.  No examples are ever given relating to first person experience.  Only generalities.  What I have personally seen is higher costs for doctor visits.  What friends and family are telling me is that their healthcare premiums are still rising, doctor visits are costing more and prescriptions costs are rising.  The following is what I’ve found.

Tuesday, the Politico Pro Whiteboard summarized some of the key findings in the CBO budget report (sub. req’d):

Federal spending on major health care programs and Social Security is projected to grow to 14 percent of the GDP by 2038, according to the CBO’s Long-Term Budget Outlook released today. That’s double the 7 percent average in the past 40 years, the CBO said.

CBO attributed the rise in spending to an an aging population, rising health care costs and an expansion of health insurance subsidies.

Yeah, lowers costs?  Baloney.

The report released by the Department of Health and Human Services breaks down the numbers in Florida metro areas for the average 27-year-old and for a family of four.

In Orlando, a 27-year-old with an income of $25,000 would pay $225 a month for a silver plan, but only $145 after applying a tax credit. A family of four with an income of $50,000 would pay $816 for a silver plan, but only $282 with a tax credit.

In Broward County, that same 27-year-old would pay $199 a month for a silver plan, but only $145 with the tax credit. The family of four would pay $722 for a silver plan, or $282 after applying a tax credit.

In Palm Beach County, the 27-year-old would pay $220 for a silver plan, or $145 after the tax credit. The family would pay $797, or $282 after the credit.

Take all those differences from without and with the tax credits.  Is there even a guarantee you will receive a tax credit?  How is that difference in cost going to be made up in terms of revenue?  Never mentioned much less explained.

The part-time workers exceed the number of full-time workers and is about to increase,.  Several large companies/corporations already announced a cut-back in hours but with a delay.  That delay is about to end.

When I go out I ask the employees about their hours.  I know to make sure their manager is not nearby.  Each and every time the response has been the same.  “My hours have been cut.”  Not once has anybody said they have the same number of hours.

Now there are teams of people hired under this regime to go around and convince folks to sign up for ovomitcare.  Most are NOT licensed.  Are you going to give a complete stranger all your personal data including your Social Security number which was never meant to be a means of identification?  Why not just print that number on your shirt for all to use.

And yes, both houses of Congress and their staff have been exempted.  That is a done deal.  They complained it was too costly for them.  Imagine that.

I hope the first 3 videos are different.  If not watch one and the others will follow.

From Grassfire:

Breitbart News reports that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) are “pressuring other Republicans to oppose Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) principled stand to defund ObamaCare.”

This disturbing news of Republican infighting comes just six days before a potential government shutdown and seven days prior to the start of ObamaCare enrollment. What are these GOP leaders thinking?

Yesterday from the Senate floor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) blustered against conservatives and tea party Americans saying, “We are not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny the mere fact that ObamaCare is the law.”
I read the bill before it was voted on.  The vast majority of those voting on it could not have possibly read it.  Yes, there are death panels in it.  They are called bureaucrats.  They are also known as bean counters where the bottom line is of utmost importance. That means how much money can they save in their decisions.  If you are 65 or older, you will not be getting lasik eye surgery. You will not be getting mammograms.  You will not be getting a lot of things you need because you have been deemed too old and the cost of helping you or saving your life just isn’t worth it.  Hip replacement?  Meh.  Chemo?  Oh, please.  You will, however, get to have a visit from some “caring” person on your end-of-life plan.  I already feel so warm and fuzzy.
Went to one of my doctors recently.  I am usually out of there in reasonable time.  Not anymore as my doctor had to enter so much into the computer just for the government.
Many insurance companies already stopped offering policies that include children.  That cuts out a lot of those pre-existing conditions.  Adults with pre-existing conditions are finding themselves dropped from their insurance policies as well.  So many doctors are retiring.  So many patients are now being seen by physician assistants and yet they still pay full price.  Hospitals are getting rid of emergency rooms and labor/delivery services.
I have a feeling that most of the sheeple still in favor of the “free” healthcare/ovomitcare crap are those who don’t pay taxes or still are under 26 years of age and willing to let mommy and daddy forever pay their way while they live in the basement and play video games all day long in between complaining about how racist and anti-American it is to not want healthcare for all because it’s FREE!
Prepare to see more taxpayers getting their hours cut back, premiums rising even more and more taxes increased to pay for this all.  After all, some one has to pay for tax credits, subsidies and the elected exempted demi-gods.
God bless America.  God help us all.


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